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City of Heroes Live

NCsoft announces that City of Heroes, their superhero MMORPG, is now live. Here's a bit:

Austin, TEXAS, April 28, 2004— NCsoft® Corporation (KSE: 036570.KS), the world’s leading developer and publisher of online computer games, announces the launch of North American commercial service for Cryptic Studios’ City of Heroes™, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players don costumes to become super-powered heroes, and fight against evil to save the world.

City of Heroes is a true departure from the MMORPG market, which is primarily filled with medieval fantasy-based titles. The game enables players to realize their comic book dreams. Heroes protect the fine citizens of Paragon City in a colorful 3-D world where the victims of crimes not only thank players for their help, but they even compliment players on their costumes!
City of Heroes also links with a monthly comic book, which is sent to subscribers free of charge. Rick Dakan and Blue King Studios publish the comic book of the same name. Rick Dakan is one of the original visionaries behind City of Heroes and wrote much of the game’s fictional backstory. The comic also includes fan fiction, fan art, interviews with the developers and tips on playing City of Heroes.

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77. Re: CoH - no long term fun Apr 30, 2004, 12:40 Brym
think within 6 months CoH will be one of those Great Ideas! that comes along every few months like Majestic (ooh X-Files!), Earth and Beyond (ooh space!), Motor City Online (ooo cars!), that look good as a Marketing proposal but flop in actual practice.

Don't forget to add planetside to that list (ooh, shooter!). I played it for 40 hours a week for a month, then walked away and never looked back. Extremely fun, but nothing to keep you there.

That said, now that SWG is only $30 I'm thinking of giving it a try. For me, a MMOG is a world, not just a combat system, so crafting/auctions/housing/vehicles/PvP/story arc are important. Do any current players have anything positive/negative to say about it? What do you think about the upcoming additions, like the Jedi Trials? Is the game worth my $30?

This comment was edited on Apr 30, 12:43.
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76. Fun game with short legs Apr 29, 2004, 15:15 Some Dude
That's my take on it anyway.

Your purpose is to beat up bad guys with your powers, so that you can level up, so that you can beat up tougher bad guys with better powers. That's about all there is to it. There's nothing else to be done with your character or the world.

And you know what? It's fun. I figure it'll be fun for two months then I'll sign off.

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75. No subject Apr 29, 2004, 14:32 Nonicknameforme
Heh, only fags get upset over "idiots opinions" of thier beloved games, fags.  
"I'm too much of a narcisist to really hate stupid people."
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74. Re: One to watch Apr 29, 2004, 14:16 nightfend
This game is very solo-friendly, so don't worry about that MikLoyD. In fact the game is casual enough you can team up with just about any combination of archetypes and have a decent group. Defenders, Srappers, Tanks, Controllers. You name it, I've played in various types of groups and they all work if the players are semi-intelligent. No more waiting around for 15 to 20 minuts to form a perfect group like in DaoC or EQ before heading out to tackle a mission.

The games not for everyone, and people can find problems with anything if they look hard enough. Is there a level grind? I guess if you are looking for it. There is a level grind as much as there was one for Diablo II or an action game like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance. To be honest I don't play those games and think "OH what a level grind" and I don't play City of Heroes that way.

I don't understand why half of the trolls on this forum even play games or visit this forum really.

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73. Yeah, CoH has no content... Apr 29, 2004, 12:53 Sarcasmo
.....are you people insane? You can flame all you want about whether it's a good game or not, but saying that there's no plot or overall purpose? That has to be the silliest shit I've heard in my entire life. Not only is there an overall storyline, but it explains/involves/encompasses almost every group of enemies in the game from the smallest minion to the biggest arch-villain.

