Morning Q&As

  • Battlefield 2
    Private Eye's Forums' PE's Battlefield 2 Q&A catches up with Sean Decker to discuss DICE's upcoming military shooter sequel: "The commander mode will allow players to provide both information and support to their team-mates. In conjunction with squads, you’ve got a powerful feature for communicating with your team and affecting the action on the map. The commander can do the following: provide intel on enemy positions, drop supplies for the team, provide indirect fire-support and facilitate communication between squads. In addition – the commander score is linked to the performance of his team – giving the CO major incentive for the team to succeed. The incentive for the team to follow the orders is that the commander will most likely be willing to lend artillery and supply aid to those who listen. However, if the team feels that the commander is not the best candidate, they can chose to boot him from his position with a team-vote."
  • City of Heroes
    There's a City of Heroes Q&A on City of Heroes Warcry talks with Cryptic's Jack "Statesman" Emmert about their superhero MMORPG: "What powers does every Archetype crave? If you’re a Scrapper or Tanker, you really want a ranged attack. A Defender and a Blaster want personal defense powers. A Controller wants to dish out damage. Well, the Epic Power Pools allow each Archetype to get the types of powers they always wanted."
  • Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs
    The Catacombs Q&A #1 on MM Hell talks with Mythic's Matt Firor about their upcoming DAoC expansion: "Our goal is to provide a substantial graphics upgrade for those users who have cards that can fully support the new models - a DX 9 card. With this configuration, they should see as good a frame rate as they do now in Camelot. However, if someone has an older card, they can still see some of the new enhancements at little or no framerate cost. Players always have the option of viewing the older models, however, should they find that necessary."
  • CT Special Forces: Fire For Effect
    The CT Special Forces: Fire For Effect Q&A on Games-Fusion chats with Jerome Sicart and Brice Davin of publisher Hip Interactive about CT Special Forces, Asobo's upcoming military shooter: "Asobo has worked extensively on the enemy AI in order to get results that are dependent on the tactics the players will adopt. Getting the right balance between ensuring the game plays in a plausible way and also that it offers a real challenge is the final goal for the team but we are sure it will be nigh on perfect. The team has also spent time on researching the way terrorists undertake tasks and missions but the end result must always be perfect gameplay. We believe we have the perfect blend of realism, together with real excitement."
  • Stranger
    RPG Vault's Stranger Q&A Part 2 continues this conversation with Fireglow Games about their upcoming RTS game with RPG elements: "We are developing more interesting behaviour for the computer-controlled characters. Here, we focus on a specific base behaviour, depending on which group they belong to - a tribe, for example - and on the implementation of complex strategies with large groups of characters, such as the defense of a castle, the functionality of a spy network, the mining of resources or just on an originally organized neutral settlement. Often, we have targeted a live atmosphere rather than efficiency."
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