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Out of the Blue

We finally got the mad downpour I've been hoping for since our roof was repaired. Reassuringly, not a drop came through after a rainstorm that would have previously left me with a swimming pool in my office. This has also further helped the healing process on the lawn that was harmed by its exposure to the old roof, so with a green lawn and a dry office, we are happily putting the whole ugly ugly hole (in the roof) situation behind us.

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33. Re: No subject Jul 13, 2004, 22:25 Enahs
Enah's I have been learning about it for 20 years now. Clearly, you're the one that needs an education on the subject.

Reading what people say in News Papers and such is not studying it. You are simply being convinced of something, which is not bad, because what you are being convinced of is true! The problem is, you are not aware of the rest of the story that modifies what you already know.

You think that the overwhelming concenus of climatologists, biologists, chemists, et al. who aggree that global warming is real and man (with his pollutants) is exacerbating the situation is just part of some vast left wing conspiracy against industry?

More and more people everyday are realizing through rational examination of the facts that it is not true, including these people whose opinions you hold so dear. But those people whose opinions you believe so much are just spouting what they where told, not what they recognized through scientific research, that’s just the cycle of the world.

Another problem is, now the perceived “good thing” is “globalwarming is true and bad”. When you state you are against that, people do not consider your arguments, they simply say “you do not care about the environment” and oust you. You then have people also under the illusion as you later say in a hypothesis, “who cares, pollution is bad in other ways, let this scare people into doing what is right”, people are “afraid” to come out and say that our pollution is not causing global warming because they get “punished for it”.

Left wing conspiracy? No, not at all. What it is, is what most things typically are. People who want to do good, and go on mini crusades trying to cause change, unfortunately they are uneducated on what they are crusading on and causing more harm than good.

Is this not what you say all the time, that you are more educated in politics and history, and that the majority of the people are “too stupid” to under stand? Same concept here.

I am simply saying this about you and the majority of people and chemistry, though I am not trying to do it in a demeaning way, but in hopes that some day you will learn/understand; though my real hopes is that people would understand within the next 5 years instead of 15-20. And yes, I would like to hope someone who possesses the ability of intelligence and passion as you could recognize it now, before we cause more harm than good, where you could start doing the good that you desire, instead of inadvertently causing harm. But I guess this is just one of those things I will have to wait 15-20 years to say “I told you so”….here’s to hoping Blues is still around and even more awesomeizzle then!

There is far too much goddamn pollution on this planet as it is - greenhouse issues or not - why the hell would you argue against a healthier environment for yourself and every other living thing?

Yes, I WHOLE heartily agree that there is WAY too much pollution.

The problem I have is, (be it from being mislead, ignorance, or out right lying) trying to affect changes in and with our society while lying about why we have to change things.

Really, what is the point in invoking a law that will stop something harmful to the environment through lies if they are just going to be ignorant and start harming the environment in another way? You can not fix something if you do not know what is wrong, you can only cover it up and hope it goes away, and it won’t.

A post by Enahs; the only difference between me and Jesus is he could walk on water.....sober.
This comment was edited on Jul 13, 22:26.
Avatar 15513
I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.
- W. C. Fields
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