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Out of the Blue

I had along-overdue visit with the eye doctor yesterday, though it turns out my glasses prescription hasn't changed (I'm nearsighted), so the delay was of no consequence. I forgot, however, to try to satisfy my curiosity when he asked me if I had any questions, because I wanted to ask him his thoughts on that LASER eye surgery (I'm guessing he gets that a lot). I will follow-up with him on this directly soon enough, but I decided to lay some groundwork on the web... searching for "LASER eye surgery problems" (naturally the aspect of this I am most curious about) turned up enough of an abundance of results to turn anyone off to the prospect. A more refined search for "Custom LASIK problems" was much less pessimistic, though, with the majority of hits from eye doctor sites discussing potential complications. Along the way I learned that the Custom LASIK is also capable of coping with astigmatisms too (though mine is considered quite mild to start with), so it's possible I'm a candidate for this. At this point I admit to still being a bit doubtful about all this... I'm not much of a gambler, and I'm reluctant to risk my vision in order to take the chance on improving it, but I am still tugged by curiosity, so if anyone has any links or information about the pros and cons of this procedure, I'd be very interested.

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11. My own 2 cents Apr 9, 2004, 12:24 Tooon
I've been a glasses/contact lens wearer since 8 years old and I had it done in December. Wow, it's been pretty amazing. I had Custom Lasik and Intralase(to make the flap). I can't say I was terrified, they gave everyone some valium before their procedure, but it can be pretty strange. I'm down to 20/10-15 in one eye, and 20/20 in the other. Together I can see about 20/13 or so. I recommend it, and I have two friends that have had it done without any issues and they love it too.

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10. Re: lasik Apr 9, 2004, 12:09 Devster
On the other hand I can't wear sunglasses, so.. it's a quandry.
Not a fan of the clips? The magnetic ones are quite slick, and don't have the same obtrusive-ness as older clip on shades...

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9. The most important thing Apr 9, 2004, 11:48 zakk
The most important thing with LASIK is to check with a doctor beforehand to make sure the painkillers they give you actually work for you.

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8. Re: lasik Apr 9, 2004, 11:39 ZzeusS
I've been thinking of lasik for a while, now. But the thing is that plastic lenses have been refined over the years, too. What used to be huge heavy glass is now light thin plastic. Kinda lke the effect of glasses, too. If I got lasik I'd never be able to wear glasses again. On the other hand I can't wear sunglasses, so.. it's a quandry.

Blue, check out some of the videos. I can't remmeber the site, but there are tons of LASIK demos and interviews. It does seem kind of scary during the operation.
This comment was edited on Apr 9, 11:43.
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7. Re: lasik Apr 9, 2004, 11:39 Scottish Martial Arts
I had a history teacher who underwent Lasik and had very positive results. His only complaint was that it was the most terrifying 15 minutes of his life but it was just for those few minutes. The next day when he took the gauze off he had better than 20/20 vision and has had no problems since.

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6. lasik Apr 9, 2004, 11:15 jeremiah
anyone else think the SOLDNER ad in the upper right of the site is a complete rip of the CS logo?

one thing to remember about laser surgery results... we've been doing them for a LONG time now (longer than most would think) and alot of the problems people seem to have come from outdated procedures. Really we can only speculate about what is going to happen 20-30 years after you have the surgery done, but the people who deal with eyes/eyesight on a daily basis are very confident with the LASIK procedure... One thing to think about: if something happens that far down the road (20-30 years), there will more than likely be a new surgery developed that will correct whatever this problem may be.

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5. Re: LASIK Apr 9, 2004, 11:04 Sphinx
I had LASIK done about a year ago and I love not having to worry about contacts or glasses anymore.

Blue, there's a few very reputable doctors here in the Dallas area who have been doing Lasik since it first hit the scene back in the late 80s. Do a search on the Web for Dr. Tylock or Dr. Booth. I used Dr. Tylock.

Personally, my site was the -6 or -7 range for near sightedness and I had astigmatism. All of it's gone and I have absolutely zero regrets or qualms about recommending it to others. The whole procedure of lying on the bench and getting zapped took no more than a few minutes but you have to take extra special care of your eyes for a few days before and after the procedure. Plus they give you a valium befor the procedure which is sweeeeeeet!

As for the billboard ads, those are complete hogwash and those advertised prices are for people who have little to no need for visual correction.

And in case you were wondering, yeah I'll tell you the cost. About $3000 to correct my vision but of course it costs a more if your vision is worse and less if your vision is better. They do offer financing as well so it doesn't destroy your wallet too bad I suppose.

Worth every penny though note that it will not fix your vision forever and ever. Standard age and wear/tear will still impact your vision as you get older.
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4. Vision Apr 9, 2004, 11:02 Bronco
I've tried to convince my wife to look into this. The biggest issues I remember coming across are problems with night vision. IIRC some people experience 'halos' from oncoming headlights that can make driving at night treacherous.

The wife of my business partner had one of these procedures five or six years ago with no regrets.

I think you need to take a look at some statistics and decide if you are happy with the probabilities.

Roughly 8 years ago when I was still on the retail treadmill I notice a drop off in my vision. I went for my first visit to the eye doctor in at least 10 years. I was told I had 20/10 vision and must have had better vision prior to that as I was now noticing a drop off.

I realized then that I had missed my true calling - I should have been a airline pilot.

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3. Uh, hello? Apr 9, 2004, 11:00 PoopStewart
Good job mentioning today is Good Friday.

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2. Re: LASIK Apr 9, 2004, 10:41 nin
I've heard mixed results on eye surgery...some people (a coworker of mine, in particular) swear up and down by it, but others don't seem to be as lucky - specifically after 10 years or so (or as you get older). Naturally, I'm sure it's one of those things that the technology (and the skill of the doctors) gets better over time.

You could ask if your doctor would give you a list of patients you could contact to verify his work, but due to doctor/patient laws, I doubt he could do that.

Also (it kinda goes without saying, but still) I'm a firm believe in "you get what you pay for", so stay away from those billboard ads that sound too good to be true (You're a smart guy and I'm 99% sure you'd never do that, but it's still worth mentioning).
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1. LASIK Apr 9, 2004, 10:32 VogelAP
Blue... Wendy & I BOTH got LASIK in 2001 and we LOVE it. 100% thrilled with the results of being out of glasses.

Do your research and let that guide you, of course, but know that we've had amazing results.
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191 Replies. 10 pages. Viewing page 10.
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