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WoW Final Stress Test on FP

Details on a week-long final stress test for World of Warcraft have been revealed, though the World of Warcraft Community Site has been battered into uselessness by the announcement. Details on the test are available on FilePlanet, where you will see it requires a paid subscription for the privilege of helping test the game. Word is the test will run for a week, at which point open beta testing of Blizzard's eagerly anticipated MMORPG will begin.

46. Re: Early Christmas Present for Me Nov 2, 2004, 09:19 Bronco
Did you see there's a new patcher?

Yes I did. I tried using it for 4 hours yesterday and managed to download 48MB of the 2563.93MB that the new client represents. My upload was 50K and my download 1K. Not only that, surfing the web was impossible. MSN messenger kept losing it's connection. My mail client was reporting that it could not connect to the mail server. If I closed the Blizzard downloader everything worked again! This is exactly what downloading every single patch has been like for me.

I have followed Blizzards instructions which include:

  • Turning off your Firewall - a dumb idea but I tried it - no improvement

  • Forwarding a series of ports to your PC if it is on a router - I did it - no improvement

  • Removing the router and connecting directly to the internet - again not very practical but I did it - no improvement

  • While the WoW forums were crashing last night I found a link to a website that posts the tracker info for the WoW patches. I fired up a third party BT client this morning and was downloading at 85-90K and uploading at 14K. Please note that the 85-90K was with the firewall ON, and the router IN PLACE.

    I've tried to use the downloader for every single patch. After 4-8 hours of little to no progress I've given up every single time and found the tracker info. Every single time I have tried every step listed above. Every single time my download has skyrocketed and I'm back online playing/testing when I use a third party BT client.

    I want the Blizzard downloader to work. I want to test it so they get the results they need. That is why I tried the above tests every time despite my serious doubts that they would work at all.

    I'm not an expert with BT but from what I understand the issue with the Blizzard downloader is that it does not limit the upload speed. This in turn saturates your connection to the internet and prevents downstream data from being recognized. The beta testers have been through this a million times with Blizzard, merely asking for a way to limit the upload. Blizzard has stated that they are looking at the issue but nothing seems to have changed in a while.

    So when we buy the game, just install from CD/DVD and then patch via the patcher... no need for the blizzard downloader anymore really.

    I'm sure there will be patches upon patches. Some of them quite large in size. Remember, there is a lot of content that is not in the game yet. Now, I haven't complained about this issue so far because after all, this is a beta and we are testing their systems. However, if I am paying for this service and it does not improve or alternate methods are not allowed or provided for that matter, I will complain.

    I find it interesting that Blizzard has had little to say with regards to the problems with the downloader (even going so far as to nuke threads on the subject and delete posts that point to the tracker) and yet when it comes time for the second stress test they go ahead and make the client available via Fileplanet. If there are no issues with the downloader then why use Fileplanet's bandwidth? I understand that there is money involved here but I also find it funny that the closed beta people that have 'tested' the downloader are expected to continue to 'test' the downloader while people that are signing up for the 'STRESS TEST' do not need to test the downloader which obviously needs more 'testing'.

    The patcher was quite fast for me too...

    I think a lot of this has to do with people catching a connection to a seed. With my BT client I can see when I connect to a seed, my D/L rate really boosts. I also wonder what type of connection you have to the internet and how it may have some impact on your ability to download. Apparently ADSL has more issues with this than cable connections.

    Well, I didn't want this to be a rant against Blizzard. Overall I'm happy with the game and will be buying it when it goes retail. I've just resigned myself to using alternate methods to the 'Blizzard downloader'.

    edit - spelling/clarity

    teh m4y0r ownz a GabeN b4ckp4k
    This comment was edited on Nov 2, 09:37.
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