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Hot Coffee Klatch

Rockstar Games Statement (thanks Frans) has a reaction from the folks behind GTA to all the talk of the "hot coffee" sex mod for the game. They start off by saying "We fully support efforts to keep mature-rated video game content out of the hands of children," and go on to say: "We are disappointed by comments that misrepresent Grand Theft Auto, detracting from the innovative and artistic merits of the game. Unfortunately, the recent confusion only serves to suggest that games do not deserve the same treatment as other forms of creative expression. By promoting awareness, we can avoid propagating the fear and mistrust of a new entertainment medium." Meanwhile, Thompson Calls for ESA Pres Resignation on Kotaku has an Open Letter to the Members of the Entertainment Software Association from Jack Thompson, crusading attorney, who continues his attacks on the gaming industry by mentioning the Hot Coffee mod as well. In the letter he literally thanks the lord for an enemy like ESA president Doug Lowenstein before urging the association to jettison their head man in what can be comfortably described as a surprisingly hateful diatribe from the lawyer already known for such rhetoric. Thompson praises Senator Clinton's initiatives for trying to prevent a "calamity" he predicts will be "like Columbine to the factor of ten" while using most of his space to vehemently attack Lowenstein, in some cases personally, going so far as to invoke an analogy, albeit a vague one, to Hitler (long considered the benchmark of when internet arguments have lost any value).

8. Re: Hot coffee Jul 14, 2005, 16:24 Vek
Actually 'Its not in the game' is the TRUTH. I can prove it to you. Buy it off the shelf, and play it. You will never, no matter what you do, see any of that 'illicit' content, ever, unless you actually mod the game, intentionally, altering it. Therefore, its NOT IN THE GAME! By definition, its not! You have to MOD IT IN.

Here are some logical steps for you to consider, about modding:

If I make a 'mod' (patch) for your internet explorer that goes to porn sites, is microsoft responsible?

If I mod Word so that everytime I type a word, it inserts vulgar words (which, by the way are ALREADY in its dictionary, as it does not underline them), is Microsoft responsible?

If I make a mod which turns off net-nanny, and enables blocked websites to appear where they were previously inaccessible, is the corporation that made the nanny program responsible?

The answer is no. The 'scenes' in question were totaly inaccessible. You have to ALTER THE PROGRAMS ACTUAL EXECUTABLE CODE to access them. You have to MOD the game. I could just as easily add extra instructions to any program you care to name to make it show you naughty stuff.

Please get this right. Attacking a company because someone ALTERED THEIR GAMES INSTRUCTION CODE TO MAKE IT DO SOMETHING IT WASNT ABLE TO DO BEFORE is absolutely insane.

It doesn't matter if hardcore porn was on the CD, no child/adult/whatever would -ever- see it or even know its there without altering the actual executable code of the program.

IMO, once you've done that, all bets are off. Altered EXEs can do anything. They can download porn of the internet, they can send you nasty emails, they can goatse you when you least expect it, and its NOT the fault of the company who issued the EXE.

I state again: Without altering the EXECUTABLE CODE it is impossible to see or experience any of the content in question.

This comment was edited on Jul 14, 16:26.
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