It's difficult for me to even comprehend how someone who's spent more than 5 minutes in the game could not have noticed a plot. YOU CAN'T EVEN APPROACH AN ENEMY WITHOUT THEM MENTIONING THEIR PURPOSE THERE. Some might just speak like they're doing a drug deal or stealing a purse, but bosses and lieutenants are everywhere, and every single one of them will give some hint about what it is their group is trying to accomplish. The tougher they get, the more involved they obviously are by what they say. How much you know about this overall plot is up to you, and most people would know a bit I'd think, since all you need to do is take missions from your contacts to follow it.

Everything in this game from the walls around the zones to the powers and weapons of the people you fight, all of it has an explanation relevant to the overall plot that group is participating in. You don't even need to get IN the game, you can see small bits of the plot on the game's website. No plot......gimme a break.

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72. Re: One to watch Apr 29, 2004, 11:31 MikLoyD
I heard this game was not too solo friendly during beta. Unsure if this has changed, but I share your list of basic MMO req's. I had marked this one off my list when I discovered the forced grouping.

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71. One to watch Apr 29, 2004, 10:35 Gojo
I wasn't too interested in this one, but after reading through most of these comments I just might have to pick this up. Here's what I HAVE to have in a MMORPG:
1. Low down time (I don't play to sit ala EQ)
2. Ability to solo if I so desire.
3. Fun factor is high.
Sounds like this game has all these but perhaps not much content (like AC2 maybe?)

Also, the trolls have really started posting on this thread so:

*** Please don't feed the trolls ***

This comment was edited on Apr 29, 10:36.
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70. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 08:22 MikLoyD
how does one defeat piss and wind?

Cue the wonder twins ...

Zann: "Form of .... ICE"

Jayna: "Form of .... A GIANT PTERODACTYL"

This comment was edited on Apr 29, 08:25.
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69. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 06:36 Takashi[KiN]
you fucking retards have no clue about economics - try graduating from high school before you try to figure out the industry

Is it just me or did the forums just get more stupid?

its just you

SMA, I think you have all the evidence you need.

I think this is a general rule of all forums over time. I'm thinking of it as the "Where did all these idiots come from?" effect. cf. signal-to-noise ratio

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68. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 04:55 Midnight
Guess what dickheads, you're opinions mean jack shit when it comes to quality, why?

$15 a month to play games which people like you never play? I'd say it's worth every cent.

So that being said, level grinds are for bitch consumer whores and untill MMO's give up this idea not a single one will be worth playing.

And obviously you are right and I am wrong because.... why? Your argument makes so little sense it's impossible to counter it - how does one defeat piss & wind?

MMOs are fun. I can afford to play one, thus I do. If you don't think they're fun, then that's fine - there are a lot of game genres which I don't enjoy. But don't go and build up some kind of straw-man argument and climb onto your lofty pedestal. Why does it matter to you whether we play MMOs or not? What do you care?

If you don't like them, just say "I don't like them". Calling us 'consumer whores' just makes you look childish and petty.

If you don't like my opinion, then be mature and ignore it, otherwise you just prove my point, that you're a bitch consumer whore, for me.

This is like:
'The idiot says what?'
'Haha, you're an idiot'

It's a clever way to avoid comebacks to a fundamentally provacative post, but it doesn't make a shred of sense and makes you look like a coward who doesn't want to face the consequences of his actions.
This comment was edited on Apr 29, 04:56.
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67. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 04:33 Monty
I will tell you the reason MMORPG cost $15 a month and it ain't server costs or updates. EA have literally hundreds of servers running 365 days of the year and EA being the greediest gits in the world would charge if they could.

It's also not for updates and patches, any decent SW house will offer free updates and patches for years, hell a new patch was released today for Starcraft and thats older than some of u kiddies on here. OFP is always getting new maps, vehicles, weapons and patches and thats 3 year old, Quake, UT, C&C.. oh I am not naming them all, it will take all night.

No the real reason they charge $15 a month is because they know lots of idiots will pay it. Yet again us gamers get screwed and most of us bend over and say "Hit me with it, I can take it" Others like me just give them the finger.

