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Jump to Lightspeed Date

The Star Wars Galaxies Website (thanks Frans) announces October 27 as the launch date for the Jump to Lightspeed expansion that will bring spaceflight to Star Wars Galaxies:

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment are pleased to confirm that Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed will release on October 27th, 2004.

Haden Blackman, producer, LucasArts: "LucasArts is thrilled with the Jump To Lightspeed expansion, a product of our strong and ongoing partnership with SOE. This first expansion delivers the fun and engaging space combat experience players expect from Star Wars."

Jump to Lightspeed adds a whole new level of fast-paced game play to the established Star Wars Galaxies ground-based MMORPG. Thousands of players will now be able to join their friends in exploring and battling across 10 deep space sectors in over 20 different customizable spacecraft, including iconic X-wings, TIE fighters and "Millennium Falcon" type transports.

29. Re: Explain this to me Oct 20, 2004, 14:55 FloppyGrandma
"So how does JTL work? Is it hard to get killed in your X-Wing? If it's not, then what happens when you die? I presume you don't respawn quickly, ala X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter"

You respawn immediately at the nearest space station with damage. You then communicate with the space station and can get instant full repairs (in the "newbie zones" - in the "hard" zones like dathomir and elsewhere you can't fully repair your damage) and go back out there for credits.

When you want to land on planets you also have to fly to within 1200m of space stations and communicate with them and get permission to land. Unless you hyperdrive to a zone, in which case your amazing calculations place you right in the center of the space station - you'd think when you take off from a planet you could go through the space station and when you hyperdrive to a new zone you should be 8000-12000m away from the station. As it is now - if you are on mos eisley and want to fly to bestine real quick it'd take longer then going from theed to bestine thanks to being placed 8000-12000m away from the space station when you take off from a planet.

Ships are very slow because the retarded AI wouldn't pose any kind of threat otherwise, right now they lock you into boring turning fights because they have no sense of evasion. Then SOE decided to make ships undamagable from above to prolong the boring spinning around dogfights and hope some more AI come to the rescue of their retarded comp-u-brethren and get a few lucky shots on you.

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