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Out of the Blue

Well, Dr. Toothy wasn't as tough on me as I thought yesterday... after strapping me in and making all sorts of dire predictions, he just went ahead with a cleaning and a warning that I need to be more diligent with my home care, making plans to reevaluate this in a couple of weeks. I'm not going to say this was effective (L.A. Confidential: "Is that how you used to play 'good-cop-bad-cop'?"), but please forgive any errors I make as I learn to type and floss at the same time.

R.I.P.: Jazz Organ Pioneer Jimmy Smith Dies. Thanks The_Button_Man.

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Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.

60. Re: Someone Set Us Up The Bomb Feb 10, 2005, 19:08 Awesome Spume
This sux....

Looks like things aren't going so well. North Korea supposedly has working weapons and is backing out of all talks (again).

Too true. I'm pretty freaked thinking about a fucked up country with a megalomaniac leader having the Nuke. Maybe when the USA disarms Korea will feel safer too.

Original Evil Axis countries: North Korea, Iran, Iraq.

Evil Axis countries with nukes: North Korea, Iran (both possibly, neither definitely)

Evil Axis countries invaded: Iraq, which abandonned its WMD in the 90s, after Desert Storm 1.

Now tell me why you'd give up your nukes when all you have to look forward to is a bunch of braindead drones pissing on your country? Or, here's another thought if the US wants to keep nukes and doesn't want Iran or North Korea to have nukes, you have to suppose they're willing to use nukes to stop nukes being used. Or they're going to use nukes after nukes have been used.

The UK, France and Russia (theoretically) have working deployment systems for intercontinental nuclear warheads. About a dozen other countries can throw together a nuclear bomb that'd, at best, deliver a pointless dirty payload if delivered on a truck. The only countries which are legitimate targets for the US' nuclear payload, therefore, are the UK, France and Russia. At some point in history scholars are going to sit down and figure out how the US deluded itself for so long. It's like waking up every morning, getting out of bed and looking at the mirror, and the mirror tells you "you're the best!". Eventually you'll believe it, but at the end of the day you're just listening to a voice in your head. Welcome to now. A hundred years ago the US inconsequential. Who knows what a hundred years will bring.

Now, sometimes people don't understand what brings these rants on so I'll summarise:

First and foremost was Meatfarts rage at Joe Blow's 911 crap. I got no opinion either way with 911. If you're going to fund a terrorist state (Israel) you're going to piss off people. After the lie that was the holocaust hoodwinked the West into funding an illegal land grab in Palestine, less than 60 years ago!, the US (right now I want to point out I hate this whole "America" term. You're not America, you're part of north America, a minor part. It's only ego that makes you think you matter.) made enemies which have lasted to this day. Here's a thought, if you don't want your buildings blown up, don't give money to people who blow up other peoples' buildings. It's really that simple. The US has had Israel sucking at its teat for decades. Israel is a terrorist state and is proud of it. They kill their "enemies" without trial, using whatever means necessary, no matter how many innocent people die. You may not have heard this on your news. It's possible to link the 9/11 attack right the way back to the six day war. Thousands died, 9/11 redressed that on the side of the muslim terrorists. I don't like terorrists much (I'm in Ireland - you know, where the US has been funding another terorrist war unofficially) but I'm hard pushed to shed a tear when one set of terrorists crashes a plane into another set of terrorists skyscrpaers becuase they supported a third set of terorrists.

If you're a European sign the anti-software-patents petition at:
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