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66. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 04:28  SamPenguin 
I'll gladly pay a monthly fee to keep the stupid Counter-Strike intelligence style bastards out of my game.

Word! Planetside was a much better experience in that regard than any off-the-shelf FPS. Not to mention not having to surf for a good reliable server to play on.

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65. No subject Apr 29, 2004, 03:20 MrAsh
I'll gladly pay a monthly fee to keep the stupid Counter-Strike intelligence style bastards out of my game.

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64. Re: No subject Apr 29, 2004, 00:03 quazz
You're saying that to the guy that never payed for a MMO (although I will soon) mr. official forum troll.

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63. No subject Apr 28, 2004, 23:56 Nonicknameforme
Just don't bitch when I call you a consumer whore, quazz. At least then I'll respect your stubborness.  
"I'm too much of a narcisist to really hate stupid people."
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62. Re: I only play games with moral lessons Apr 28, 2004, 23:51 Smellfinger
as opposed to... other video games which... get you somewhere?

The difference is that you're paying a monthly fee. Sucker.

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61. No subject Apr 28, 2004, 23:29 quazz
You dont get anywhere in any game. No game have points and none will change your ...

Oh! and why the hell do I even bother? screw you guys, I'll have fun playing what ever the hell I want and forget about all of you stupid fucks that can't accept it.

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60. $15? Pocket change! Apr 28, 2004, 23:26 Evil Timmy
$15 really isn't all that much, unless you're on an allowance from your parents. For people actually working jobs, even a part-time job at a fast food place (not me, thankfully), it's rather minimal. However, I'm still reluctant to pay, because I haven't found the gameplay itself to be nearly as enjoyable as many of the single-player experiences you can get.

Far Cry was mentioned was good for 25 hours of gameplay or so even a single time through, so playing 90 minutes a day Monday-Thursday (weekends are for friends and going out, not sitting in front of a computer getting a CRT tan) means it took me about a month to finish the game. And, if I want to stop playing and pick it up at any time, I can without having it cost me a dime. I don't have to wait for friends to come online, nor do I have to deal with other players exploiting, griefing, or making nuisances of themselves.

While I have no clue how well it'd work, I'd love to see a distributed-server-based MMO game, even as a limited experiment. Give individual admins the power to shape a part of the world, and should it be deemed a good-quality, consistent addition to the world, a master server would attach it to the network. The traffic of people to the server would determine the chunk of the subscription fee, which would cover the rising server costs and reward those who make an interesting part of the game world. Players also get the option of choice; if they don't like a section of the world, they don't go there, and it withers and dies, while those they enjoy grow and flourish.

There's also a much smaller outlay necessary for the initial developer. A few Lego-style set pieces and good terrain generation features, along with the ability to define more via a 3ds / Maya / Softimage / preferred modelling app plugin, would give those interested both a good starting point for continuity's sake and the ability to extend the world as far as their imagination and talent allow. Hopefully, these same creators would allow some of their art/models/terrains to be reused by others, and at the same time be allowed to suggest modifications to existing resources or rules. Think of it as a US-style representation scenario, except even more free. Imagine if the admins on your favorite multiplayer server could suggest additions and changes to the game overall, how much better it could be. Of course, this is all pure imagination, and I don't have the bursting-at-the-seams bank account to fund even the inital costs of a project like this. But I'd certainly be interested if anything resembling it popped up in the market.

Avatar 19465
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59. I only play games with moral lessons Apr 28, 2004, 23:02  SamPenguin 
an electronic treadmill that ultimately gets them nowhere

as opposed to... other video games which... get you somewhere?

Yep, pay to play will likely die just like HBO and Showtime did on television. Why pay when you get awesome shows for FREE... like Jag, Reba and CSI:SUV:MIA:DOA:POS?

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58. Re: No subject Apr 28, 2004, 22:59 Taulin
"Coh is effing swell."

Mmm... I like swill...especially at the bottom of Colt 45.

Oh! You said swell...

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