Evening Q&As

  • Battlefield 2
    The Battlefield 2 FAQ - Part 2 on IGN gets some further intelligence on the imminent shooter sequel: "The latest official drivers do not work correctly with Battlefield 2--neither with the demo nor the full game. You must either turn shadows off completely, or install the beta 77.30 drivers included with the installer. It's our understanding that a new set of official drivers will be released in time for the retail version that will eliminate the shadow glitch in BF2. On a side note, we also recommend updating your ATI card to the 5.6 Catalyst drivers."
  • Stargate
    The Stargate SG-1: The Alliance Q&A on TotalVideoGames talks with JoWooD about the upcoming TV tie-in: "The Stargate principle of traveling to other planets using a gate allows for immediate understanding by any gamers and boundless stories and situations. We worked closely with the studios and the producers, writers and cast of the TV show to ensure that the essence of the Stargate universe has been put in the game. But we’ve invented new enemies and worlds to make the gaming experience fulfilling both for Stargate fans and newcomers. One of our self-imposed challenges consisted of making a game anybody could start playing intuitively and enjoy immediately; and we feel we pretty much succeeded in that!"
  • Civilization IV
    The Civilization IV Q&A on GameSpot asks some post-E3 questions of Barry Caudill about Firaxis' upcoming strategy sequel: "There will be three game speeds: normal, quick, and epic. Normal will be just what you would expect from a game of Civ based on any of the previous versions. Quick, on the other hand, will have all of the values (tech costs, build costs, etc.) tweaked to provide a much quicker game that still retains the flavor of a normal game. It's possibly a one-night experience, but we are still balancing it. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the epic game speed, which will provide diehard Civ addicts with a much longer game time that is balanced to still feel correct."
  • EVE Online
    MMORPG.COM's EVE Online Q&A talks with Nathan Richardsson about the science fiction MMORPG: "In gameplay terms the main difference would be that EVE is a long term affair for the player, so much focus is around tactics and strategy. You don't just jump in, but you evolve in EVE, which is the main reason players stick with the game for a long time even though they might not play every day. This excludes of course the intense PVP combat in the game. EVE is a very PVP focused game and the death penalty can be quite severe, which we think adds that extra excitement to the encounters!"
  • Irth Online
    RPG Vault's Irth Online Team Q&A #2 asks some group questions of the folks at Magic Hat Software about their MMORPG: "There are so many great creatures... hmmm... the first one that comes to mind is the Ahlki Servant because just when I'm getting close to killing him, he flies away and I have to catch him again. Yes that's right; he flies. He is UGLY spelled all in upper case. He's a mean flying monster who likes to kill playable characters. He looks part monkey and part demon. He has long, sharp nails at the end of his fingers and toes, huge bat-like wings, carnivorous fangs, and a very disagreeable disposition. And did I mention UGLY?"
  • Rising Kingdoms
    RPG Vault's Rising Kingdoms Team Peek #1 offers thoughts on Haemimont Games' upcoming strategy game from Ivko Stanilov: "My favorite multiplayer map? Far Central. The four colonies in the center make it a great strategic experience. They are very important assets, but at the same time, it can be better to leave them to your enemies and develop your base instead. Each player also has two nearby colonies, which are much easier to protect, so you're never completely out of the game."
  • Blackfoot Studios
    The John Sonedecker Q&A on Ghost Recon.Net discusses start-up Blackfoot Studios with founder John Sonedecker, formerly of Red Storm and Battleborne: "I still firmly believe that there is a want and a need for a game like Rainbow Six/ Rogue Spear as well as the original Ghost Recon in the market place. Heck, I would even love to see those games remade and updated with some new content. I do believe, however, that if something like that came along, it would be developed more along the lines of Ubi’s Il-2 series of sims. They might make less money and appeal to less people, but the dev budgets would also be lower to compensate. Not less quality, just less money spent."
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Jun 16, 2005, 08:35
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Jun 16, 2005, 08:35
I have an ATI x800 XT PE and I also have never had an issue running a game out of the box with the latest drivers at the time. Even back as far as my original ATI Radeon 64. I currently use the 5.6 drivers for BF2 and it runs great.

I just love how this game is a "The way its meant... blah blah" and it doesn't even work with the latest nVidia drivers at all. How can a set of drivers be that different in how they work especially only one version different.

I have also enjoyed how UT2004 is also one of thoes "The way..." games and it runs best on an ATI card. In my experience, I have found that nVidia games run better than ATI only in OpenGL based engines like the Doom and Quake ones.


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