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Pirate Ships Ahoy - Port Royale 2

Port Royale 2 in Stores is the press release announcing that that Ascaron Entertainment's trading simulation sequel set in the Caribbean is now available in North America:

An adventurous trader in the Caribbean during the 17th Century; trade with over 60 towns and create your own production facilities. Increase your trading empire, and influence development of the New World.

Trade is not everything though: pirates and military fleets threaten your trade convoys. Build and command escort ships for the convoys. Turn the tides and hunt for pirates or capture the military ships. Become famous and expand your own fleet as well as your stocks of goods.

If that is not enough, take on missions for merchants, diplomats and other characters. Use a letter of Marquee to gain the most desirable missions of the vice-kings; to attack and conquer enemy towns. As a sign of gratitude you will be awarded land, to be used later for the building and growth of your own towns.

Command and engage in sea and land battles: Decide, which ships you, take to battle, and which ships are on escort duty. The 3D Sea Battles provide the choices of protecting your merchant ships with battleships; Sink, plunder or the capture of enemy ships. Planning and commanding sea or land based attacks on the towns of your foes, or even your friends.

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11. hmmm Sep 23, 2004, 22:28 DangerDog
4D-boxing has been hit a few too many times in the head it seems.

Avatar 6174
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10. Re: YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 20:51 Mad Jackson
How do you say "troll" in your language?

Wait a minute... a game where you play as a Nazi captain of a pirate ship as you raid the coast of Africa for slaves. Send out gangs of 'SoF' led by MArgaret Thatcher's son 'Tatcher' to capture African countries. Watch out, as 'Tatcher' may get busted and be thrown into an African jail with a cellmate named Sonny. The title could be "Nazi Slavers: The people still remember the past!"
<Spell checker not included>

Pure genius!


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9. Re: YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 20:17 Moonbender
Err... what?

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8. Re: YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 16:39 4D-Boxing
I do not know what is more troubling SoF or this Title. It's like a WW2 game staring the Nazis. Is this the game where you can raid the beach kidnape slaves and force them to work your ships? Anyways i'll let your history teachers do the rest.

Talking about SoF, MArgaret Thatcher's son got busted with his gang of SoF trying to take over an African country lol!! Tatcher in an African jail, good luck sonny! The people still remember the past!

Anyways time to let you guys complain about my posting and educational comment on a gaming board, have fun kids!

P.S. Start by attacking my spelling my english is rusty and i did not feel like using a spell checker.

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7. Demo was good Sep 23, 2004, 14:58 Mad Jackson
I played the demo and it was pretty fun. Seems like a lot easier than any of their previous Port Royale/Patrician titles. Anyone have the full game yet? Impressions?


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6. Re: Bad writing Sep 23, 2004, 13:53 BIGtrouble77
It is a good game but Ascaron has some MAJOR problems making their games accesable to US gamers. This press release is a wonderful example.

Avatar 20018
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5. Re: Bad writing Sep 23, 2004, 13:29 DangerDog
You just have to read it with a William Shatner style monologue.

To, boldly go, where no man, has gone, before!

Avatar 6174
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4. Bad writing Sep 23, 2004, 12:28 theAntiELVIS
That has to be one of the most poorly written press releases I have ever seen. Aside from the incomplete sentences, horrid syntax, and terrible use of punctuation, one would expect makers of a pirate game to know it's "letter of marque", not "marquee" (which is the sign on a movie theater).

Hopefully the game is of better quality.


Avatar 473
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3. Re: YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 11:27 Moonbender
It's mostly a merchant game, so I guess I'll buy the game low and sell high. Or I would if it weren't for the fact that the game has been out for months here in Germany.

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2. Re: YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 11:23 monkeydust
I guess everybody will be pirating this game.

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1. YARGH! Sep 23, 2004, 08:23 jeremiah
anyone else need to login to see the article? never had to do that before...

Avatar 13889
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11 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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