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21. Re: COH Apr 20, 2004, 09:47 ZzeusS
What can I say, I'm a casual gamer. Give me a simple game over a complex 'Horizons' style game any day of the week.

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20. Re: COH Apr 20, 2004, 07:34 Beamer
This thread is amazing.

"You don't agree with me? Well, obviously you're a fanboy of [insert random MMORPG I've never heard of and the original poster never referred to]!!!1!~. [insert swear #1] off you [insert swear #2] [insert random female gonad term ]. [insert swear #1, in capital letters for added emphasis].

[insert swear #2ng [insert swear #1] TROLL!

Music for the discerning:
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19. Re: COH Apr 20, 2004, 02:00 Halsy
CoH is about as fun as playing Diablo without the loot. There's ZERO point (beyond the social aspect of it being a dressed up chatroom) in playing as there are no hooks whatsoever. If you consider that fun, Id' hate to see what you consider boring, jesus.

"To a surprising extent the war-lords in shining armour, the apostles of martial virtues, tend not to die fighting when the time comes. History is full of ignominious getaways by the great and famous."
- George Orwell
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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18. Re: COH Apr 20, 2004, 01:17 ZzeusS
Thanks for the writeup.. I've always been a comic book geek at heart.

by the end of 90 days you'll hear most people talking about boring and repetitious it is

Sheesh if I can get 90 days out of a $50 game these days it's a good buy (plus the 15 bucks/mo but that's really peanuts anyway you slice it)

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17. COH Apr 20, 2004, 00:38 LArac
Well if I was a pure power only player, with only the goal of trashing lowwer lvl players, and showing off my UBER crap I might agree.

As I like to actually have fun when playing a game I think your a bit jaded, and may have deeper issues.

Been in BETA from 1st of March, seen a lot of good work done.

COH is all about comics, it is Good Folks, stopping bad folks.
This means a lot of battles yes, like most of this type of game.

Missions are, at lower levels sometimes too easy, and repeat a bit. Not as much as LDON in EQ, but a bit. But even now I have seen new rooms in the lower lvls that I have not seen before. As you progress they do differ and get more intense.

Coustumes are 3rd best in the genre, and will be getting more added, later. Some that can be added to char in play, others at start.
Here I think your lack of thought is to blame, as I have VERY different chars looks.

Yep no real loot in the game, no Camp for 4 days to get an item. We all will miss it, NOT!
What loot is there is auto given by the server, in the fprm of One shots and a more lasting upgrade to powers.
Later in the game these upgrades, will put even more distances between the classes, because they can upgrade powers in very different ways.

None at release, and very hard on the kill the new guy crowd. Arena is upcoming, and hints of a Villian expansion but that would be a year away at least for villians.

None yet, though I have been given many Devices to test during missions that gave me use of a power for a limited number of shots, or until I left the mission area.
Maybe it will be added, really do not like it for the game, crafting is boring in most games or boring and required in others, let sleeping sewing needles lay and gather dust.
Love crafting Horizoons and Star Wars have you covered.

Hmm what else, oh races. It is comic book based, and there are alien faces, they just do not make you uber, sorry.

Bugs exist in all games, but I have seen very few in the last 2 builds.

Lag, almost NIL.
You may have been on the 3 nights where the server had over 6000 players and the full debuger running, there was lag then.
I have seen over 100 folks standing at the tram for a test, I ran through with no, Zero, nadda graphics lag.
My settings were maxed.
It was great!

I can under stand this game will not be for every one, but to trash talk like a WoW board member, just because it is not your style, is rude and childlike.

I have tested/Played for almost 2 months, I am looking forward to the launch and playing, if your not then DO NOT PLAY.

Also they did a zone intant event, if a zone starts filling up, a copy is spawned. You can talk and gather teams from these copies, helps reduce the crowds a bit.

There are also some story lines that span many missions. Like the story arcs in comics.

There are Task Forces at mid level, a group joins together to do a series of 3-6 missions. Sorta like a graphic novel.

There are city patrol missions, or you can patrol for fun.

