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Gold - City of Villains

NCsoft's City of Villains Goes Gold is the press release announcing Cryptic's follow-up to City of Heroes is gold, and the MMORPG should be heading to stores in North America by the end of the month. The announcement also has word that those who have pre-ordered will get a two-day head start on the game:

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2005--NCsoft® North America announces that City of Villains(TM) has reached gold master status and will appear on retailers' shelves in North America at the end of the month. NCsoft also confirmed that customers who purchased and registered their City of Villains pre-order boxes will receive a two-day head start for game play.

City of Villains, a stand-alone sequel to last year's hit, City of Heroes®, is expected to be released on Oct. 31, with a subscription price of $14.99 per month. The two-day head start will begin after 12 a.m. EST on Oct. 29. Purchasers of the City of Villains pre-order box, which is currently available at retailers across North America, have been invited into the City of Villains beta test and may participate in the head-start.

Existing City of Heroes' customers can purchase City of Villains and subscribe to both games for the single subscription price of $14.99. Both games were developed by Cryptic Studios(TM).

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24. Re: Pretty good Oct 20, 2005, 11:14 HorrorScope
1. The non-debug mode of COV will have very nice performance, like COH beta to Live shown us. COH performance is on par with WOW's.

2. IMO the combat model and encounters in COH when you are on a nice big team is second to none in the MMO genre. This is the part they really nailed with this game.

3. I haven't done a lot in COV beta at all, it does seem very similar and as mentioned it has to be somewhat the same as the two will eventually meet up with one another. I won't get this day one, but somewhere down the road.

4. The Enhancement change actually does add diversity to the game, it forces you to add different enhancements instead of a straight 6 of one particular thing. That is diversity. Sure it can be looked at as a nerf, but at the same time they have also give us back things as well. More group XP over the years, half debt cost while dying in a mission, boosted some powers etc. Too many just look at the negatives, it's not about being easy, only a putz wants that. You want a challenge with a fulfilling reward. There has been a lot of give and take and if things are to nerf'd then they will make an adjustment to make the game fun again for the base to play.

5. To the person who doesn't want to pay $50 and $15. Your boycott is failing miserably. MMO's is the PC's life blood these days.

6. One of the most important parts of a MMO in the design phase is how fast and flexible the code is for addons etc. This game like almost all of them so far have done a poorish job. Many of the things they wanted, haven't happened or been greatly reduced when the rubber hit the road. As these evolve making an engine that is easy to adjust and add content to will become more and more important.

Overall COH was good and over the two years it's done a decent job at adding content and honing itself. They weren't able to make any mind-blowing drastic changes and I suspect COV to go right down that same exact path.

Avatar 17232
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23. Pretty good "stand alone" Oct 20, 2005, 03:50 Darkam
I was a fan of COH, beta-tested COV for 2 weeks and it's really fun, bases constructions are interesting (for a SG or making raid on another base in PVP), like the ambiance.

Yes, it's true, it's still the same system so if you don't like COH you will not be a fan of COV ;).

The new AT are very interesting, specially the "Masterminds" with all this pets.

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22. I liked the game... Oct 20, 2005, 03:26 Jadar
noticed a few glaring bugs - no showstopers, but I'll be damned before I'll shell out 50 bucks for a game and then pay a recurring fee. If WoW did did me any good at all, it was curing me of that bad habit.

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21. No subject Oct 19, 2005, 22:09 D4rkKnight
Well betas ussually run right up till the games release, and I thought it was a stress test.

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20. Its ready? Oct 19, 2005, 20:19 IQ
Amazing they say its ready when its still in beta test! Even more amazing when they seem to only have one programmer working for them: There are bugs in CoH which have been there for more than a year - tsk tsk.

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19. Re: 50$ is just too much Oct 19, 2005, 19:48 Tumbler
PvP will be available in game vs other villians to start with. The arena's and pvp zones are in the game but those zones will not be sync'd with the COH servers so that Heroes can fight villains for 60-90 days. This is supposed to be the same time period that villains max levels is bumped from 40->50. Supposedly this 60-90 day period is so that Villians have a chance to reach level 40 before they run into level 50 heroes.

Oh wait... Bank heists are a pretty big part of this game...
The bank heists in game are nothing but a instanced dungeon that happen to be banks. Police do not repond with increasing force, you don't have to hold hostages, there is no sense of urgency, and worst of all you don't even get any money.

And that doesn't make the game feel Villany...

Where is my Xbox 360!?!
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18. Re: 50$ is just too much Oct 19, 2005, 18:01 Alamar
WTF? Why aren't we causing train accidents, and robbing banks, or stealing the crown jewels.


Wahhhh... Why aren't we robbing banks as criminals...?

Oh wait... Bank heists are a pretty big part of this game...

My point... Stand up : )

Anyways... I won't argue if it's worth the $50 for a new game, as the argument can be made/defended for every other new game. It's very similiar to CoH because it has to be, though they've added a ton to the mission system, but it's never enough.

For me, I was interested in it until they announced/added 'Enhancement Diversification' (ED)... It's a system whereby you get diminishing returns on adding the same enhancement (like damage) to powers. It's also a system with the word 'diversification' which is just another way for the developers to pigeon hole and limit players choices...

I had already cancelled CoH (for the 'last' time) a month or so ago, and I had gotten into the CoV beta for 12+ months of subscribed time, so obviously, I've played the game a bit... CoV adds a lot to the whole, but ED just takes it away...



