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DOOM 3 Expands

id Software Amplifies the Terror With Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil(TM) announces plans for Resurrection of Evil, an upcoming expansion for DOOM 3 that "continues the frightening and gripping single player experience of the blockbuster original. The title also features even more multiplayer action with support for up to eight players in all new maps." Here's a bit more on the project, which is scheduled for release when it's done:

id Software(TM) and Activision, Inc. will unleash an all-new assault on humanity with DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil(TM), the official expansion pack to the fastest selling PC first- person action game ever in the U.S., according to NPD Techworld. Co-developed by Nerve Software and id Software, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil continues the terrifying and intense action of the already classic DOOM 3, which Maxim and Computer Gaming World awarded "five out of five stars" and the Associated Press called "one of the scariest games ever made." Through the discovery of a timeless and evil artifact you now hold the powers of Hell in your hands, and the demons have come to hunt you down and take it back. Following the events of DOOM 3 and featuring new locations, characters and weapons, including the return of the double-barreled shotgun, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil expands the terrifying action that fans and critics have been raving about. The title will require the full retail version of DOOM 3, and has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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133. blah Nov 1, 2004, 08:56 ildon
What it all boils down to: Doom 3 was a different single player experience than people were used to, and different from what they were expecting. You either liked it or you didn't. There is no need to tie your own ego to a game that you did nothing to produce. If you don't like it, quit hating on it. ("Hating" is not the same as criticizing or discussing what you do or don't like about it. "Hating" is when you bash it every chance you get or ridicule people who did like it.) If you thoroughly enjoyed it like I did, accept that other people are going to have a different opinion.

Personally, I really enjoyed Doom 3. There were a couple parts where I felt like I was just trudging through, but the fact is I feel like this in every FPS I play. In fact the much vaunted Half-Life was one of the games most guilty of this for me. When I did play Doom 3, I played it with my headphones on, preferably in the dark, with no distractions. I was consciously letting myself be scared, much like one would do when watching a scary movie or visiting a "haunted house" or whatever. It was necessary to maintain that mindset while playing to truly enjoy the game, in my opinion, because that's what the game was designed for. It wasn't designed as a game you pickup for five minutes, frag some zombies, then put down to come back later, or a game you could play while watching TV or running Winamp at max volume.

That being said, I think the multiplayer is just Q3 DM with no railgun, and that my FPS is too shitty for me to enjoy the MP (in fact it impeded on my enjoyment of SP, too, a few times, but not many). I don't think there will be a ton of mods for it due to its high network requirements for mp and the huge amount of artwork necessary just to make an original texture set or monster/player model. Let's face it, 90% of existing mods can't even get the low poly HL models up to HL standards, let alone Q3 or better games. I'm just hoping some nice single player maps come out because that's an area of modding that has really been hurting since the whole Q3/UT/CS "let's only make MP FPS games for the rest of our lives" thing started. And don't forget the SDK only came out like a week or two ago. Sure you can code an instagib mod in that amount of time but anything with any depth will take a lot more time to come out. Even longer if they need art assets.

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132. Re: meh Oct 27, 2004, 03:31  famished 
"If you knew anything about "gamerankings" you will notice the large amount of "haters" that like to vote 1 out of 10, so the "rankings" are as subjective as it gets. /slap "

*sigh* I'm talking about the official reviews not the readers reviews. Hence...

We have an 88.2% average from the "bold sites" (the elite sites that are counted on game rankings) and an average from all reviews at 87.3%. Anyway, reader reviews are vastly tipped towards the high end of the scale as most of the 10's you see were given before the game even hit the shelves. About 2 weeks after that average started to tumble. /double slap

This comment was edited on Oct 27, 03:39.
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131. Re: meh Oct 26, 2004, 19:07 TheNarcis
Wrong. Go to gamerankings and you will see they average less than a lot of games. Only the big reviewers gave it a high score.

If you knew anything about "gamerankings" you will notice the large amount of "haters" that like to vote 1 out of 10, so the "rankings" are as subjective as it gets. /slap

This comment was edited on Oct 26, 19:07.
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130. Re: new id game? Oct 26, 2004, 13:40 Gandhi
Doom 3 will be my last id-developed game that I purchase. I gave them a chance despite lingering fears that the gameplay will not live up to the hype (or even live up to an average FPS game from another developer) - they failed miserably.

Here's hoping some other developer takes the engine, sheds some light on it in-game (literally), and makes an actual game out of it.

