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Dear Diary

Guild Wars Fansite Friday #61 on the Official Website (thanks Guild Wars Slovenija) offers an update from Guild Wars lead designer Mike O'Brien offering ArenaNet's stance on in-game farming: "Of course, the number of players who engage in any of these activities -- farming exploits, using bots, selling or buying in-game items for cash –- is very small relative to the total player base. At ArenaNet we play the game just like you do, so we know that for most of you, gold is a precious commodity that you work hard to attain. In fact, our statistics show that 50% of all active accounts have fewer than 10 platinum pieces, and 75% of all active accounts have fewer than 20 platinum pieces. So when we make small tweaks here and there to keep the economy under control, please understand that we’re not trying to make the game harder for the average player. We work hard to understand how normal players play and how extreme players play, and then find just the minimal changes necessary to keep the economy healthy and fair."

8. Re: Bullshit Oct 17, 2005, 15:18 Creston
True, but I do read the forums from time to time still, and I still see the same threads going that were going four months ago.

Ie, the threads with "Holy crap, area xxxxx is being flooded with botters!"

Hey, it's not as if Anet is alone in not caring about botters or anything, NONE of the multiplayer online games give a shit. But then please spare me the "We hate botters and try to stop them at all costs" bullshit.


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