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Out of the Blue

I got the BlueTruck back from the shop... the new shocks have been installed, but DrWrench discovered another issue with the suspension, it seems that a connector on the rear sway bar had disconnected, a further explanation for its rough ride lately. The thing here is that this is the third noticeable issue of this sort that has gone undiagnosed by the local dealer where they perform my scheduled maintenance. Prior to missing the sway bar (which is hanging literally an inch from the shock they discovered was leaking), they also failed to notice any brake wear through several tire rotations and such until the brakes were irreparable and needed replacing, and they also missed a broken hose through at least one oil change that involved inspecting the hoses and belts. Strike three and they are out... I guess I can only blame myself for this, though, as there are certainly enough folks out there who will testify that the car dealer is probably not the place to go for repairs and maintenance. I guess I now qualify as one of them. Yeesh.

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42. Re: oh, Jethro... Jul 26, 2004, 16:08 The perpetually unnamed one
Hi, nin! Thanks for the welcome - and I was also sorta creeped when you first posted ...

Now, Jethro - your oversimplification of the issues involved has you well suited for driving an Accord, and going to a dealer for service; not to mention trusting Consumer Reports as a valid automotive resource. CR is great for toasters and blenders and kid-safety stuff, but is abyssmal for anything high-tech or automotive. Just check their ideas on audio or computer "best buys" to learn that these folks have no eyes, ears or gonads.

To view either a vehicle or the company that made it as a single oragnic unit is in itself a ridiculous reduction of concept. Both are complex systems built upon several layers of subsystems. In addition, each vehicle has strengths and weaknesses versus its class competition, both in and out of its intended use sector, as does each company have strong and weak parts of its model line against each competitor in that class.

You have identified many of the strengths of the Japanese imports that have made them so ubiquitously popular - including a long wear cycle on many of the powertrain parts, and class-leading build quality on their entry-level vehicles.

Are imports *cheaper* to maintain? No way. Anybody who has EVER turned a wrench on their own car knows that Chev parts are the cheapest and easiest to find in the nation (this is not true all over the world). Try 15% cheaper than Ford, and maybe 35% cheaper than your import. This includes "wear parts" - and the Japanese still haven't invented the million-mile u-joint or brake rotor. The economics of parts are WAY different than that of full cars, re: tarriffs, domestic partnerships, etc...

And some import components just outright suck. Ask anyone who had a car with one of the generic (forgot the part number - made by nissan) japanese electronic transmissions that went into the early Infiniti M30s, Mazda minivans of the early 90's and the like - invariably dead at 65-80K and so costly to replace that it was better to junk the car.

To judge the domestic car market by your airport rentals is akin to judging the New York culinary experience with a Yankee Stadium hotdog. The horn honk is easily disabled BTW (do I hear an RTFM, anyone), and daytime running lights are not a domestic v. import issue.

Bottom line - your Accord is perfect for you. That's great. Personally, I've grown out of entry-level, front-drive, practicality-driven, low-torque, generically-styled, under-sized (for *my* body), mommymobiles. Nor do I drive a minivan. I also have two great garages that I love and trust, and occasionally do some work myself. So - my choices are different. In the same way that you identified the best bang for the the buck (and I wouldn't argue) for your segment (commuter/consumer reports reader) - here are some more class-leaders out there for people with OTHER needs than yours:

- Sports Car: C5 Chevy Corvette. 50K, and performnce you can't touch without spending at least 30 more. 'Nuff said.

- Pickup truck: For the same 14K you'd spend on a used Camry, you can buy a new Ram or F-150 work truck fully configured. $500 more gets yu a HEMI. Which would I rather drive? You gotta be kidding.

- Small SUV: Yeah, I've been in Honda CR-Vs, including a friend's brand new one last week...and I don't want to insult any other board readers...but Jethro - did you even bother test-driving, or checking the specs on the Jeep Liberty? Jeez, talk about class-leading...

- Street/Strip: 4-th gen (1998-2002) Camaro. Now on ebay for less than 8K in great numbers. First time in history you can get into a 13-second car for that kind of money, even without relative pricing.

And hey - don't get me wrong - I LOVE some import stuff. I ride a HONDA bike currently (VTX 1800). That's one of their strengths - along with Accords, F1 and Champ Car race engines, and lawn mowers.

I guess my two cents have run up to a dime by now.

PS: The reason your Honda costs 30% more that the comparable US unit is a combination of Tarriffs, Transport and greater dealer profit...not production or materials costs. Think about it for a second, Jethro.

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