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BF2 Stats Server Glitch

The Battlefield 2 Website (thanks Frans) has word on a problem with the ranked stats server, along with the current outlook:

Please be advised that the stats processing server is currently offline and that we are looking into the issue and anticipate having it resolved by 2PM PT today.

Stats earned on WinOS servers will update correctly after the stats processing server comes back online. We are hearing reports that Linux servers are having additional problems and may be crashing after round end. We are looking into this issue.

[EA]Mike and the rest of the Battlefield team

7. Fun things to do in BF2 Aug 11, 2005, 15:10 mOOzilla
Get in a chopper and just spin it, anybody who touches the rear blade, dies or gets squished. or just load it up and fly in circles.

Artillary your own boats

Anti tank mines on the runway.

Standing in front of vehicles and jumping into their paths

Sending fake Sighting reports as a commander. Have them run in circles.

Blowing up the vehicles on the pads with the anti aircraft guns before they get to em

Finding your own snipers and getting them noticed. Hey here I am

Run over your own teams anti tank mines

Keep on resupplying your own carrier deck

Hide all the boats and other vehicles in some far away place Also do that to the other team

Block snipers and other players views (just like running in front of vehicles).

Always start mutanys.

Using full choppers as a means of transport (while you are the pilot), jump out and parachute to safety while they all crashland.

Fly full choppers out of the play area so every1 gets penalties.

Fine top scorers and have them TK you.

Attach C4 packs to choppers or jets, and then once they are full, and airborne, DETONATE them to their supprise. Supprise!!! Swim across to the enemy ship and do the same there

Keep resupplying the enemy.

Keep killing your own team and reviving them over and over :D

Blow up bridges as your own team is on them.

Keep repairing the enemy.

Shoot ur own team once, they turn and kill you in anger, press PAGE DOWN.

Get in a chopper or best vehicle and just sit in it. They get so mad they TK u. PAGE DOWN :D

This comment was edited on Aug 11, 15:26.
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  39. Aug 11, 18:48         Re: Sigh... Shots
  11. Aug 11, 16:15 ANTI TANK OM#^@FG! DangerDog
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