Morning Q&As

  • TRIBES Vengeance
    There's a TRIBES Vengeance Q&A on Warcry News Network catching up with Ed Orman, Michael Johnston, and Tony Oakden of Irrational Games to learn more about plans for the next installment in the TRIBES series of multiplayer shooters.
  • Homeplanet: Playing with Fire
    Action Vault's Homeplanet Playing with Fire Q&A talks with Alexey Medvedev of 3Map Games about the upcoming Playing with Fire expansion for their space combat game.
  • Lineage II
    The Lineage II Q&A on GameZone talks with Raoul Kim, lead designer on the upcoming MMORPG sequel for a tour of the game's planned features.
  • Adellion
    RPG Vault's Adellion Interview #2, Part 2 converses with John Bates about: "Player vs. player, quests and more in the concluding portion of our extensive query session on Honourbound's game."
  • Streamline Studios
    There's a Streamline Studios Q&A on BeyondUnreal talking with Alexander L. Fernández, Stefan Baier, and Renier Banninga about this contributor to various projects like Unreal Tournament 2004 and Dead Man's Hand.
  • Brian Fargo
    Tiger's Claw's Brian Fargo Q&A tracks down the in-Xile Entertainment CEO to discuss his new company, his reasons for departing Interplay, and what the future holds for in-Xile.
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Mar 2, 2004, 23:40
Tribes Mar 2, 2004, 23:40
Mar 2, 2004, 23:40
Good Tribes read. I love irrational games. Cheers guys, hope you really turn this in to something special.

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