The missions are yours and who you invite no claim jumping.
If you get a mission and then form a group, the mission will scale up because you have friends.

Is the game perfect, No.

Would more content be godd? Always

Is it fun? Hell yes

Halsy good luck playing UO, that seems to be what you like.
PVP, required crafting, loot, and uber folk

I'll take fun

I enjoy playing the game, that is what matters to me. But to see some one who has played it so little be so hateful, it just seems there are other issues with you.


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16. Re: I agree... Apr 20, 2004, 00:18 Nickles
All games don't work for everyone. Plus every MMP that launches needs a content injection. Judge whether an MMP is it fun to play as you move toward the end game. Then judge the end game after first expansion.

I've been in the beta for over a month and I still enjoy the game. But, I also only group and the fun in any MMP for me has always been the group dynamics. It keeps it fresh.

CoH is a fresh change to the retread fanasty and SciFi MMPs. But don't go in expecting a radical departure from the other MMPs dynamics. It still has a treadmill and content will get repetetive after a point. But given the number of folks playing EQ, DAoC, AO, etc. after all these years, it's obvious that such things don't deter everyone.

Don't play CoH if you want PvP, or crafting, or your character defined by the items you find. Do try it if you think stepping into a superheo comic would be fun. But go in with your eyes open, knowing that more content is needed. It will come if the game is successful. If it's not, there will be other games to try when CoH is no longer fun.

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15. Re: I agree... Apr 19, 2004, 23:30 Halsy
I've been in beta starting with the 2nd wave, and I held out hope for more content, etc. I was also part of Positrons bump test (24/34 chars), and the grind becomes even more pronounced at those levels. It's just brutal, I stopped playing my 20 defender and 35 blaster a week ago as it's just too boring. Hell, I was bored weeks and weeks ago, but there's just not a whole hell of a lot going on gaming wise so at least it was something to do, and some of the people I was grouping with were cool (about the only valid reason to play at all).

As for loot, inspirations and enhancements, wow, please I can't handle the excitment.

This guy wrote a pretty decent review in the beta forums, here's his summary.

Lack of Effort
The game is riff with rushed efforts and raw ideas that have never been put into the game. Origins? Completely worthless. Leveling? Why do I go to a trainer to level? That is such a worthless effort. For those people that like comics and superheros I bet this has already crossed your mind… Why don’t I go to a contact to get a new power? If I am a magic origin I should do a quest for the new spell… duh! If I am a mutant I should be asked to come in for treatment or and experiment and have it garner a new power… duh! If I am Science or Technology why don’t I go to my lab or some contact’s lab and build the new item… duh! Natural maybe could meditate or should go to see a secret master and learn of this new skill. …. DUH!


That’s is the term for the effort. Now I know that the game eventually must hit the market, and CoH had hit that wall. Ready or Not this game hit the release now or die deadline. But so much of this game seems like grandiose ideas that fell flat. The problem is compounded in that the game lacks any real way to grow and change. Sure little tweaks can be done to damage or Health… but the game at the core is as it will be forever. The only things that have potential for change are zones and non-archetype, non-character parts of the game. We will have new gangs and new arch-villains to defeat but how many times can you do hunt the same gang in a different shape before you are turning away? Character growth IS the lifeblood of a MMORPG and either Cryptic didn’t understand that or ran out of time to implement it. The world is hollow… the characters are shallow and Cryptic has purposely removed the paths to change that in this game. There seems to be hints that the devs had good ideas... they just didn't get them into this game. Gameplay Grade - C

Overall Grades
Graphics – A
World Environment – D
Characters – C
Gameplay - C

Total Game Grade – C-

Obviously some people are going to like this game regardless as that's the case with every game, but I think most pnp/mudder/mog type players won't enjoy it at all as they expect a lot more bang for the buck (particularly at 15 US per month). You'll hear a ton of people raving about it for the first month, but after the wow factor of the novelty wears off you'll hear people start to dissent, by the end of 90 days you'll hear most people talking about boring and repetitious it is.

