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DOOM 3 Hardware Guide

The Official DOOM 3 [H]ardware Guide on [H]ardOCP is online, just in time for my own speculation on the topic. Here is a bit from the intro that lays out the goals of this project:

id Software and HardOCP have teamed up to help answer your hardware questions. We're publishing this guide before DOOM 3 goes for sale, so you will know beforehand what to expect in terms of gameplay immersion by your current hardware. We also want to help maximize the overall DOOM 3 experience for those of you that have been waiting for the opportunuity to upgrade.

This guide is not an attempt to crown a king in the realm of hardware, and no direct comparisons are going to be drawn on any of our graphs. Our goal here is to help you understand where your system is positioned in terms of playing DOOM 3 and to help you choose an upgrade that will make a real difference and offer you the greatest improvement in gameplay for the money spent.

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95. Doom3 Warezed Jul 30, 2004, 18:42 CountLovE
Well it looks like Doom3 is warezed..


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94. Re: my E-p3n1$ #92 Jul 30, 2004, 16:40 sadef
it will be released shortly after the win32 version, it wont be in the box, mac OS X remains "when its done"

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93. Re: Wake up activision UK !! Jul 30, 2004, 14:32 CountLovE
Guess it doesn't pay to be british.

Should have hopped on the Mayflower when you had your chance!!


The Boat has left without you, and all the good dentist's have come aboard.

This comment was edited on Jul 30, 14:33.
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92. Re: my E-p3n1$ #64 Jul 30, 2004, 14:30 CountLovE
Will Doom3 Ship with the Linux binary?

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91. Re: my E-p3n1$ #64 Jul 30, 2004, 13:56 sadef
as i recall that article says nothing about Linux, i have 1gb of ram how much do you think i accually use? under 140mb. i just wanted to know what the bluenews community thought about what kinda performance i could expect.

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90. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2004, 12:58 Ray Marden
Take out the first world/episode and it would have scored at least a point higher - the other time periods were nice. There were some redeeming factors; it was an interesting idea, you did have a party, you were dealing with time travel, it did have the RPG elements in a FPS, the weapon that grew by absorbing kills, etc.

Had it come out much earlier, Daikatana would have been the missing evolutionary link between, say, Quake and Half-Life.

Curios what route id will go with its new IP,

Friends do not let EVIL piglets play Doom 3!
I love you, mom.
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Everything is awesome!!!
I love you, mom.
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89. Re: Books vs Movies Jul 30, 2004, 12:51 CountLovE

Fuck you you homo faggit cocksucker..

First off I had serious issue with a Serial ATA drive and a 350 watt powersupply. My drive would keep gettin currpt, or not work at all. AFter the 2nd Drive malfunctioned I realized that it was time to get more power, so I purchased a higher watt supply, and I haven't had any issues again!!

You don't have to sound all technical for me to tell you how much of a fucking loser gayster you are.


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88. Re: Books vs Movies Jul 30, 2004, 10:54 Zathrus
Doesn't matter dude, those SATA drives are power hungry

Beep beep beep. Bullshit detector going off!

Don't pull this crap on boards where there are actually clued in users, ok?

SATA drives do not consume significantly more power than PATA drives. The only difference between the two is the electronics, and they're a miniscule power draw in either case (they run off the 5V line). The motor is what is a large power draw in drives, it's what runs off the 12V line, and it's only a very large draw on spin up. The amount of power needed to keep the platters spinning is pretty small, comparatively.

Firingsquad still has the best PSU guide I've seen. The numbers they give for CPU draw are outdated now, but those can be found from the manufacturers easily enough. If you don't want to do all the math though, here's a simple rule of thumb -- if you have a 350W PSU with a +12V line under 12A, throw it out. It will not have enough juice to power a modern CPU, a HD, an optical drive, and a modern video card (even without the video card it's questionable).

Good 350W PSUs will have a +12V line at around 15A. Above about 18A and you're probably talking about a higher rated PSU. But you probably don't need bigger unless you're running a lot of drives.

Don't buy a bigger PSU than you need either... it's a waste of money. Do buy a quality PSU -- go with a name that's well known and trusted. The output power is more likely to actually match what they claim and is less likely to have tons of noise and other problems.

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87. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2004, 09:27 Bronco
Romero's ideas weren't all good - though I thought the Daikatana concept was excellent - they were creative ideas though.

Romero had no one to say no to him with respect to Daikatana. I think the give and take with respect to design with DOOM and Quake was what made them special.

Kind of like Lennon/McCartney. Together, magic. Apart not even close.

Thinking that while my 9800pro is the weak link I will still be able to play DOOM3 with all the bells and whistles at 1024X768 if not 1280x1024,


Y'all want a single
This comment was edited on Jul 30, 10:07.
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86. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2004, 09:13 Anvil
Romero's ideas weren't all good - though I thought the Daikatana concept was excellent - they were creative ideas though.

The original concept for quake, the FPS/Role Play environment thing with hammers, dragons etc was cool as well. I bet that was Romero's.

