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Star Trek MMORPG

Following a spate of rumors (story), a press release on Star Trek Online Universe confirms that a Star Trek MMORPG is in the works, planned for release in early 2007. In addition to first dibs on the press release, they also have posted a preliminary FAQ for the project. Here's a bit from the announcement:

SAN FRANCISCO Sept. 7, 2004 Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Viacom Consumer Products to develop and publish a massively multiplayer online game based on Paramount Pictures' Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek is one of the world's most popular, longest-running, and beloved sci-fi properties, with millions of passionately devoted fans throughout the world. As Star Trek celebrates its 38th anniversary, Star Trek gaming begins its next evolution.

The license encompasses all live-action motion pictures and television series including, Star Trek , Star Trek: The Next Generation , Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , Star Trek: Voyager , and Star Trek: Enterprise . "The scope of the content license is extraordinary for a game of this kind, giving us the opportunity to immerse fans and players in the incredibly rich, diverse and exciting universe of Star Trek ,? said Joe Keene, CEO of Perpetual Entertainment.

The game will deliver action, adventure and combat mechanics unique to persistent world games. Its design includes a rich array of solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and in starbases throughout the universe. At launch, it will take place during the 24th century timeline in the series with other aspects of the Star Trek universe to be interwoven and added through expansions.

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59. Re: Bound to happen Sep 11, 2004, 18:38 Awesome Spume
MysticGeek, take your ad hominem attacks, wrap them in a blanket and then pack that blanket into a suitcase made of aluminium. Lock the suitcase most securely and bury it in the middle of a familiar field. Print the co-ordinates for your booty on a thin sliver of titanium. Memorise the sliver. When ANYBODY asks you if you remember them, tell them "NO!". Nobody will care.

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58. Re: Bound to happen Sep 8, 2004, 00:36 SmyTTor
Mysticgeek, I stopped counting the ad-hominem attacks passed four, so if you really want to take a personal issue with what I said, then I suggest seeking help from a licensed therapist.

You smell bullshit? Take a shower. I sense denial. I sense someone who's either one hell of a fanboy or someone who is so integrated to that game's he/she can't seperate themselves from the 'Us vs Them' debate. Of course, you could be exactly what you spouted off accusing me of being, some know-it-all, everyone else is wrong, blah blah, opinionated jackass just looking for a flame.

Show me the thousdands, please. If this were something requiring effort, I would go and start getting you first person testimonials from friends and others. But, I don't have to. There are development forums on SOE that document 1000's of people's unhappiness with the game. It's hard to go back for any length of time becuase SOE marketing shut down to forums for a year or so due to all the negative remarks and when they brought it back any complaint that is not technical in nature is either deleted to made invisible to anyone other than the poster.

You can go to numerous third party forums and see thousands of people who quit and come back to the game. They always have the same reasons for leaving and the same reasons for coming back.

I am supposed to retract what I said on some person's unsubstantiated claim that there happen to be 75 happy eq gamers that just writhe in the vast amounts of 'fun'. Have I met any of them, or you? For all I know you're nothing more than some PR flack planted to refute other's personal experiences.

Did I, like you have, tear down anyone else's comments or opinion's on MMO's? The anger and contempt in what you wrote in your response is really a sign of denial. If you disagreed, that's one thing. But you attacked me, with illogical comments with no attempt at seeing my point of view.

Now, with the personal attack on the length of time I played the game. I played from day one. Nothing like this had ever existed and things did not exactly become the out right money-whoring system that SOE has in place today. It took about a year before the original development team and management company was broken up by Sony because they knew they could add in far more profit angles due to the 'addictions' that result from this type of game. If you're inferring that it is a character flaw to not be able to instantly sever relaationships with hundreds of people you have come to know over a year, well, again I would suggest the shit you smell is your own.

I'm sorry, but you're the one expousing their own piety here. If anything, you backup what I originally stated.

Oh, and sorry if the original post threatened your e-penis. -- 2pts for usage!

