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I see dead people! No I'm not Haley Joel Osment, I'm a medic in Battlefield 2. Now here's the question... you guys who lie there critically wounded and scream medic repeatedly while still in the line of fire of the ambush that killed you... have never seen a war movie like Saving Private Ryan or Full Metal Jacket where the sniper picks off everyone who tries to help their wounded friend? What are you thinking? Sometimes I'm sure they are just trying to get a couple of medics killed due to the 'misery loves company' syndrome.

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93. Re: Geodesic Domes... Aug 30, 2005, 09:38 Creston
LA actually does have a public transit system, both train and bus. As I understand it, it's pretty heavily underutilized. I've never lived there, but I suspect it's much the same problem as with Atlanta -- huge city, relatively low density, and so everything is spread out. Public transit doesn't go where people need, or doesn't go there in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time (*cough*busessuck*cough*).

Okay, I meant installing a public transit system that's actually feasible for people to use. I mean, installing some buses isn't all that expensive, but if they do the old

"Public Transport takes you from where you aren't, to where you aren't going, and takes three times as long to do so."

bit, it's not going to be all that handy.

In comparison, in both London and Amsterdam (can't argue about Tokyo, although I've heard it's pretty good), you can use public transportation to get pretty much everywhere. Obviously the outlying districts are a pain to get to, but anywhere within the genuine center parts of town are a cinch with public transport. Get on the Tram (Amsterdam), get in the Subway (London), and it gets you there pretty quickly and right close to where you actually want to go. (and in most cases, probably quicker than you could get there by car, because of traffic etc.)
The only downside to Amsterdam's public transportation is that it's pretty pricey. London's subway was a lot cheaper when I lived there ('99).

Installing a system with such a level of coverage would be hard to do and very expensive.

Out of the 20-ish people in our group I think only 3 of us use transit at all.

For a lot of people it's simply the convenience of car use. If you get out of work, and need to pick up some groceries, it's real easy to do in a car. Not so easy to do with public transport. I still rue the days when I would get out of work, buy two bags of groceries, then walk with them to the trainstation, get on the train with them, then walk the 12+ minutes UPHILL back to my apartment in London. I wished I had a car almost daily.

Also, public transport needs to match my travel times. I could actually take a bus that leaves about 2 minutes away from my home and that would drop me off about three blocks away from work. It's cheap too, far cheaper than the gas I spend in driving here and the 85 bucks monthly parking I pay. But that bus only drives twice in the morning, and twice in the afternoon, and there is no combination of it I can take that will let me get to and from work in any rapid matter. I'd either have to be at work 8 hours a day, or 10 hours a day. 9 hours a day, which I do normally, means I'd have to wait almost an hour for the bus to take me home. Not very convenient.

And the safety bit is seriously overrated

The only thing I find in an SUV / truck / minivan is that you are seated higher, and it's easier to oversee traffic, especially in a town where 50+% of the other drivers have such high vehicles. My in-laws still drive a minivan because they don't feel comfortable driving a normal car while wedged in between suvs and their ilk.
Ofcourse, they accept the gas woes that come with it without complaint (or at least, with just minor complaint ).


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