You cannot make anything fool-proof. The fools are too inventive
Avatar 11944
You cannot make anything fool-proof. The fools are too inventive

GW: Tr Gandhi (Ra), Shiva Sung (Mo), Mangal Pandey (Ne), Rana Pratap Singh (Wa), Boddhi Satwa (Ri), Bhagat Singh (De), Bahadur Shastri (Pa)
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129. new id game? Oct 26, 2004, 05:26 TiberiusBlue
i liked doom III

i am just wondering whats happening to the unannounced new id game that not a continuation of doom/quake is.
as i understoodŽ, it should be based more or less on only a slightly extended doom 3 engine, now if they first develop the expansion, carmack has enough time to create a new engine so that the level designers have again problems creating levels with the new tech

half life 2, doom3 exp, quake 4, castel wolfenstein 3(?)

what ever happend to another command & conquer or red alert ?

happy gaming

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128. Re: meh Oct 26, 2004, 03:32  famished 
"and isn't really represented in game reviewers opinions who mostly showered praise on it."

Wrong. Go to gamerankings and you will see they average less than a lot of games. Only the big reviewers gave it a high score.

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127. I thought this was a Doom3 thread? Oct 26, 2004, 02:27 Cartman
My brain is long distance and y'alls is local.

P.S. More is better.
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126. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 26, 2004, 01:59 Tehol
i hate engineers

though i am a engineering student but i think most of the engineers are assholes specially electrical engineers and what u know i am trying to be an electrical engineer does it even make sense?

and the question: what the hell it has to do with thermo and calculas to criticize a game or doom 3? nothing.
the person who mentioned pcgamer; do you know that most of the people work there are NOT engineers?yup it's true but they review games any way. how dare they? they are not engineers!

This comment was edited on Oct 26, 02:05.
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125. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 26, 2004, 00:29 Warhawk
As for thinking for myself, I'm currently working on an electrical engineering degree at a major university, and I'm taking classes like differential equations and thermodynamics.

Whoop-de-do. I think every engineer in the last 40 years has taken those - and they aren't even that important to the vast majority of engineering degrees - required, but you'll probably never use them much again (at least I don't, but I'm a Civil Engineer, not an Electrical). They are a part of that "theoretical background" required before the interesting classes (upper division) kick in.

I actually went to a smaller university (a CSU school) and got a better education and FE/EIT preparation than students at most UC schools did. The school itself, in most cases, means nothing.

I agree that the education you receive is based on a lot more than intelligence. A degree is just a paper showing you have the capability to learn and ability to pay for it. Your coursework gives you a common reference of typical information and terminology to build upon in the "real world" - but that's where you'll really demonstrate your intelligence and capabilities (or lack thereof).

Again, as stated earlier by others, I've had a lot of dolts in some of the classes I attended and met a lot of smart folks who never made it through school. Don't make any assumptions based on degrees earned.

* Warhawk *

How can we both be in the marriage and I'm miserable and you're content?



Have I lied to you? I mean, in this room? Trust me, leave that thing alone. - GLaDOS

Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? - Ripley
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124. No subject Oct 26, 2004, 00:10 Elf Shot The Food
I sold my copy of Doom 3; I'll wait for the inevitable 'Gold' version and pick it up cheap ($20 or so).

I liked the game, but there's no replay value, IMO.

Avatar 13955
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123. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 26, 2004, 00:09 Beamer
I broke 170 on the LSAT. I had schools all over the place tossing money at me. BU was the highest ranked offering me substantial money, but they say outside of the top 15 or so it doesn't really matter, so I just took the highest full ride.

I don't regret it. I have some extra spending cash, and I'm very impressed with my school. The faculty here blows my undergrad (BC) away. Very intelligent, very interesting - simply great faculty.

Music for the discerning:
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122. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 22:42 Sixis
" If you want to do the ego masturbation, well, I have a Computer Science and English dual degree and am currently in a top law school on a free ride."

I need a bank account orgasm, so please tell me how you got a free ride into a law school! I can't find shit for full scholarships unless you're a member of some minority (except of course for poor law school applicants!)
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121. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 22:40 Sixis
You see, right before the last three digits of 150,000,000,000 I secretly switched to the other method of notation. So 150,000,000,000 should be read as 150,000,000.000 and 149.X likewise. And I'm in MENSA, just so you know the "high standards" of that particular organization...  
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120. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 22:33 Beamer
I'd also like to add that a degree doesn't make a person who they are

I agree completely. A degree is often a sign of opportunity over intelligence. I look at many of the idiots I've gone to class with and compare them to many of my elders that never had the chance.

