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Survivor Announced

Replay Studios unveils plans for a "reality gaming" project titled Survivor:

German game development Studio, Replay Studios, located in Hamburg announces 3rd person action game Survivor. Survivor will be developed for all systems, PC and consoles. The Game establishes the all new genre Reality Gaming.

SURVIVOR is a 3rd-person Disaster Survival Game with highly interactive locations, based on famous, authentic-historical disaster scenarios. In independent game episodes, the player will experience some of the most dramatic disasters of the 20 - 21st century. The original single player game concept has never been seen before. We call this unique genre REALITY GAMING. Anyone who likes to know how it feels like being aboard the Titanic after she has hit the iceberg, could go for a try.

Survivor offers GTA like player freedom game play mechanics that forces the player to participate in the most dramatic and well known disaster scenarios: sinking of the Titanic, Hurricane Andrew, 9/11, Hiroshima and the giant earthquake in Mexico in 1985. While many subquests must be fulfilled within the disaster scenarios, the main goal of the game is always pure survival.

For more information, screenshots, concept art, logos, a downloadable game concept document and a web forum please refer to

8. No subject Oct 5, 2004, 11:42 aldo_14
Aha... they have a mission plan worked out at the bottom

+++ 1912, Titanic: Find a way from the third class through flooded decks, hallways, crowds in panic and the ice-cold sea to get a floating piece of wood...
(C) Titanic movie 1997

+++ 1999, Hurricane Andrew: Survive the devastating storm, escape from the unimaginable force of the wind...
so, it is get to the basement
c) Twister 1996

+++ 2004, Paraguay: Escape from the burning shopping center. Make your way through ventilation ducts, broken stairways and elevator shafts
Ventilation ducts? In a smoke infested burning building?
c) Die Hard 1998

+++ 1985, Mexico City: Richter scale 8.1, collapsing buildings, crashing bridges, crowds in panic and looters will make it really complicated to survive...
c) Earthquake 1974

+++ 1945, Hiroshima: Survive the nuclear disaster, feel the unbelievable blast and escape from the firestorm in a city of death and horror...
That'll be a slow agonising death from radiation poisoning, then.

So..... basically, it'll be a bit like that annoying level in Max Payne where you're caught in a burning restaurant? i.e. 5 minutes of gameplay, 3 weeks of memorising where each explosion comes from?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I really can't see a good game coming from this idea.... it's like they got it watching the hurricanes that hit the Carribean and Florida.

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