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Out of the Blue

I got the BlueTruck back from the shop... the new shocks have been installed, but DrWrench discovered another issue with the suspension, it seems that a connector on the rear sway bar had disconnected, a further explanation for its rough ride lately. The thing here is that this is the third noticeable issue of this sort that has gone undiagnosed by the local dealer where they perform my scheduled maintenance. Prior to missing the sway bar (which is hanging literally an inch from the shock they discovered was leaking), they also failed to notice any brake wear through several tire rotations and such until the brakes were irreparable and needed replacing, and they also missed a broken hose through at least one oil change that involved inspecting the hoses and belts. Strike three and they are out... I guess I can only blame myself for this, though, as there are certainly enough folks out there who will testify that the car dealer is probably not the place to go for repairs and maintenance. I guess I now qualify as one of them. Yeesh.

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Thanks Mike Martinez

131. Re: DNC Jul 27, 2004, 10:47 Warhawk
"A fetus is not a person."

That is your opinion. A viable human being, to me, is a person. I am not saying abortion in EVERY case is bad, but it is used WAY too often as just another method of contraception. Think about that BEFORE you drop your undies, not after. I still have no idea how abortion = right to privacy.

"No one is pro-abortion."

I disagree - have you ever seen all those pro-abortion rallies that take place in DC (with all the lib actresses leading the way)? They are pro-abortion, not just pro-choice (to me it's all semantics anyway, if you are for one, you're for the other). Whatever happened to the oath "Do no harm" when becoming a doctor, an oath specifically renouncing abortion?

"It is, however, a personal choice"

It is, however, murder of someone incapable of defending him- or herself.

"I was just curious how someone who claims life is so sacred can possibly be in favor of an instrument of death."

Because of some little thing called the Constitution. I like to think it's still the law of the land. The point is, guns are the great equalizer (when used properly) - old ladies and other "weaker" members of society can protect themselves against against anyone. It's called self-defense.

"The statistics prove you wrong."

In fact, they do not. When has someone who has been put to death for a crime ever committed another? Kinda difficult 6 feet under. A rationally and correctly applied death penalty and revamped sentencing system would greatly reduce crime. The problem is, stockbrokers get 20 years for stealing money in trades and gang members get 5 years for killing someone and do it again within a week of release. Does any of this make sense to you?

"We subsidize everything else - and to far greater degree - so why not people? Trillions in subsidies and tax breaks for corporations and the rich is ok, but helping out people who really need it is wrong? Why not just execute them? Slave labor camps maybe? They're indentured servants already."

That's the problem, the vast majority of these subsidies need to be abolished. You assume I agree with a lot of things I do not. I do not see how some people who cannot get off the couch and find a job is "someone who really needs it" - apparently they just do not want to work for it. I have no problem with a very limited form of welfare to help out those who need a hand for a couple months, but it has become a lifestyle, a dependency on others that does nobody any good. When did I say anything about camps or executions? You're being absurd. This position on welfare obviously does not include those medically unable to work (through birth defects, accidents, etc., however, drug dependency and other willful choices do not qualify here).

"I guess being anti-choice is how you assuage your guilt for everything else."

I have no guilt "for everything else" - why should I? I want everyone to take responsibility for their actions. You do not work, you do not get the rewards for work (a place to live and free money paid for by those who do). You act irresponsibly, there are consequences for your actions. You wantonly kill people - have a nice time in a toasty place hanging out with the 9/11 attackers, sped up a bit by the judicial system.

There is no hypocricy in being pro-life and pro-death penalty. One is taking of a life which deserves to live, the other is speeding up the end of a life deemed forfeited by the law and judicial system based on that person's willful disregard for human life. Sorry if that is difficult to comprehend.

This comment was edited on Jul 27, 11:50.

Have I lied to you? I mean, in this room? Trust me, leave that thing alone. - GLaDOS

Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? - Ripley
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