"To a surprising extent the war-lords in shining armour, the apostles of martial virtues, tend not to die fighting when the time comes. History is full of ignominious getaways by the great and famous."
- George Orwell
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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14. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 23:15 ZzeusS
You know.. no crafting and no p0w3r l3v3l gimps is making this REAL attractive to me. Simple fun superhero game, and it's a MMOG.. uniqness is ranking way high up my personal chart these days..

Holy crap.. watch some of those player videos from the other links. I am going to get this game. I can already think of like 30 childhood comic book heros I'm like to try to make.
This comment was edited on Apr 19, 23:29.
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13. I agree... Apr 19, 2004, 23:14 The Half Elf
The game is excellent but as Ive stated on another COH thread the game needs a MAJOR injection of content.

And Halsey is right, the game is mindless. I mean this game is the equivlant of Serious Sam for MMORPG's.

There is nothing else to do but go around and act (as someone mentioned on the COH beta board) as a glorifyed cop.

I pre-ordered my game and I will pick it up and play the first 30 days, after that honestly unless some improovements are made to content I won't keep the account.

Avatar 12670
Using a steering wheel on a Burnout game is like using the Space Shuttle controls to fly a kite.
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12. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 21:16 JHMirage
Wow... you guys are really working hard to sell the game! You realize that by your incredibly childish attitudes you'll be driving more people away from the game that anything Halsey (or I) said, right?

At least Nickles made some serious, level-headed points. Whereas others... hmm... I love how the best argument you could come up with for the lack of content was, "Oh YEAH?!? Well... SWG doesn't have any EITHER! So THERE!"

I've been in the beta for almost a month, and I gotta say, there's a serious problem with repetition and lack of anything more meaningful to do than repeatedly restart with different powers to see how they compare. Don't try to hide that... you're not doing the game any favors. The devs need to know why people aren't going to be willing to spend $15/month for more than 1 or 2 months, tops. They'll want to fix it.

If you like the game, be honest with them about the shortcomings to make it even better. It's not a bad game, really. It's just kind of... one-dimensional.


Avatar 11160
Computer over?
Virus = very yes?
That's not a good prize!
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11. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 18:30 Halsy
For the adults, look at my review, and look at the flaming replies from the 14 year old retarded fanboys...nuff' said.

PS: Shouldn't you idiots be hanging out on the WoW boards with the rest of your other moronic troll pals?

This comment was edited on Apr 19, 19:07.
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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10. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 18:26 Taco Joe
Halsy, you fucking twat. You might have more costumes to choose from in your mother's closet, but there are a virtual FUCKLOAD of costume design choices here. Just because you can't figure out how to change them around isn't anyone's fault but your own.

Please tell me what super heroes are going to craft. +4 Tights of nut crushing? If all you want is to craft shit, go play that fag magnet Star Wars Galaxies.

No races!! WHAAAAA!!! What, you expect elves and dwarves and gnomes and shit to make an appearance in modern times? Go play EQ for that.

PvP? h@ pWn3d uR aZZ l0s3r!!! yeah, really the kind of shit I want to pay to see. Go play UO or Shadowbane dickhead.

and you want to talk about no content? Again, go play SWG, because it ain't nothing but a glorified chatroom set in the Star Wars Universe.

try playing it for more than 10 minutes to see some content.

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9. Re: No subject Apr 19, 2004, 17:39 Grounded
Halsy, you are a fucking idiot

I dont even have time to go into rebutting your lame ass post that sounds as if you played the beta for about 10 minutes

Suffice it to say Halsy must be a Horizons crafting fan who got turned off by the action oriented aspect of this game.

At any rate, do the research Furious and scan the websites, you can find videos and many tutorials about what the game is like, for example:



DOnt listen to Halsy, he is a typical flaming troll boy who cant put his money where his dipshit mouth is

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8. No subject Apr 19, 2004, 17:33 Nickles
Halsey's review is a bit biased for some reason.

There is loot, 2 types in fact. It just doesn't have any visble affect on your character. Think potions and jewlery from other MMPs.