Avatar 20108
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57. Re: Newer Star Trek Is Crap Sep 8, 2004, 00:33 ExcessDan
I don't like old Star Trek. Sometimes I try to watch it when nothing else is on in the afternoon but it's so dumb.

Mayor Dan:
The mayor of your hearts <3<3<3<3<3
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56. Re: No subject Sep 7, 2004, 22:03 Valtyr
And you people thought they've overdid it with the WWII games.....

Let's just MMORPG everything that moves!

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55. No subject Sep 7, 2004, 21:40 Midnight
Could be fun, if they do it right. I wonder how they're going to integrate starships into it all....

I'm looking forward to playing as a Cardassian or a Romulan, they have all the fun.
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54. Re: A Proposal to All Trekkies Sep 7, 2004, 20:20 Creston
I hope the ability to stream nonsensical scientific words together to get a spaceship out of a tight spot is rendered accurately


As Eddie Murphy said in Raw :

Spock : Mr Scott, why don't you take the phasers and point them at the dilithium crystals, so we can use the power from the phasers to recharge the crystals, and get out of here on Impulse power.

Scott : Mr Spock! It just might work, Sir!

Spock : Hey, the shit worked last week, motherfucker!

Ahhh, the good old Eddie Murphy days. Throwing a 98mph fastball, and singlehandedly putting SNL on the map.

Btw, one good idea that I saw in the thread would be that a group of players would have to work together to pilot a Galaxy class starship. This could actually be a GREAT IDEA.

Come on, look at all the massive Star Trek nerds in the world. They fucking dress up and go to conventions, and speak Klingon, and pretend they live in a Star Trek universe already. You think they WOULDN'T pay 25 dollars a month (just watch, in 2007 you'll realise I predicted this price per month three years ago) to go through Starfleet Academy and become the next Tom Paris, and bag a Klingon chick?


Avatar 15604
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53. Wheee Sep 7, 2004, 19:32 Creston
And yet another nail in Star Trek's coffin. Although, to be fair, with the incredible amount of storylines and detail they can drawn on, they'd have to REALLY work hard at screwing it up.

So, my guess is that they will hand it over to Sony and Verant, and turn it into Everquest In Space With Star Trek Characters And There Are No Jedi.

Attention Viacom, if I subscribe now, can I play Worf?


Avatar 15604
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52. #45 Sep 7, 2004, 19:30 xx
both star trek judgement rites and 25th aniversary had great reviews and both were almost must have games imho. simon and schuster made 3 very good text adventures in the last 80's.

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51. Re: Can't Wait Sep 7, 2004, 19:14 Bill Borre
This could be a good game if they avoid the mistakes of Star Wars: Galaxies. Don't make all of big names set encounters. They must ALL be 'digital actors' in the game world 24/7 obviously not played by the same people all the time. For this game to succeed almost NOTHING could be canned. To a far greater extent than we've ever seen in online games before, ongoing STORY would be critical, and I'm not sure enough gamers want that kind of immersion to support it. What made Star Trek work was far more the characterizations, than the situations. The ingame chat would have to go the way of the dinosaur. All players would have to be forced to be in character by way of some type of dialogue system. Very good writers would have to be engaged in the project. I know that Steve Englehart helped as a script consultant on Tron. He wrote many great stories for both Marvel and DC comics in the '70s actually re-envisioning the Batman, which was his version we saw in the 1st movie. Many ex-comics scribes and even ex-Trek writers might be interested in a project like this. I know R.A. Salvatore is involved with writing a book based on EQ. Again, some great fantasy writers might be attracted, though I don't know if the development team could afford to pay them what they'd want. We would need access to all the eras through 'time warps' although mostly they would remain separate, there would be cross-over events. Not everyone could be captain. Being a captain would be rare, like being a Jedi in SWG. But this could be a very fun gameplay dynamic as it would show how much teamwork is involved in a functioning starship. If my failing memory serves, on the original Enterprise, there were about 430 crew. Obviously, alot of these could be bots, but it would be a real challenge for the dev team to design a game that would be fun if all those spots were assumed by real players. When an away mission was put together, obviously many people would be sent on the same mission, unaware of each other similar in concept to the 'private dungeon' design of some other online games. Since the devs have no track record, I sadly, but honestly, think they're going to blow it and this game is gonna SUCK. But it really is too bad. It could've been fun, just like an online game based on the Marvel Universe could've been fun.