Fortunately, id seem focussed on delivery of gameplay and graphical engine enhancements, given that they license the engine thats pretty good for gamers.
Anvil - from the land of warm beer and mad cattle.
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85. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2004, 09:05 nin
Say what you will about Romero's huge fat bloated ego, he was the only id guy with an idea.

Tiny mechanical frogs and Superfly Johnson?

See you in Hell!
This comment was edited on Jul 30, 09:05.
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84. Re: id's lack of ideas.. Jul 30, 2004, 08:13 Yakumo
well their next project is all new IP, and they said it wont take as long as DOOM3 (probably, wouldn't hold my breath).

so I guess we'll see....

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83. Re: A Far Cry For DOOM!! Jul 30, 2004, 08:09 SMT
Far Cry is shit, sorry. How's about you get the fuck over it.

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82. Re: No subject Jul 30, 2004, 07:49 theAntiELVIS
When DOOM 3 was first announced I said I thought they had no creativity left since Romero was shit-canned.

And they don't. They have gone from re-making Quake over and over to re-making ALL of their games over and over.

But, having said that, they still make good games - just not based on any new ideas. If you are a 3D eye-candy junkie like I am, they are the gods of this stuff.

But they just haven't had a new concept in years and years. That's why American McGee left. As first-person-shooter makers they are at or near the top of the heap. As innovative game makers they are near the bottom. It's 90% tech and only 10% gameplay.

I'll buy DOOM 3 to ooh and ahhh over the top-notch graphics. But I'm not ecpecting to see anything new in there. id doesn't do new - they recycle Romero's old designs into new technology packages.

Say what you will about Romero's huge fat bloated ego, he was the only id guy with an idea.


Avatar 473
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81. Wake up activision UK !! Jul 30, 2004, 05:03 Dante_uk
I'm really hyped about this game now and the Activision UK site doesn't even list Doom3 as a hot title!!
It's still going on about Shrek2 and Call of Duty.

Even a search of their site for Doom only finds I & II and no mention of 3.

I want a UK delievry date!!!

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80. what's hard about that website? Jul 30, 2004, 04:39 Cartman
We learn what we already knew... that this game would run on most systems and better on really high-end systems. Glad a hanger-on in Texass could underline what Carmack told us, what, 3 years ago?

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79. Re: Ah, that's better Jul 30, 2004, 00:09 Rockn-Roll
I was getting worried that I wouldn't have my Doom 3 thread today.

r[Blue always comes through]r

I too am checking blue to see what he has found for my Doom3 fix in the days leading up to the release. Just one a day is all I am that too much? I found the information extremely helpfull. I recently purchased a BFG FX 5200 128MB card to replace my GeForce 2 64MB so I can play Thief 3:Deadly Shadows which uses DirectX 9. Thus, since I now have a DirectX 9 video card AND it has 128MB then I can run medium settings and get all the nice textures at the expense of smoothness of gameplay (tweaking it a bit by turning off specular lighting) while patroling the maps and, if necessary, dropping to low quality so I can have better gameplay response to take out any mosters.

This is gonna rock even on the lowest settings!
Avatar 21182
Let's Rock!
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78. Re: doom 3 Jul 29, 2004, 23:56 Rockn-Roll
Several local Gamestops (not just the one near me, but local to various people across IRC) are now telling customers that they'll be SELLING Doom 3 on August 1st. It's doubtful, but they seem adamant about it.

Most Gamestops I have called/visited have no clue about the impact that Doom3 will have. They mostly seem to think it's just another pc game. As with all of these kind of enterprises it's the teen that is being marketed, and most of them just have console systems.

But, it looks to me like you have a GameStop near you that actually knows what is going to happen. The three retailers: GameStop, EBgames, and BestBuy will all be getting priority shipments based on their pre-purchase sales a day or two before Aug 3rd (like on the 1st), so they can open up on the 3rd and hand them out. However, keep in mind that any GameStop allowing any copies out the door before the 3rd is violating their contract and may face disciplinary measures from Activision and/or idsoftware. If I go to my GameStop on the 3rd and ask for my copy of Doom3, that I've already paid for, and the yutz behind the counter says they are sold out I'm gonna be fragging mad!

I went to my GameStop just yesterday for a Doom3 rehearsal (the guy was not enthused) and he verified my pre-purchase and looked up the release date on his computer and it indeed said Aug 3rd.

Bottom Line: You've waited several years, so you can wait a couple more days.
Avatar 21182
Let's Rock!
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77. Re: AA...again Jul 29, 2004, 23:11 JediPunisher
I can't see how running at 1024x768 with 4xAA wouldn't be better than 1280x1024 with no AA.

For most games, you'd be right... but for Doom3, the answer is simple: You'll lose texture detail at lower resolutions. id has produced the most stunningly detailed hi-res textures ever seen in a game, but you'll need to run in high-res to appreciate it.

Avatar 13530
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76. Re: power supply Jul 29, 2004, 22:44 gulo
PATA? does that stand for Pussy ATA?

yeah. I had chance to exchange my 250 GB disk for 250 GB SATA disk for free but I just don't have enough space to back up my whole HD so I had to let it go

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