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Out of the Blue

We got our first roof estimate back yesterday... at just short of $9000 I'm still suffering from sticker shock. We have another roofer coming to assess the job today, but I'm imagining we are probably looking at the same ballpark. This certainly tempts one to try the home handyman route, but while I know roofing is something some especially handy homeowners can actually accomplish, I am pretty confident that my lack of confidence in my skills in this area is quite well founded.

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59. Re: Roofing Redux Apr 29, 2004, 14:00  Blue 
From Bronco:

Blue, does your roof need a lot of plywood replaced? I'm guessing yes. If so, the pricing will not vary much as plywood prices are freaking insane right now. A sheet of 3/4" plywood was $5 in August and is $19 now. No getting around it.

That was not counting plywood. You scared me, based on the price you mention, since this in our first estimate: "Inspect, remove and replace if neccessary, with CDX 4-ply 1/2" plywood @ $60.00 per sheet, or 6-ply 3/4" @ $90.00 per sheet." But I see this price is in line with jack shit's later (amazingly informative) post: "$90 per sheet of plywood that needs to be replaced because of rot or warping to be added to the total."

More from jack shit:

Good looks something like this:

Well my estimate looks like that, with the critical exception of not having any of the specifics. It is not broken down into Squares, nor even square feet, just an overall price for the job (not even an itemized price for all the unmeasured specifics). Oh hell, you went to such trouble, I'll type it out:

Roof Removal
  • Remove existing shingles down to the sheathing

  • Inspect, remove and replace if neccessary, with CDX 4-ply 1/2" plywood @ $60.00 per sheet, or 6-ply 3/4" @ $90.00 per sheet.

  • Apply GAF Weatherwatch® Ice and Snow
  • shield starting behind gutters, and in valleys 2 1/2" up roof line
  • Install 30lb heavy duty felt paper to all areas

  • Install new pipe/vent boots as needed

  • Install Cobra® ridge vent; Note: please take precautions to cover belongings in attic due to saw dust from installation of ridge vent

  • Install GAF Timberline 30 Year ® Architectural fiberglass based shingles; Color: to be determined

  • Apply Karnak #19 flashing around chimney

  • Install new drip edge to entire roof

  • Install new white aluminum seamless residential gutters, .032 gauge, to entire house with hidden strap hangars

  • Install new white aluminum residential leaders, .019 gauge to entire house

  • Complete removal of all job related debris

  • Total Cost: Eight Thousand and Nine Hundred Dollars ($8900.00)

  • (Price does not include any additional wood, including plywood.)

    Don't be fooled by the salesman. Roof salesmen are just like car salesmen. They come to your home and size you up. They know whether you know anything just from talking to you, and make their prices accordingly.

    I think this was the case. We own what has to be viewed as the nicest house on our block, as it's brick and taller than the neighbors, so I imagine he thinks we're high rollers or something.

    don't even bother with guys that don't need to go on your roof because they are old pros that don't need to bother. No one can do a competent roof estimate from the ground.

    I found it a bit curious that he came to do this estimate without having a ladder at all, good to know that the concern this provoked was well-founded.

    Add 20% for a cut-up hip roof.

    Unfortunately, this is probably a fair description of our roof... though the four valleys for the two window areas may not be severe enough to call cut-up. Also, I don't know what qualifies as steep, but it looks more than mildly steep to me.
    DO NOT ADD WASTE FACTOR TO TEAR OFF!!! lol, an old insurance joke, but true.

    Does that refer to things like the felt paper and the weather shield?

    Anyway, thanks a million for all the info, I appreciate that a lot.

    I liked the guy today much better, as he seemed to really size up the job, rather than how much he could soak us for. After discussing the way the leak manifested itself, and checking various areas of the lower roof from his ladder (thank you very much), he said he thought we had a valley problem caused by ice damage (it first started leaking when there was snow and ice on the roof) because, while the roof itself looks good for at least another five years, it was installed with no weather shield. He looked inside at the spot of the leak to identify the problem area, and walked across the street with me, and sure enough, right where he expected a damaged portion of valley, you could see the problem.

    While admitting to what I knew already, that no roofer will guarantee a patch job, he offered the following estimate, expressing genuine confidence that it would take care of the problem:

    Valley Repair (Appx 24 ft) 4 Valleys (5-6 ft each)
  • Remove all existing layers of shingles in valleys only

  • Install heavy duty ice and water shield in valleys on roof

  • Install new roofing shingles: 25 year

  • Clean up and remove debris

  • Price of job: $650.

    I thought the guy was much less full of shit than the first one, and the company has been around for a long time with a clean record on the BBB and loads of references. I and am inclined to trust his assessment of the job, and it seems worth a chance that the repair might not do the trick for the chance of saving so much money (and trouble, as the repair should only take a few hours) if it does. I wonder what they will say to me asking about limiting the number of men on the roof at once and that they use hammers?

    As a side note, though he didn't actually estimate the whole roof, at one point he threw out a guess of around $10K, so I don't necessarily think the other guy came in high (this guy admitted that his would not be the lowest estimate, just that he'd do the best job), I just find it unsettling that he would conclude the entire roof needed replacement without getting within 10 feet of a shingle.

    We're expecting another guy tomorrow, but this is the contractor I've never liked just for the way their truck drivers recklessly drive around town, and I'm halfway inclined to just cancel their appointment, as they are the ones with a couple of BBB complaints on their record to boot.

    Anyway, thanks again very much for all the lowdown on roofing.

    I wonder what the chances are I won't have to edit such an ambitiously formatted post as this one?

    Stephen "Blue" Heaslip
    Blue's News Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, El Presidente for Life

    Edit: Ha! Knew it!
    This comment was edited on Apr 29, 14:09.
    Avatar 2
    Stephen "Blue" Heaslip
    Blue's News Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, El Presidente for Life
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