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Warhammer Online Cancelled

The Warhammer Online Website (thanks Bruce Jongejans) has word that the MMOG game based on the Warhammer table-top series has been cancelled:

It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to inform the community that we have decided to discontinue the development of Warhammer Online and will be closing down this website with immediate effect.

This has been a difficult and painful decision but it was taken following a following a full review of the progress of the game, costs to date and future costs of the project. As a result both Games Workshop and Climax Development Limited, the computer games developer, have agreed to terminate the development project.

I would like to say a personal thanks to all of the people who have followed our development over the last few years, your constant support and enthusiasm has meant a great deal to us.

Robin Dews

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75. Re: Instant Jun 28, 2004, 16:08 Kobalt
I dont remember reading comprehension being a requirement to play a pc game. Wasn't for guildwars when I played it anyway, which you obviously havn't.

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74. Re: Instant Jun 28, 2004, 11:55 Lokust
No. In conclusion, Kobalt has the lowest reading comprehension of anyone to grace Blue's News. That or he's an eleven year old troll. I'm not sure.

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73. Re: Instant Jun 28, 2004, 00:31 Kobalt
So, in conclusion guild wars isn't a mmorpg but a 3d diablo clone with some shitty pvp quests. Woo

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72. Re: Instant Jun 27, 2004, 03:50 Taulin
Man, that link to that post was incredible, if it is true, which I believe it is.

I love Warhammer, and not only have I used their systems since the late 80's, I enjoy most of thier games (not PC).

I have yet to find a good PC game of theirs. Screw WHO. And cluster fuck.

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71. Re: Instant Jun 26, 2004, 16:25 axe
haveing looked at your ppost history it is obvious that you have many valid and important posts to share (sound of the sarcasm-O-meter exploding in background)look like UO clones all round then

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70. Re: Instant Jun 24, 2004, 01:36 Bosco
This game sucked so bad that even my vacum said "God Damn"

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69. Re: Instant Jun 23, 2004, 13:50 Lokust
At one point I would have agreed with you 100%. My first 'MMO' style game was a mud where you always dropped 100% of your items and cash every time you died, and it was full PK. You got good at fighting other players and playing cat and mouse rather quickly. What made it okay though was that you could get some generic equipment and still do OK in a pinch.

The problem I have with that type of gameplay in modern MMO games is that they equipment and level mean too much and player skill means too little. The tenacious player that farms 4x more than I do becomes an implacable foe no matter how much better I may be as a player. I get frustrated when I run into those battles because I know I could win if the odds were even. I don't lose because of skill, I lose because I have a life and the other guy catasses.

I really think Guild Wars is going to be a step forward by evening those odds. If you like to be the underdog... by all means, seek out games that put you in those situations. I just can't seem to find many games where being the underdog is fun because too often being in that position means it's pointless to even try.

If someone made a good PvP no-carebear game I would probably be into it. The last game like that I played was Shadowbane, and I liked the tension of not really being able to trust the people around you, but the games city/siege system was horrible and they screwed up by putting so much flight into the game. The PVP servers on EQ were a huge improvement over the blue servers, but I can't deal with EQ's pacing anymore. Lacking a good pure PVP game, I look for fun gameplay wherever else I can find it.

This comment was edited on Jun 23, 13:54.
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68. Re: Instant Jun 23, 2004, 11:46 instant

Well, in a 3 vs 9 CTF game the thing is: There is a more of a challenge being on the team with the fewest players.

When I play online games I'll always join the loosing side, or switch to the team that is getting ganked/has the fewest players.

Even Steven is also ok, but I would like to have the possibility of the numbers being against me, and the option to still participate in a battle where the outcome is most likely Death, in Fantasy Fiction Books nobody is safe, and there is always something unexpected happening, when you're playing a fantasty RPG I would expect you wanted the same to be true in that. Live by the sword - die by the sword. You put your life into another persons hands and trust them, and they CAN betray you. Carebearing games removes so much in games, they become to 'safe', AI that can be predicted, exploited (pathfinding bugs etc).. no randomness.

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67. Re: Instant Jun 23, 2004, 11:42 instant

So let me see. that makes you a ---*deleted*---
Edit: replaced with "Based on your posting I have come to the conlusion that you're not entirely correct in your assumptions based on my previous posting, something that seems very familiar in many carebear players, distrusting and always thinking 'the worst thing' of others. Like a small puppy that has been scared when he was young, and once he grows older he lashes out at anyone comming to close, But you know how the story goes: A dog that cant be trusted, and bites humans, dies.. ".

I never said I was a playerkiller. In UO I was a part of the Bravehearts on Atlantic, and we hunted down playerkillers and held them to justice (AntiPKS).

Me and my two Dragons vs 5 playerkillers in one episode. Had this been guildwars or other carebear0rized games that would not be possible. Where is the fun in a battle you almost already know the outcome of. the best rush in games come from when you are about to die.. and that can be best attained when you're in a life or death battle with one or multiple foes, never knowing when someone will run past you and join the battle, or kill you both, or take down the winner once he's on low health. Being hunted and being the hunter.

There were no griefers in UO, there were just chickens who were too afraid to stand up for themselves, dishonorable people who did not defend/stand up for those unable to/too weak to, and those who preyed on the weak. Any problem in UO could be solved by the Sword, The Halberd, the Bow or the Spell. Except the xSpl0itz. (ANd the tedious "macro grind" to have a useable character)

This comment was edited on Jun 23, 11:48.
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66. Why WHO *really* died.... Jun 22, 2004, 22:52 Myrmidon
Found a link to this:
on another forum. Look for the posts by Matt Sansam.

