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Out of the Blue

Well, seven start-up screens later and the BF2 demo is here... I've had a lot of fun playing around with it so far. The models and animations are outstanding, though I am experiencing occasional texture corruptions that seem to be related to smoke and explosion effects (on an NVIDIA card, rather than ATI, where there was a warning this could happen, in spite of upgrading to the mystery ForceWare upgrade included with the demo). It took a while to get a feel for the game's scale, but it definitely works. I'm a bit mystified at having to create a GameSpy login to play a demo that was not hosted on GameSpy's network, but the game industry has become all about strange bedfellows, so there that is. I asked EA if the full game would likewise require signing on with GameSpy/IGN, but received no reply.

The most frustrating aspect of the demo for me is the preposterous key configuration screen. I thought BF1942 and BF:V had it bad with mysterious hunts for key conflicts, but BF2 takes this to a whole new level, with an arbitrary default setup that uses about every key on the keyboard, requiring the user to find all the conflicts before assigning keys. The least they could do is provide a 'clear all' function to start fresh here, but the way this config screen operates gives the impression that it was coded and released without anyone trying it. I have never had a more frustrating setup experience prior to playing a game. And that's not to mention the keys you can't assign at all... Alt, Left Shift, the mousewheel (there was this brief moment when mousewheel reconfiguration worked in BF1942, but that got broken again in a subsequent patch)... apparently those of us used to assigning these keys to our own needs are just SOL. I've seen reports that the numeric keypad cannot be reconfigured either (there's a post to our forums outlining a way to configure hidden keys that I haven't looked into yet, but am hopeful will provide some help with this). After struggling through the process of configuring keys for the solo version, I decided that was something I never wanted to do again, which, of course, is exactly what I had to do right away after creating a multiplayer account. Argh! I'd express hopes that these issues won't be present in the full game, but since it went gold over a week ago, that doesn't seem very realistic.

R.I.P.: 'MacGyver' actor dies at 77 and Hamilton Naki, 78, Self-Taught Surgeon, Dies.

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13. Re: Jun 11, 2005, 14:43 MeatForce
So how are the bots? Do they actually attempt to play, or just gets stuck in the coreners and jump up and down?

Did they ever fix this w/ the BF 1942 series (w/ a patch), or were the bots dumb as hell there, too?


The bots are a whole lot better in some ways, and exactly the same in others.

For example:
- I got run over by the bots 3 times in one round = exactly the same.

- The bot spammed "Sorry" each time he ran me over = whole lot better

Other observations:
Enemy AI does lots of standing around, or running straight at you without shooting, and they have this really funny tendancy to run around like maniacs with the knife or defib. paddles once they get close to you. Seems to take them forever to figure out that you've run away too, making for a bit of an exploit (not that it's hard to kill them with normal tactics, mind you).

On the other hand, I've seen lots of examples of decent attempts at teamwork. They stop to give you a lift when you ask, or will tell you "no way" when they can't.. I've been revived by medics on my team more often than not.. That kind of thing. Pathfinding seemed pretty tight (although I haven't played enough yet to notice whether they're really locked into some typical routes like in the previous versions). They're reasonably crafty, and will occasionally double back on you if they think they can sneak up from behind. Then again, they sometimes don't.

Overall, I'm not sure the level of stupidity is really all that different here, but they seem to be programmed to do a bit more stuff, so they give a good illusion of being useful.. not sure if that makes sense.. I'd love to know how they handle the aircraft though.

FYI - the singleplayer game actually spawns a server, so you can play co-op with buddies if you know their IP address and use the "Connect To IP" button in the multiplayer browser to join their game.

Seems to work just fine. Had lots of fun last night blasting bots with a friend of mine -- BF bots always were very good at being cannon-fodder

I actually get paid for this..
This comment was edited on Jun 11, 14:49.
I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now, even though you broke my heart and killed me.
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