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Gold - Star Wars Battlefront II

The countdown on the Lucasarts Star Wars: Battlefront II Website is ticking down to November 1 when Pandemic's Star Wars shooter sequel will head into stores as word is it has gone gold:

LucasArts is excited to announced that Star Wars Battlefront II has officially gone gold on PS2, PC, and PSP and all versions are scheduled to blast their way onto store shelves on November 1, 2005 -- Day and date with the Star Wars Episode III DVD

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32. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 18:07 Ouch
I didn't try the beta. Did any of you like SW Battlefront I but dislike the beta for SWBF II ?

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31. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 17:33 Camaro76
The speeder is stopped on a crowded street by several combat-hardened stormtroopers who look over the Star Wars Battlefront II game. A stormtrooper questions MMORPGHOD.

Trooper Quboid: How long have you had this beta?

MMORPGHOD: About three or four hours.

Obi-Wan Camaro: It's for sale if you want it.

Trooper Quboid: Let me see your identification.

MMORPGHOD becomes very nervous as he fumbles to find his ID while Obi-Wan Camaro speaks to the stormtrooper in a very controlled voice.

Obi-Wan Camaro: You don't need to see his identification.

Trooper Quboid: We don't need to see his identification.

Obi-Wan Camaro: This is not the game your're looking for.

Trooper Quboid: This is not the game we're looking for.

Obi-Wan Camaro: He can go about his business.

Trooper Quboid: You can go about your business.

Obi-Wan Camaro: (to MMORPGHOD) Move along.

Trooper Quboid: Move along. Move along.

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30. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 14:10 maddog
Yeah, I don't know what MacD is talking about. Perhaps he is getting the jumpjets confused with the weapon the jump trooper carried. It was a two shot weapon and after about three clips, you had to get reloaded.


Avatar 21885
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29. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 13:32 ExcessDan
because XvT flying is too difficult to be in a shooter

i;d be happy if it were like flying space ships in ut2k4

Mayor Dan
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28. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 13:29 porp
ive played battlefront for many many hours and i never had to find a dude to recharge my jump jets. i dunno what game you were playing.

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27. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 13:11 ColoradoHoudini
since i didn't get into the beta, i will have to sample this game first. like someone said, the game felt "spongy".

why can't they simply play Wolf:ET and the old X Wing vs. Tie Fighter and apply the infantry physics of ET with the flighting physics of X vs T and call it good?

i have sinking feeling that this game is too "loose" feeling, also.. the game speed seems to be too fast -i think.

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26. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 13:07 MacD
Yeah, and then you were useless untill you found the guy who could recharge you

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25. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 12:59 maddog
Hmm, I don't remember being limited to just three uses. I know that they had a limited use in that the "energy" bar would deplete after a few seconds but it would then regenerate.


Avatar 21885
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24. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 11:45 MacD
What really killed the first Battlefront for me was that character with the jumpjets; I played this game at my brother's place, and was actually having a great time with that character, jumping over buildings to place a few potshots, jumping back into cover...AND THEN I DISCOVERED THAT I COULD ONLY USE THE JUMPJET THREE TIMES!

Blam, instant game killer; best character in the game [IMO], useless after three jumps/using it's most fun ability.
The rest just didn't matter anymore...if they can screw up somthing like that (nerfing weapons, ok...nerfing what makes a game fun...well, no twinky, gamedev), then I don't even want to know what else they can screw up.

's like Doom3 (and this is not a call to a flame war; no-one gives a dman wether you loved or hated doom3, and it's not the point here) and it's flashlight. That was a dealbreaker for me; I play games to have fun, period, and a broken mechanism (or call it a mood enhancing effect, whatever), something which forces me to repettitively hate the action I constantly have to perform,'s too short for me to tollerate something like that in a game, when I have to deal with things like that in life all too often.

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23. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 11:30 Igor
Bless you bjack... dumbasses like you is why LucasArts is still making profit on shitty games.

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22. Re: Cool Oct 22, 2005, 10:53 maddog
While there might be thousands playing, there are also a proportional number of people who have quit from the game being sorely incomplete. Did you try that first patch? That was nice that even EA had to come out and say "dont install the patch", nice.

C'mon, I don't need to rehash the laundy list of problems but the fact is, no game is perfect. One guy might like it while ten others will hate it. We can go round and round about whether SWBF2 is going to be any good but in the end, it comes down to preference. I have a life outside of pecking away at this computer so online play is not that important for me. I, for one, am excited about the improved AI and COOP modes. A few of us like to play COOP at work so the improvements will be a welcome addition.

I think any company that tries to combine multiple genres into one game is going to have a hard time. Just look at the people who hate BF2's lame helicopter flight dynamics. Many say they were better in DC. Just as many say the space combat was better in X-Wing. I think we have to take everything with a grain of salt and play a game for entertainment.


Avatar 21885
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21. Re: Cool Oct 22, 2005, 06:55 Quboid
Hey, you might be able to pick stuff up with the force, but English teachers can you to FAIL YOUR GCSES! That's a pretty big deal in the UK you, know!

Avatar 10439
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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20. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 05:17 Hump
dont ever venture into the official Lucas Arts SWBF2 forums.. that place is a fucking disaster area. unmoderated asshats galore. useless posts by the fistfulls, etc..

ahhh, sounds like we'd all feel at home then

Avatar 10137
"Both the “left” and the “right” pretend they have the answer, but they are mere flippers on the same thalidomide baby, and the truth is that neither side has a clue."

- Jim Goad
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19. Re: Will Suck Oct 22, 2005, 05:13 Mr Gar
Spongy, clunky, inch deep console wank.

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18. Will Suck Oct 22, 2005, 03:10 venomhed
Just like the first effort. Neat graphics, gay gameplay.

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17. Re: No subject Oct 22, 2005, 02:20 Grounded
looking forward to this it should be cool

lasers + dead gungans = good times

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16. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 02:02 bjack
I am obligated to buy this ... even if it was really just George Lucas' poo in a box labeled Star Wars. I bought the first Battlefront and it wasn't bad. This can't be worse, and there are Forces (ahem) beyond my control at work here. So yes, I must buy this.

At least the Jedi Knight series are really good games, so there you have it. Now just make some more, please.

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15. Re: Cool Oct 22, 2005, 01:31 Prez
Don't be too proud of the sentence you've constructed. The power of an English teacher is insignificant next to the power of the force.

ROFLMAO! How deliciously geeky of you!

Avatar 17185
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
- Mahatma Gandhi
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14. Re: Cool Oct 22, 2005, 01:19 DDI
Battlefield 2 is barely playable? Tell that to the tens of thousands playing it at a time. What kind of crack are you smoking, Battlefront 2 beta was god awful. Laggy netcode, pure retarded chance space combat, weird weapons that aren't even in the star wars canon, horribly unbalanced vehicles, need I go on?

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13. Re: Cool Oct 22, 2005, 01:00 Igor
Everyone who thinks this title might be any good simply hasn't had the chance to play it first hand.. let me tell you people, this is the worst FPS I've ever ever played. And I've been playing since Wolf3d thank you. In terms of space battles it ain't much either, I feel like the devs haven't played X-Wing series... their OWN game (and yes, Pandemic is technically not LEC, but so what).

So let me tell you what, if you still don't believe me, download the beta first. Otherwise if you buy it in the store you will hate yourself for years on to come.

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32 Replies. 2 pages. Viewing page 1.
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