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Far Cry Patch

A new patch is now available for Far Cry, updating Crytek's first-person shooter to version 1.31 addressing some multiplayer issues. The 9 MB download is available on 3D Gamers, ActionTrip, Boomtown (registration required), FileFront, FileShack (registration required), Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot DLX (registration required), and Worthplaying.

44. Wow Jan 31, 2005, 23:18 Creston
Many people seem to prefer Far Cry single player (I'm not talking about multi, I will happily admit that Far Cry multi sucks ass) over that of Half Life 2.

I thought I was the only one that did so, and was prepared to defend that point until my deathbed.

Zeph, I stand amazed. Not only did you make a plain valid statement, you actually did so in a logical and coherent way. I salute you. Good stuff.

I can't see how anyone could seriously argue that Far Cry is a better game.

Because we liked it better. You didn't. I can't see how you argue that Half Life 2 is better. But still, that's your choice. Here's one thing I absolutely do NOT agree with, though :

I think people need to get out of this mindset that 'linear = bad'. Half-Life 2's linearity is a strength, not a weakness. The game is a rollercoaster ride that never stops, and that's exactly what an on-rails shooter should be.

Yes and no. Linear does not HAVE TO equate bad. In Half Life 2, however, it DEFINITELY equates bad. I will give you one example (but I could give you a dozen more if you want).
In the airboat level, you come upon the first area with a floodgate, you need to infiltrate this small base to unlock the floodgate.

The ONLY WAY through this section is to follow the retarded road through all the containers, fighting the guards, waiting for the helicopter to shoot, around the crates, through another container, past more crates, kill two manhacks, dodge the helicopter, go inside, jump over more crates, down stairs, past crates, outside again, dodge helicopter, run through five different fences, before finally, hey, woohoo, you're at the button.

To equate how this would have worked in Farcry, the base would have been there, and it would have been up to you if you wanted to go in or not, or just land your airboat at the foot of the tower, climb up and open the floodgate.

That SUCKS as linearity. It absolutely fucking SUCKS. You say it's the best on rails shooter in existence, I say absolutely. I also say that on rails shooters is shit we played on the sega megadrive CD. Not stuff we should be playing in 2004, from the so called "Best Game Ever".

Did I enjoy Half Life 2? Absolutely. But every game is EXACTLY the same. Up to and including the squad mates that make you get stuck throughout the entire level where you're fighting in City17, door to door, and every time you want to go back, or go out of a room, you have to wrestle your way through four of your "brilliant AI" squadmates.
Those of you who claim to have never been locked up by your teammates either never went into any room, or just ran ahead fast enough that you never had to wait for them.

One of the early houses that you clear out is counterattacked once you reach the upper level. In my most recent playthrough I used the gravity gun to barricade the stairwell and then fought the combine through the windows, which I suspect is different from how a lot of people solved that particular problem

Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well. Most of the encounters in those houses are scripted. There is one house that has nothing but one of those black zombies in it (I think it's the house next to the bridge). The zombie IS NOT IN THE HOUSE when you are outside. It is NOT IN THE HOUSE when you go in. IT IS NOT IN THE HOUSE when you arrive on the top floor. You can throw grenades all over the top floor (which I did), and they'll never do anything.

ONLY when you finally move into the room farthest away from the stair, does the zombie get spawned inside the next room.
Wow, that's non linear for you alright. I can't remember a single enemy being spawned in Farcry. They're there, on the level. Deal with them. If you're stupid enough to make too much noise, they all get together and rape you right through your pants. Or you play slightly more stealthy, and only fight groups of them at a time. (Btw, blowski, your post made no sense. Equating Farcry to killing children in Iraq? I think you need to stop sniffing detergent in the morning )

As for the story, I can appreciate that Valve makes you work things out for yourself. There are a few problems with that though.
There is ONE set of paper clippings (in Eli Vance's lab) that explains most things. This set of paper clippings is illegible (is that a word?) if you play on low texture settings. You can't read it. Ergo, if you play on low textures, you don't get a story. That's bad.

What's worse, however, is that Gordon Freeman is a dead fucking monkey. Jack Carver might have been a moron, and might have had a hamfist for a voice actor, but at least he kept asking "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??" and demanded some answers.
Gordon does not. He just nods his head like a good little puppy, and does what Alyx tells him to. Go here Gordon. Go there Gordon. Gordon, go there. Gordon, take the airboat. Gordon, take the buggy. Gordon, lick my boots. Gordon, wash my clothes. Good doggy.
Gordon never asks anything. Never questions anything.
I've seen one person explain that the reason nobody explains anything to Gordon about what happened is because EVERYBODY KNOWS what happened, ergo, Gordon would too, had he been on earth, as everyone assumes. That's fair enough, it's a good argument.
Gordon, however, DOES NOT KNOW. Why doesn't he ask? As a protagonist, Gordon Freeman is the most boring fucking moron ever developed for videogames. I could relate more to being Ms Pacman than I could to being Gordon Freeman. A question here or there would not hurt.

And yet, this is what people call "the best story ever in videogames"? Please.

Finally, every review and fanboy hype of Half Life 2 I've read, always mentions just how "awesome it is to be fighting alongside Dog."
Hey, Dog is fun. Playing catch with him is seriously funny.
Why is the "combat alongside him" so much fun?? It's 100% scripted. One Hundred Percent. Those first few combine that show up, you can throw a grenade at them and blow them up. Dog still throws the car at them, then thumps his chest. Ditto for the group near that corner and the alley, that he throws the armored car at. Blow them up first, he still throws the car at them.
And that's it. That's the extent of how you fight alongside Dog. No AI that walks alongside you in a level, and just fights enemies based on whatever is handy. It's a 20 second script.
How is this any more awesome than if a building had fallen on the combine soldiers?

I guess I must not be riding the hype train enough.

Finally, any and all discussion over technology needs to have the Source engine excluded. Anyone who claims the Source engine is better than either the Doom 3 engine or the Farcry engine is just insane. End of story. I'm not talking about the physics, those are great (and belong to Havok). Valve's implementation of those physics are great. Their engine is not. The levels are small, and have absolutely ABSURD load time associated with them.
In the time that it takes Half Life 2 to load the initial part of the first level, Far Cry loads the very first ISLAND. Into the same amount of memory. You know, the island that it takes you TEN MINUTES to walk from one end to the other, or close to forty minutes to walk around.
In the five minute journey from the train to Dr Kleiner's lab, Half Life 2 inflicts FOUR level loads on you. Each lasting between 75-120 seconds.
I thought it was the best thing ever in the first Half Life. Only there the loads took four seconds. Here they take two minutes. The spacing of these loads is very suspect as well. Right in the MIDDLE of a chase by combine soldiers? Adrenaline, run, they're about to catch me, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Loading.
Wait. Two minutes later, that adrenaline is pretty much gone, thank you.

I'm sure it's great for modding, but the level loads are retarded, and put the Source engine FAR below either the Doom 3 or Farcry engines. (and it's not just Valve and Half Life 2, apparently Vampire suffers from the exact same loads. This is not a game design decision. This is an engine shortcoming.

Oops, this got a bit long. Good arguments, all. Even though all you Half Life 2 fanboys are ofcourse all wrong


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