Morning Q&As

  • Battlefield Vietnam
    The Battlefield Vietnam Q&A on FileFront talks with Aj Marini, lead designer on the shooter sequel: "We implemented many of the cutting edge graphical effects that have been showcased in other upcoming first person shooters. We have normal-mapped characters and vehicles which greatly increases the amount of detail they carry. The new graphic engine really makes the game stand out."
  • MoH: Pacific Assault
    The Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Q&A on Computer And Video Games catches up with Dave Nash, lead designer on the upcoming Medal of Honor follow-up.
  • Heroes of the Pacific
    HomeLAN Fed's Heroes Of The Pacific Q&A chats with Ben Palmer from IR Gurus, developers on the just-announced World War II aerial combat game: "We have carried out a lot of research so far and built up an extensive WW2 library. We’ve also been using the US Navy’s archives to get more accurate information of what transpired during some of the campaigns and the mammoth battles of the period. More importantly, we are also talking to some of the pilots who actually fought in the Pacific campaign, both from the United States and Japan."
  • DRIV3R
    The DRIV3R Q&A on TotalVideoGames talks with Reflections' managing director Martin Edmonson about the latest installment in the hard-driving Driver series. Oh yeah, almost forgot, boog3dy, boog3dy, boog3dy!
  • Beyond Divinity
    Digital Jesters has released a video interview with Sven Vincke, where the Larian Studios' designer discusses Beyond Divinity, their new RPG sequel. The movie can be found on Gamer's Hell.
  • Lineage II
    The Lineage II Q&A on Telefragged is a chat with someone from NCsoft Korea about their upcoming MMORPG sequel.
  • True Crime
    The True Crime Q&A on PC Gameworld talks with Activision producer T.Q. Jefferson about the upcoming PC version of True Crime: Streets of L.A., including word on a secret gameplay mode.
  • Supreme Ruler 2010
    The Supreme Ruler 2010 Q&A on Strategy Informer talks with one of the founders of BattleGoat who obviously was able to confuse them about his identity: "George Geczy: My name is David Thompson and I'm the Lead Designer..."
  • The Sims 2
    The Sims 2 Website (thanks Frans) now features a new in-house Q&A, talking with Darren, producer on the upcoming little people sequel.
  • Novodex
    HomeLAN Fed's Novodex Q&A talks with the folks behind the physics programming in the next iteration of the Unreal engine.
  • U.S. Army & There
    US Army reveals its There-based simulation on GameSpot offers a Q&A on an MMO simulation created for the U.S. Army by There, Inc, though there are no plans for a commercial release: "No. Massively multiplayer games cost a lot of money to develop--about $20 million, and we didn’t have that money. There Inc. had developed this environment that was very, very flexible with venture capital money. So, in this case, we thought, "Why don’t we use the platform?" and since we didn’t have to worry about AI (artificial intelligence) so much since it’s a role-playing game..."
  • Sherlock Holmes
    SECTOR's Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring Q&A is the English version of a Russian-language Q&A with Serge Geraschenko discussing their upcoming Sherlock Holmes adventure game.
  • Music
    GameZone Online Chats With Composer Andy Brick, discussing his contribution to various gaming soundtracks.
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Re: Battlefield Vietnam
Apr 23, 2004, 14:59
Re: Battlefield Vietnam Apr 23, 2004, 14:59
Apr 23, 2004, 14:59
DedEye, I agree with you on the multiplayer aspect. As far as Far Cry goes, the graphics just blow Vietnam away. I guess I was hoping for a bit MORE eye candy in Vietnam than was present.

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