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50. Re: Beam me up Scotty... Sep 7, 2004, 19:01 Halsy
So long as I can play a character named Bones and walk around saying, "He's dead, Jim. Dead." and "I'm a doctor not a (insert other occupation here).", count me in.

/auc Tribbles 1 credit each!

"We only came to kick some ass. Rock the fuckin' house and kick some ass."
- Tenacious D
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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49. Re: Can't Wait Sep 7, 2004, 18:11 FourPak
planned for release in early 2007
uh right...
so wake me up in 2010 for the open beta.

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48. Beam me up Scotty... Sep 7, 2004, 17:36 Skeanthu
et al.  
When that blood rush, hair raising tingle washes over your body, I will be the cause. When fear commits itself to your every thought, I will be the reason.
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47. Actually... Sep 7, 2004, 17:17 The Half Elf
SOE had the choice of either a Star Wars or Star Trek MMORPG and went with Star Wars.

Also the Starfleet Command Games weren't bad once ya got past the bugs.

And I have no idea if this game will make it but at this point in time as long as SOE isn't involved I'm happy.

And after pretty much disowning myself from any World of Warcraft info except screen shots and videos, I am plesantly surprised how much fun I'm having in the Stress Test and also City of Hero's Second Update on it's Test Server.

And to think Next week..... THE SIMS 2!!!!

And thank you for delivering my computer a few days early... to the people at Fed Ex Ground.. I hope you all keel over the next time you walk up to my door knock twice and immediatly try walking away.

BTW is there any reason for ANY Case or mobo have 500 multi colored wire thingies... I mean I undid all the cables and it look like it's trying to throw up c3p0

Avatar 12670
Using a steering wheel on a Burnout game is like using the Space Shuttle controls to fly a kite.
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46. Re: Newer Star Trek Is Crap Sep 7, 2004, 16:50 MMORPGHoD
Muahahaha... camping borg cubes for phat lewt.

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45. Newer Star Trek Is Crap Sep 7, 2004, 16:41 theAntiELVIS
The original show was the only one worth a damn. Kirk would beam down to the planet, kick the crap out of all the men and impregnate all the women while Spock and McCoy watched enviously.

The new stuff is politically correct crap. Even the Klingons became "kinder and gentler". All aliens are just humans with bumps on their heads, unless they are women in leotards with impressive bra technology.

A MMORPG in the Star Trek universe would have to involve the major plot line of the original show, which is that space is jam-packed with super-aliens who want to "test" humans to see if there is a reason NOT to wipe them out.

This will be massively successful in Korea even if it sucks because Koreans will apparently play anything that involves leveling-up for weeks on end. We're talking about people who DIE at their keyboards from lack of food, water, and sleep.

However, since Nichelle Nichols in the original show was the most beautiful woman on Earth (or any other planet), if they made this using the original show I would pony-up every month just to try and get a virtual peek up her virtual miniskirt....

Please, please, PLEASE let Star Trek die! It was a nice little tv show in the 1960s that has turned into the MacDonalds of science-fiction. Once you collect the DVDs of the original show, there is nothing left to do with it. The movies suck, the new shows suck, and every Star Trek game ever made sucked.


Avatar 473
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44. Re: Bound to happen Sep 7, 2004, 16:16 Muscular Beaver
Guess what? Ive been in 10+ guilds with more than 500 different players. Did they ever seem to have no fun with the game? No, except close friends I talked to every day. But when you asked everyone individually (which you obviously didnt do) most of them would tell you they arent really enjoying the game itself. They only enjoy being with the people they know, meeting new people and doing stuff with them. The gameplay of EQ is nowhere near fun anymore, except maybe for MMORPG-newbies.