Avatar 22996
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17. Re: Oct 19, 2005, 17:56 The Half Elf
Actually all you are paying for is the Box. Cryptic announced that 14.99 would cover BOTH games per month.

Avatar 12670
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16. Re: Oct 19, 2005, 15:47 Halsy
Yeah, the biggest problem is it really doesn't feel all that villainous. I had one bank robbing mission which was fun, but basically everything is the same as CoH. The missions have no depth to them.

Some new textures for missions are nice, but there isn't near enough of them. Same for costumes. I was really underwhelmed by the lack of new stuff. I thought there'd be a ton more options.

The new zones don't feel all that villainous at all. I was expecting a much more "Gotham" like environment, with a really dark and sinister feel.

I think this is the main reason they're not opening up the beta - which at this point every other company would be doing - because they know anyone that was underwhelemed with CoH will be underwhelmed with CoV. They may however gamble 50 bucks just to satisfy their curiosity seeing as they didn't get to put the game through its paces in a beta.

The PvP and base raids would be fun, but if that's 2 or 3 months off, than there's definitely no point in buying the game now.

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"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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15. Re: Oct 19, 2005, 15:36 ColoradoHoudini
I'll give it a shot, but only because I am bored stiff of WoW (as I have done everything in the game, more than 10 times) and i still need my "persistant gaming" fix.

The stress demo was fun.. but people are right, this is more of a carbon copy of CoH..same buildings..same type of missions, but now with base building and eventually PvP (i thought PvP was coming out on day one?'s not?)

if for no othe reason, i want to play with a SG, build a cool base.. and do some base raids. i'm thinking that the PvP in CoV will be mucho fun.

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14. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 15:31 Cabezone
Ah you're one of those guys. So I'm uninformed if in my OPINION it's no better than an expansion. Even though I played the original for a month and played in the test over the weekend. The missions are identical to the ones you got in CoH, the only difference is you have a different costume and a few different powers. Wow, they added pets into the game, that's original and worth my 50 bucks. The game also runs very poorly for what it looks like.

If thats a problem and many share that opinion, then it's a problem with the game. Judging by the amount of people in the "stress" test it's an opinion shared by many. The only time either of the servers were on red was the first few hours.

"We're not the same, I'm an American, you're a sick a--hole." - William 'D-Fens' Foster
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13. Re: 50$ is just too much Oct 19, 2005, 14:42 dukrous
But with the $50, you get a free month of playtime. So just consider your $15/mo as part of the expenditure. At that point, we're paying just $35 for the game...

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12. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 14:42 Grounded


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11. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 14:41 Ant
How did you get free cable? Cable prices here is ridicious. $80 per month. Ick.  
Avatar 1957
Ant @ The Ant Farm: and Ant's Quality Foraged Links: ...
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10. I played the beta Oct 19, 2005, 14:39 Ant
I played the beta that was offered by FilePlanet. I never played CoH, but I enjoyed CoV. Loved the character setup part. I made an ant character named Red Antna (screen shots @ ).

I am pretty spoiled by WoW engine over this game engine. WoW had smoother engine. Controls are wacky in CoV. If WoW didn't exist, I would be playing CoH/CoV.
Avatar 1957
Ant @ The Ant Farm: and Ant's Quality Foraged Links: ...
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9. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 14:37 |oR|jonvall
"6. Re: Bah Oct 19, 12:47 Taulin

Then I guess you don't like satalite radio, cabel, internet access or a girld friend either. All of which require initial fees and recuring monthly fees.

That's a very poor analogy. I have Sirus....I get from Sirus things I can't get from commercial radio.
I have cabel (I spelled it like you did but I'm sure you meant cable) My cable is free...thank you.
I have internet access but I fail to see how that compares to what I said about pay to play.
I have also had many girld (I'm sure you meant to spell it girl)friends and from them you get much more than the money you put in.
Anyway the idea that I would have to pay for a game and also pay a monthly fee is ridiculous when I can buy a game for the same price and play it online for a year, or more in some cases, and never pay another fee again!
I will play those types of games when I get the game for free and only have to pay the monthly fee.

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8. 50$ is just too much Oct 19, 2005, 13:04 Tumbler
CoV is pretty dissapointing for 50$ imo.

The 2 main things that keep me from buying this are:
1. PvP zones between CoH/CoV will not be open for 60-90 days after CoV launch. (Same was said about arena's after CoH launch, that took a year...)

2. Gameplay doesn't feel like villains. The missions you do are carbon copies of CoH, you go beat up all the bad guys in a dungeon... WTF? Why aren't we causing train accidents, and robbing banks, or stealing the crown jewels. Feels like CoH with new costumes.

If they offered a 30$ upgrade for CoH players, and the 50$ product included access to CoH I'd seriously consider doing it.

Where is my Xbox 360!?!
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7. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 12:56 infekt

This comment was edited on Mar 24, 14:46.
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6. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 12:47 Taulin
Then I guess you don't like satalite radio, cabel, internet access or a girld friend either. All of which require initial fees and recuring monthly fees.

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5. Re: Bah Oct 19, 2005, 12:38 |oR|jonvall
I will never pay to play, I think the model as it stands stinks! I would be willing to pay $50 for a game.....I would be willing to pay $14/month to play a game great game.....but I will not pay $50 for a game AND pay $14/month to play that game! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

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