There are two posts by Matt. Looks like it was destine to fail virtually from the beginning.

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65. Re: Instant Jun 22, 2004, 16:11 Lokust
Don't get me wrong, I've been my share of the ganker and the gankee, but eventually you get tired of being in both roles, and what you want is a challenge. The best way you can find a challenge is to have even teams. You don't play quake (or whatever) capture the flag with 3 people on one team and 9 on the other do you? Why not? It's boring as shit for everyone. You get 3 peeps to switch and even the teams and you have some hot action going.

What's the fun if the outcome is a foregone conclusion? If I'm a level 50 assassin and I gank a level 20 mage, it's boring. It's pedestrian. Anyone could do it. But putting equal forces against each other... then it's anybody's game. There's tension. Adrenaline. Excitement. What's not to like? Unless you're so insecure that you can't stand to lose once in a while, that is...

This comment was edited on Jun 22, 16:13.
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64. Re: Instant Jun 22, 2004, 08:34 VultureMAN
Instant said "Always some grief carebear whiner going to ruin a good 3 vs 1 PVP battle. "

So let me see..., that makes you the griefer.

Clue time for little boys whose balls have not dropped yet:
Whether it's RealLife, tabletop gaming, or online; no one sane likes to be ganged up on and trashed more than once.

/A PK hunter from UO days on Baja
/A Troubleshooter

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63. @Lokust.. Jun 22, 2004, 07:19 instant

"pvp that always has even teamS"

Where is the fun in that.

Always some grief carebear whiner going to ruin a good 3 vs 1 PVP battle.

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62. Re: No subject Jun 22, 2004, 03:59 DukeP
<Pant pant pant>
ooooooooooooooooooooo aargghhh...

There goes a shot at a truly adult and new MMORPG.


This comment was edited on Jun 22, 11:25.
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61. Re: No subject Jun 22, 2004, 01:40 Quan
he above is what I think a lot of people hoped Neverwinter Nights would be. Or maybe I'm just on crack.

I don't know if you have played NWN recently but people have created amazing worlds for this game now with amazing content and rule sets. It has evolved a long way from its locked cam ( Skies, free camera ) and people just playing the standard quest.

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60. Re: old Jun 22, 2004, 01:07 Camaro76
The action usually sucks, there's no decent story, and you're doing quests a few thousand others have already done, giving no sense of accomplishment.

Some good ideas in this thread...

The problem is catering to the casual players as well as those powergamers who play 24/7. The powergamers will be the ones advancing the plot and affecting the world while the casual players sit on the sidelines and try to keep up with the story. There has to be a balance between a single-player game where the plot revolves around what you do, and multiplayer games where nothing ever changes.

Hell, if people get paid to sweat their balls off walking around DisneyPlanet in a rodent costume, why not pay people to be 'actors' and play NPC's in your MMORPG storyline? PvP in a sense, only you get to defeat the villain and change the world. Until next week's story. One server, one game world, one DM (director) and multiple human NPC's (supporting actors) that may control computer AI mobs. Players can be the forces of good or evil. Set everything in motion, and let the story write itself... the possibilities are enormous. (A method is needed to deal with asshats of course...)

If any game designers are writing this down, please send royalty checks to Tom, P.O. Box 23456...

"There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?" -- Dick Cavett
mocking the TV-violence debate
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59. MMORPG apologists are pathetic. Jun 22, 2004, 00:39 Smellfinger
It's more like buying the first chapter of a book for a slight discount...

What the fuck are you talking about? MMORPGs cost the same as any other game upfront.

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58. Re: old Jun 22, 2004, 00:31 Beamer
I hate MMORPGs. The pricing is a part of it. I can deal with a monthly fee, but what they charge is ridiculous. Some of those are $15 a month. Most games I buy are $29.99, so basically those MMORPGs would eat my budget for 6 other games.

The main reason I hate it is the damn level grind. I've yet to play one that isn't simply going through motions to level up. You're never rewarded for being good, you're rewarded for spending time in the game world. That's about it. Someone that plays 10 hours a day will be 10 times better than someone playing an hour a day. Compare that to a skill game like most FPS or RTS games and the guy playing an hour a day might still mop the floor with the 10 hour a day player.

The action usually sucks, there's no decent story, and you're doing quests a few thousand others have already done, giving no sense of accomplishment.

Level grinding. All it is. And people fall for it. Push the lever get the cheese, push the mouse get the experience.

Music for the discerning:
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57. No subject Jun 22, 2004, 00:30 terrapin
I was looking forward to it. No, the graphics weren't groundbreaking, but a lot of the features they were implementing sounded original and interesting. Ah well, one less game to buy.

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56. Re: old Jun 21, 2004, 23:33 BloodKnight
Guild Wars is an online RPG. It has its own economy, its online 24/7 where people connect to thousands of others, and it is a level treadmill.

It is the only game out there that is trying to think OUT OF THE BOX for the MMORPG market. It caters both the hardcore gamer and casual gamer.

Guild Wars should win online game of the year or at least RPG. ArenaNet is one of the few developers that knows what the hell they are doing. If I was going to design a game, it would like Guild Wars.

Wish I took up their offer as a level designer two years ago when they emailed me, gah. 18 and moving to another country is never a good idea.

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