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Out of the Blue

In another phishing scheme... Nah, just kidding, I won't put you through that again. The annual Groundhog Day extravaganza has come to a close.

I got the BlueTruck back from Dr. Goodwrench. After an inflated estimate based on the amount of time it took to diagnose the broken switch in the first place (which he should be embarrassed about to start with, considering the number of people who correctly guessed that to be the cause without even seeing the truck), he then tried to charge me double that, because after installing the switch, the truck start blowing fuses, and further time was required to trace down a bad wire. I pointed out that it wasn't really reasonable to expect me to think that the fuses were blowing due to some pre-existing condition, since I had never once blown a fuse before this. I got him to agree that since it was obviously his grease monkey mis-wiring something that lead to the fuse dealie, that I wasn't going to pay for that part.

So I walk out having paid probably twice what the job was worth, feeling like I got a bargain. Dr. Goodwrench is no dummy.

Play time: Escape the Room.
Links of the Day: SaveEnterprise.Com. There's also an MSNBC poll on the topic.
Pure Pwnage - 100,000 noobs pwned.
Stories of the Day: Woman indicted for giving fatal sherry enema. Thanks Warren.
Grandma admits to cheating on test -- in 1957.
Doctor Fakes Insanity to Avoid Military.
Science!: Gases Could Raise Temperatures 19.8 Degrees -Study and Carbon burial 'is climate option'.
Mirror that reflects your future self.
Augmented-reality machine works in real time. So we can get rid of those pills?
Dyslexia slows drivers' reactions. Especially at poSt signs.
The Funnies: FoxTrot. Thanks EricTheMad.
Images of the Day: Car vs. Telephone Wires in Texas. Thanks
Media of the Day: Red Vs Blue - Welcome to the Internet. Thanks Hump.
Follow-ups: Avalanche man urinates his way into urban legend. What's Snopes debunking next, The Onion?
Beagle 2 'should never have been built'.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.

88. Re: Hotmail Popper Feb 8, 2005, 18:02 Malakai
1: Reality TV sucks. If i wanted to watch someone live, i'd become a stalker. I don't care about some z-list celebs or some schmuck who wants to get famous quick. However the only show I am liking at the moment is Brat Camp on C4 (UK viewers only i think) because its so damn funny to watch these little shits who come from middle-class backgrounds act/think/look like scallys and watch them get nowhere with these hard-ass dont-take-no-shit americans on this ranch. Great viewing.

2: I hate this hardass woman concept that seems to be creeping into every single nook and cranny of tv/movies these days. I hate watching films, like Resident Evil 1/2, where theres some super-human woman going around kicking the shit out of everyone. It bores me now. Bring back the old movies like Predator or Rambo where it was a no-holds-barred killing fest, with a man doing the killing. Im not some woman hating guy, but these movies piss me off. I basically refuse to watch them on principle.

3: Is it me or is MSN getting worse and worse? In the past week or so i've had 3 instances of major downtime (5 hours+) and it isnt because of my internet connection. Microsoft is a big coporation, surely they can sort this out quickly and efficiently. Also it's not as if theres time zone restrictions, Microsoft have buildings all over the world, why can't they just damn well sort it out?

4: Political Correctness sucks. From what i can understand the UK has the worst case of PC ever. Every TV show, every news broadcast has to have someone from different ethnic backgrounds otherwise some minority will get pissed off and complain. I'm getting sick of hearing about minorities going on about this that and the other that they aren't getting. I don't care. If you want to worship your own religion, go ahead, don't shove it in my face. Also i am getting sick of hearing about all this racism in the police force. I bet you (notice this is my opinion, if someone can show me evidence i will read it) that most of this shit occurs because little wankers say "it's cos I'm black 'innit?". Usually it's because you break the fucking law, not because of your skin colour. You never hear of a white guy suing a black policeman because of racism, you only ever hear of the minorities screaming at the whites because of racism. I read somewhere a year ago or so that something like 80% of racial crime (it was either in the Uk as a whole or in Birmingham/Bradford) was not white on minorities, by minorities on minorities, i.e black on black, black on asian etc. etc. yet howcome we never hear of any instances where someone of an asian background sues someone of an african background?

Did you know that there are more people of ethnic minority background in London than there are caucasians? Strange isn't it?

Also, since i am on a serious rant here, I feel like doing 2 things.

1: ring up people that are advertising for secretarial jobs and wait until someone says "actually we want a woman for this job", record the phone conversation and sue the bastards for not offering equal opportunities.

2: I want to start up my own car insurance firm that's only for men. Then i want to see how many women bitch and complain that they can't get insurance with my firm. My reply for that would be "Go join Diamond Insurance. Thats only for women, now shut up."

Also did you know Tony Blair has an all female shortlist of jobs? Nice equal opportunities fucktard.

Bah this world and its injustices does my fucking head in. But then again i know i can't do anything about it and as such i just think of owning a nice log house in the mountains of Scandanavia or Canada where i have little human contact and i do manual labour for a living. Ah to go fishing, to sit in the hills and watch a sunrise/sunset, to go hunting for food/clothing. Now that is something i'd like to do. Bring back the Middle Ages/The First Reich (Roman Empire for those who didn't know). Heaven for me.

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