Some of it is age, some of it is more. And these are the exceptions rather than the rule, but very large and very common exceptions.

Music for the discerning:
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119. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 22:24 Scottish Martial Arts
Most gamers, computer gamers in particular, are composed of highly intelligent (thought sometimes lazy) people.

One needs only to read through this thread to find that theory is completely and utterly false. Agree with the rest of your post though.

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118. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 21:47 fanboy
Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will convert the original DOOM maps to the source engine!

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117. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 21:43 Undead Scottsman
I keep seeing "Doom had X so that's why it's okay to have it in Doom 3!!"

It may just be me, but that's kind of a dumb argument on two seperate levels. First of all; the original Doom series had pratically no storyline in-game.. Should they have carried that over to D3 as well? id didn't seem think so. They must have felt that having no story in a singleplayer game is a relic from a dead era of gaming and thusly adjusted to more recent standards. So why bring the rest of the stupid, trite, 1993-era gaming concepts to the new game when you've already shown your willing to cut stuff because, you know, it just doesn't work in today's game.

On the other hand; there IS something to be said for retro-gaming.. Some people think it's cool, more power to them. I could accept it if Doom 3 was just Doom with 2004 graphics.. Too bad it wasn't. The game, hell, the ENGINE was never designed to be Doom. Doom 3 is MUCH MUCH slower than the frantic monster hordes of Doom. IMO, Doom 3 failed at bringing Doom into the 21st century and it failed at being a retro-gaming experiance. It just couldn't decide what it wanted to be, which ending up hurting the overall experiance.

And that's to say nothing of the boring levels, crappy monster placement, infuriatingly lame gameplay designs like the flashlight and a horribly unsatifying resolution to the game. (Between the last boss and the ending cinimatic.. Yuck..)

That being said, the game was ultimatly good for a single run-through, if only to see what the next monster looks like. If the expansion gets favorable reviews I might check it out. Here's hoping they make something awesome.

Jeremy Dunn

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116. Re: No subject Oct 25, 2004, 21:42 space captain
looks like toad needs to get laid or buy a corvette or something

"They come as men, as graven images, as the White Stone, as a whirlwind and as a cloud;
it is a fire unfolding itself, the color amber; they are now in the Heavens looking over thee."
"When the bomb drops it'll be a bank holiday
Everybody happy in their tents and caravans
Everybody happy in their ignorance and apathy
No one realizes until the television breaks down..."

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115. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 21:40 S_DOG34
Most of the people are intelligent? So we need you to tell us who is intelligent and who is not?

I don't even know what you're saying here. Most gamers, computer gamers in particular, are composed of highly intelligent (thought sometimes lazy) people. People like you who are doing advanced degrees and so forth (note that this does not preculde intelligent people from saying stupid things. You are a prime example. :)).

I seriously doubt that, but it sure sounds good.
Thats the kind of close minded rhetoric that someone without independent thought would make. It might surprise you to know that highly intelligent people come from all walks of life. There are laborers, mailmen, policemen, and even garbage men in MENSA and other highly intelligent groups. Your post screams "I have never worked a real job in my life". That may not be true, but it sure seems that way.

Actually a good education will expand your mind and your knowledge base so that you are much more capable of independent thought.

Wrong wrong wrong. One can easily expand their mind without any kind of education. And education, even good education, doesn't mean a damn thing. Idiots graduate from Ivy League schools all the time, and highly intelligent people sometime don't even finish high school (Einstein anyone?). It is the person, not the education, that determines independent thought.

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114. Re: Not a FanBoy or Hater Oct 25, 2004, 21:33 fanboy
I don't see the logical connection here. The argument is that people cannot criticize anything they cannot create themselves?
If someone built me a shitty house, I'd be more than happy to let them know right away. Why? Because I paid for it with my hard earned money! The same goes for a game. Are you trying to tell us that if you bought a car, and the transmission blew after 500 miles, you would not complain about it or criticize it?
You'd better learn to open your mind a bit more.
You say you are at college, but your comments lead me to believe otherwise.

By the way, tell your future boss when you screw up a design that unless he can create it too, he can't criticize it. See how that goes.

I'd also like to add that a degree doesn't make a person who they are. Some of the greatest people in history never went to college. Some did. So what? It's what you do with your life that matters, not what a piece of paper on your wall says you can do. Brag that you saved a baby from a burning building, or that you give to those in need.

Integrity > Net worth
This comment was edited on Oct 25, 21:38.
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