The character generator is the most powerful around. I have not seen 2 toons that look a like. You can literally identify friends by looking at thwm, you don't need to see names.

The mission maps revolve around themes (wharehouse, office, sewers, cave, etc). There much more than 3 versions of each, but they are constructed from similiar pieces, so there is repetition. But there's numerous themes, so it doesn't get too repetetive.

As for the rest, yes there is no crafting or PvP. It's a pure PvE experience. But then again, what does 90% of the player base do in EQ? As a PvE expierence it is the best I've seen. So if you enjoy that, give CoH a shot.

This comment was edited on Apr 19, 17:38.
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7. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 16:32 Furious
Yikes, sounds like I should just wait till they at least have a 'free trial version'.

Thanks for everyone's feedback

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6. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 16:24 Halsy
CoH sucks. It's nothing but pure grind. There is NOTHING to do but grind levels.

Missions? What a fucking joke. They all amount to the same thing, goto X, defeat y, free hostage/disarm bomb/recover item. So you go to the instanced mission of which there are a total of 3 different map types per type of mission, and look for the glowing objects that you click on to disarm bomb/search crate, etc. These things require zero though. You could probably do them blindfolded they're that repetitive.

Costume selection is very limited. And while there is enough variation of the smaller details, overall most costumes are just minor variations of similar themes.

Loot? What loot? There is no loot.

Pvp? Nope, none of that either.

Crafting? Non-existent.

Given how long this thing is in development and the fact that there are no races, loot, pvp and crafting the game is seriously content deficient. The ONLY thing there is to do is level up and the grind from your teens onward only gets worse. That isn't mentioning the fact that there aer still a ton of fucking bugs, lag and balance issues. So ignore the fanboys or you are going to be kicking yourself for wasting your shekels on this POS.

The novelty of the game will be able to keep most people amused for about a month after that they'll all be scratching their heads saying 'What's the point?'. There is just no meat to this game at all. And they want 50 bucks for the client and 15 per month for the fee? LOL! INside of 6 months you'll see them giving the client away and cutting the game price down to 10 dollars as they scramble to get/keep customers. Inside of a year it'll probably drop to 5. If it doesn't, this game will fail - it probably will anyway.

"To a surprising extent the war-lords in shining armour, the apostles of martial virtues, tend not to die fighting when the time comes. History is full of ignominious getaways by the great and famous."
- George Orwell
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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5. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 15:37 Grounded
COH is hella fun

if you are not a moron, and have some friends to play this game with and know how to rgoup and work as a team its a freakin BLAST

And even solo the game is very much fun. You can still take missions and even after you have taken a mission you can invite others to go with you.

there are some good sites listed here :

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4. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 14:59 JHMirage
From what I have read, it has low downtime

Very true. Probably one of the highest-rate-of-action MMORPGs I've ever played. They definitely got this right... you could just fight bad guys nearly non-stop.


not such a bad Level Tread Mill

Uh, what? I guess that depends on your definition of "bad" level tread mill. In my experience, it's a good thing there's nearly no downtime, because pretty much ALL there is to do in the game is endlessly swat down bad guys. There are some "quests" handed out by your contact, but they feel so totally bogus to me that it just makes me laugh... they have NO real impact on my game, other than to make me go fight a certain specific type of enemy for a while, rather than just random wandering ones. If you're okay with that (the endless fighting of enemies, and that's all) then it's still a pretty fun game. I just don't think it's going to be "$15/month + $50 to start" fun.


Avatar 11160
Computer over?
Virus = very yes?
That's not a good prize!
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3. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 14:54 monkeydust
My impression of CoH and shared by many in my guild is that the game is kinda fun but it will likely get old fast. There doesn't seem to be much thought put into the "end game". But, if you want something to tide you over for a couple of months until WoW or EQ2, then CoH would be a good choice.

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2. Re: Man.... Apr 19, 2004, 14:41 ULTRAS
true true true. I like the game a lot. Thought I was going to hate it.

Honestly though, I may only enjoy it for a month or two max, but you will definately get your moneys worth as an entertainment purchase.


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