Evening Q&As

  • Asheron's Call 2
    MMORPG.COM's Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings Q&A talks with Jonathan Hanna of Turbine about the shutdown of Asheron's Call 2: "It doesn’t have much of an impact at all. AC1 and AC2 are run very separately from each other. Separate development teams, separate QA, etc. AC1 is also in a better situation as far as subscriber numbers. We don’t plan on shutting down AC1. Right now we’re working on the next update as well as live events."
  • Shadowbane
    The Q&A with Sean Ashen Temper Dahlberg of Shadowbane on The Corporation discusses the recently implemented Loreplay server and more about Wolfpack's MMORPG: "There are constant PvP opportunities and you don’t have to wait in a queue to find someone to kill. Since neither the world nor any part of battle is instanced in Shadowbane, performance can degrade somewhat in much larger battles. As with any computer game, a lot of this is determined by the end-users computer. However, we have made immense changes with the server and client architecture since Shadowbane has been released, especially since our acquisition by Ubisoft. Server-crashes are practically non-existent and we have reduced client crashed by over 95%. While we do add features to help enhance the game play and fun factor of the game, our primary concern is always performance."
  • Chris Taylor
    The debut PC Gamer Podcast offers an audio interview with Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games...
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