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Out of the Blue

Since the little spate of problems I recently encountered on the network here in the BlueTower abated, I decided to take advantage of the small lull in this abnormally news-filled summer (along with the fact that everything is working now) to mess things up. Actually I am working on creating some further redundancy and better disaster recovery here for the next disaster... I don't think the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" rule is so much applicable here as much as a "stitch in time." Of course this is how I console myself when I find myself pulling another all-nighter crawling around the floor wiring things voluntarily after just spending a day doing it by necessity... It helps me convince myself it's not just that I am a masochist.

Play Time: The Invisibility Game. Thanks banddirector.
Link of the Day: Firediving.
Stories of the Day: Cuban ships herself to U.S. in wooden crate. Thanks |oR|Creeper
Gremlins, bloody hearts, big changes. Quotes Jack Valenti admitting standards change over time.
Matthews Band sued over waste dumping. Thanks Chas.
Science!: Pushing Forward for Personal Aircraft.
Reactors Trim Radioactive Waste.
Small telescope reveals new planet.
Image of the Day: When Mars Thaws Out. Thanks zombie69.
Follow-up: Added Sugars, Less Urgency Fine Print and the Guidelines (registration required).
Thanks Mike Martinez

52. Re: blah blah blah Aug 27, 2004, 09:24 JoeCool
Enough out of you people.

Bush won the recounts.


Gore would have won if thousands of Black voters hadn't appeared on a felon list and not been allowed to vote even thought they were not felons. That’s called being disenfranchised.

BTW Josh stop constantly trolling. Why not talk about you games and stop being so hateful all the time. You've quickly become the biggest troll on this board.

And if you jerkoffs would stop responding to Josh maybe he would lose intrest and stop coming here. Ever think of that?

This comment was edited on Aug 27, 09:28.
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  23. Aug 26, 12:17       re: killer bees ShockwaveRider
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  49. Aug 27, 01:09          Re: blah blah blah Warhawk
  50. Aug 27, 07:23          Re: blah blah blah Josh
  51. Aug 27, 09:21           Re: blah blah blah nin
>> 52. Aug 27, 09:24           Re: blah blah blah JoeCool
  53. Aug 27, 18:08            Re: blah blah blah Josh
  22. Aug 26, 11:55     Re: blah blah blah kanniballl
  8. Aug 26, 08:47 Skycar zen
  9. Aug 26, 08:50 Farscape trailer Ray Marden
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  20. Aug 26, 11:25     Re: Farscape trailer LugNut
  12. Aug 26, 09:10   Re: Farscape trailer Ray Marden
  14. Aug 26, 09:30 Gremlins, bloody hearts, big changes. STATIC3D
  19. Aug 26, 11:24 redundancy sauron
  21. Aug 26, 11:55 Invisibility Game Mr. Tact
  24. Aug 26, 12:26 invisibility game f13
  26. Aug 26, 12:32 Re: Invisibility game f13
  36. Aug 26, 15:35 Toronto sniper complicity
  39. Aug 26, 18:14 Re: Steam Sucks Rockn-Roll
  41. Aug 26, 22:03 Re: heh Mystical PotatoHead Groove Thang

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