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Out of the Blue

Today is the 35th anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon!

Do Trade Shows Benefit Gamers? on The Adrenaline Vault offers an interesting opinion piece on the topic. I have disagreements with their ideas about the state of PC gaming, but as for trade shows, I have to admit my first impression of my first E3 was to wonder how much showing a game at the Expo ends up adding to its eventual retail price. It's probably not as much as I imagine, but it's not nothing either. Anyway, I think I agree that trade shows don't directly benefit gamers at all. But after all, they are trade shows, and they probably do benefit the trade...

Play Time: Eskiv.
Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character. Thanks Sharon.
Links of the Day: Ideazon Zboard Doom 3 Keyset. Thanks ASLayerAODsk.
Technics Digital Turntable. Thanks Devicer.
Stories of the Day: 'X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Thanks Halsy. There's hope!
Miner digs up 182-carat gem -- and trouble.
Cigarettes and portable toilets don't mix. Thanks Larry "snafu" King.
Science!: Computer to combat child obesity. Here, lift this monitor.
Baseball Cap Not for Fun and Games (registration required).
This Is Your Brain on Meth: A 'Forest Fire' of Damage (registration required).
Image of the Day: From the Black Mesa Pet Shop. Thanks Ant.
Media of the Day: Peasant's Quest. Thanks Ant.
Experimental Film. Thanks Ant.
Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Galaxies.
Follow-up: Mars mission moves forward -- in reverse.
Thanks Mike Martinez

29. Re: Computer to combat child obesity Jul 20, 2004, 16:22 tron
You have to ingest a shit-ton of food to gain weight like that

i agree to an extent, but my mom is a perfect example against that logic. she graduated high school weighing 95 pounds (she;s only 5' 1") and now she is not "obese" though she is more than a little chubby. how she gained the weight i have no idea, nor does she... i watched her for years and years eat yogurt or a very small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a rice cake and salad for lunch, and have a reasonable dinner. she rarely snacked on anything or had dessert, and when she did she did it in moderation as she was very conscious about her weight. she would drink a single can of soda over a THREE DAY period. (she bought some plastic-lid thing that kept it carbonated - this was before soda came in plastic bottles) the rest of the time it was water or crystal lite, and some coffee as well. she went to jazzercize (remember that?!?) 3 times a week, was very active in keeping the house clean, laundry done, rasing 4 kids, working full time, etc etc... and *nothing* she did lost her a single pound. she has tried walking, biking, Nordic Trak... nothing works for her.

i guess what i'm saying is, not all overweight people are to blame for their blight... though i do whole-heartedly agree that the vast (heh, vast) majority of them are...
- tron -
"tron is big and tron is full of action... it's a hell of a ride!"
-from the Tron 2.0 box
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  46. Jul 20, 23:14           Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Halsy
  47. Jul 20, 23:17            Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Halsy
  48. Jul 20, 23:25             And more importantly... Halsy
  49. Jul 20, 23:29              Re: And more importantly... JoeCool
  51. Jul 20, 23:31               Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  52. Jul 20, 23:33                Re: And more importantly... JoeCool
  53. Jul 20, 23:43                 Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  54. Jul 20, 23:44                  Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  55. Jul 20, 23:45                   Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  57. Jul 20, 23:46                    Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  56. Jul 20, 23:46                  Re: And more importantly... JoeCool
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  64. Jul 21, 00:25                      Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  65. Jul 21, 03:13                       Re: And more importantly... Hump
  59. Jul 20, 23:48                 Re: And more importantly... Enahs
  50. Jul 20, 23:30              Re: And more importantly... Halsy
  66. Jul 21, 06:55            Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Josh
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  13. Jul 20, 11:41  Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Syntarsus
  15. Jul 20, 12:28   Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'. Rolphus
  17. Jul 20, 12:42    Re:X-Men' Director to Remake 'Superman'.  Blue 
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  11. Jul 20, 10:51   Re: Moonwalkin' nin
  22. Jul 20, 14:08    Re: Moonwalkin' Bunko
  12. Jul 20, 11:01  Re: Moonwalkin'  Blue 
  32. Jul 20, 18:23   Re: Moonwalkin' Hump
  4. Jul 20, 10:38 keyboard DDI
  5. Jul 20, 10:45  Re: keyboard Bronco
  7. Jul 20, 10:47    Massive dance-numbers from Star Wars Ihya
  14. Jul 20, 12:17 SWG Dance Numbers complicity
  18. Jul 20, 12:44 Re: Eskiv ShockwaveRider
  21. Jul 20, 13:14  Re: Eskiv Taulin
  23. Jul 20, 14:36 peasant's quest tron
  24. Jul 20, 15:29 Mirror of I Get Knocked Down? Ant
  25. Jul 20, 15:39 Interstate82 mod for bf42 Sugarman
  26. Jul 20, 16:02  Re: Interstate82 mod for bf42 Sugarman
  27. Jul 20, 16:04  Computer to combat child obesity HoSpanky
>> 29. Jul 20, 16:22   Re: Computer to combat child obesity tron
  35. Jul 20, 20:18 eskiv gulo
  36. Jul 20, 20:20 Re: Quakecon AthlonSeven
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  39. Jul 20, 20:58  Re: More Mafia? Josh
  40. Jul 20, 21:25   Re: More Mafia? Josh
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  43. Jul 20, 21:57     Re: More Mafia? Josh


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