I don't like arguing. Why can't we all just get along instead of fighting and arguing?
Avatar 12928
Waiting for BIS to come back to their senses and do a real ArmA 2 successor.
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43. Re: Update Please! Sep 7, 2004, 15:53 4D-Boxing
I'm to anti-social to play MMO games but with the right amount of polish, past innovations and gamer ideas this could work well. I would love to see a FPS/space sim/RPG type of gameplay. You could sart off on the ground with FPS/RPG gameplay recruit a party, then pay for a trip on a cargo ship to travel or buy a ship. Instead of having a party of real peopple you would have squad that you could control " A La" rainbow six. If you want to join up with other player, then you just have your squad and the other guys squad. All characters should be eble to tweak their skills like in an RPG.

If you end up buying a ship, I would like to se the Brige commader single player approach used in multiplayer. Your Squad takes care of the diff stations (tactical etc..) You just point and click like in brige commander to issue order or select sub systems to target, but i would like the fighting to be like the single player fighting in Brige commader and people who join you party have their own ships and crew composed of their squad. Small ships like shuttles can be piloted via joystick.

Anyways that's my ideal trek game. Deformable terrain, the ability to fly from atmosphere to space without any transitions or cut scenes and a good damage model would be a must. Good to see another non D&D men in tigghts chassing Hobbits type of MMO game.

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42. Re: Update Please! Sep 7, 2004, 14:42 MindTrigger
If they made Star Wars fit into an MMORPG, they can do it with anything. If you ever played SWG you would know that the game doesn't really fit within the parameters ONLY set by the movies. Most of the game is simply fitting a Star Wars theme to your general MMO template. The same will end up applying to this Star Trek game as well, if it goes the distance.

I'm happy to see any MMO that isn't a freaking LOTOR / D&D knock off. How man damn games do we need with elves, wizzards, trolls, blah blah blah?

I'm a little confused by you people who classify MMORPG games as "paying to work". Star Wars Galaxies is the first MMORPG I have ever played in my life, and I certainly manage to have a lot more fun playing it thatn you seem to describe. Yeah, you have to grind, but how else are you going to give people skills? What fun would it be if we all loaded the game up and we simply had all the top skills by default?

If you don't like leveling, don't play the games. I love hearing people whine about how hard it is to level Jedi in SWG. Lol... go buy KOTOR and cancel your SWG account then, whiners.

This comment was edited on Sep 7, 14:46.
He cut the possum's face off then cut around the eye socket. In the center of the belt buckle, where the possum's eye would be, he has placed a small piece of wood from his old '52 Ford's home made railroad tie bumper. Damn, he misses that truck.
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41. Re: Update Please! Sep 7, 2004, 14:31 Tumbler
Perpetual Entertainment, Inc

Who are these guys? I'm really looking forward to this game as it says it will be based in space...and on planets and star bases but as long and I can captain a star ship and attack other players I'll be happy. I hope they pay attention to how successful eve online has become and use a lot of the things that make that game great...

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40. Re: Bound to happen Sep 7, 2004, 14:16 mysticgeek
"It wasn't just me feeling that way. I know well over a hundred people that said they didn't really have any fun anymore"

Ok, I smell bullshit here. So I'll play along. I know THOUSANDS of people that still play EQ to this day that love it and don't think it's work at all and have fun all the time.

OK, all joking aside, I know know a ton of people..well, everyone I play with which is around 75 or so in the guild I'm in that love playing. It's social, it's fun. We goof around, and have a good time. If I didn't have fun, I wouldn't play, it's that simple.

So now you're going to have to change what you know. Because NOW you know of a hundred people that didn't really have fun anymore, and around 75 that DO have fun.

But you won't say that will you. You have your own little opinion about MMORPG's and that's that. Everyone else is wrong.

If you don't like EQ, then don't play it. Only an idiot plays something for 4 years when it wasn't fun after 6 months. Are we all suppose to bow to your "wisdom"? Doesn't sound very wise to me. I respect the guy that played for 6 months and never played again then the guy that didn't have fun, then played an additional 3.5 years!

I mean, come on!

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