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Battlefield 2 Server Released, Patches Today

The Battlefield 2 Website now offers downloads of new Windows and Linux dedicated unranked servers for Battlefield 2. Meanwhile the WOLFGaming Network Forums have details on the client patch, which is expected at 3:00 pm Eastern Time today. Word is that the netcode is a major portion of this update, and the new release will address networking issues, as outlined in a recent community update (story).

25. No subject Jul 6, 2005, 13:32 Retired
Things I would like to see in a patch:
1. Tone down the damage of choppers (ridiculous)
2. Do some other point system for Commander winning other than 2x. If he is that important, I should get a lot more points for finding and killing his ass.
3. Have Spec Ops get points for blowing up enemy posts, but not too much, as it is a pretty simple thing to do - maybe they did this by design? Makes sense.
4. Speed up the Humvee - what a piece of crap that thing is.
5. After the player does the Couter Strike Bunny Hop 1x, they should not be able to do it again in x amount of seconds. The game has become a large CS environment with jumping everywhere. A soldier with approx 100 lbs of equipment on, cannot jump repeatedly. The sprinting is nice, can run about 1.5 blocks before you get tired. About right for a trained soldier with their equipment on.
6. Is there a limit on how many people on each team can be class X? Would be a nice touch. Balance the game a little more.
7. Make the damn Medic revive work when it is supposed to. Seems to be hit or miss - so I quit being medic.
8. Tone down the amount of points support can get for giving people ammo. My stats went through the roof after just 3 rounds of support, easiest thing in the game is the medals and ribbons with support.
9. Shoulder mounted heat seekers. Some maps don't have enough AA when you are going against a decent pilot. Makes the game very unfun.

Just a few things I have noticed in 26 hours of gameplay since Friday evening.

The stuttering? I don't think it is that big of a deal. It is one of a few things:
1. The server is trying to run too many people when it should run at the lower level of people.
2. Your machine can't handle the rendering associated with the smoke/mist ladden maps.
3. If you don't have a really friggen sweet rig, don't try and play a 34+ player server - you are just asking for problems.
4. Don't blame the game when your piece of shit pc can't run on high graphics for everything.

The game is awesome. I am now addicted. I need to focus more on the real world rather than this game. My sleep is lacking, my food intake is lacking, and I have a lot of stuff to do other than play BF2......BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

I have had no problems when I play on the GameSpot servers or the EA servers. They seem to have their configuration set nicely. Another little hint, don't play on "***SUPER LEET AWESOME RANKED [CLAN NAME] HaX0r5***" servers. Play on commercial servers, things will work better.

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