Guild Wars Delay Follow-up

A post to the RpgForums (thanks The Unofficial GuildWars Site) from ArenaNet community relations manager Gaile Gray follows-up on reports that Guild Wars, ArenaNet's upcoming MMORPG is delayed (story). Here's the statement, which indicates this situation is not as cut-and-dried as all that:
We don't have a whole lot of info on this. The financial report is constructed a long way from the development team, and you will note it's a "could be" and not a "officially announced as" in the report. I do want to say that all release windows are constructed on a "when it's ready" basis. You guys know that!

Will it be released in early 2005? Could be. Will it be released in 2004? Yes, could be! I am afraid I cannot say -- honestly do not know -- when Guild Wars will be released. But I can say it will be released when it's as good as we can make it. And as the astute members of this forum point out (and thank you for that!) it's far more important to release a polished, complete and truly wonderful game than to mark some arbitrary date on a calendar and release something less than great.

If and when we have more finite information, I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, please know that NCsoft won't set the date, nor will they "hold up" our release. NCsoft is solidly behind this project and will support the dev team and the management here who will determine the best possible release date for Guild Wars.
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