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Out of the Blue

I never get tired of that Groundhog Day gag, sorry for the inevitable confusion it caused once again (I even got a call from my brother about the "error")... I guess this is the price of comedy. This page (linked yesterday) should fill in the blank for those who aren't following.

I destroyed some coffee equipment for the first time in quite some time this morning (you may recall this used to be a habit for me), as my coffee grinder stopped grinding mid-grind today. This is sort of a blessing in disguise, as this total breakdown had been preceded by a period of semi-functionality where it took longer to grind the beans than it did to boil the water (even if I slowed the process by applying the scientific principle of watching the pot). While I try to locate a proper grinder (recommendations are welcome) I picked up one of those cheap chopper dealies from the supermarket for my emergency java needs... that may not be true grinding, but the convenience is undeniable, as this chopping process takes all of 10 seconds rather than closer to 10 minutes with the failing grinder.

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Thanks Mike Martinez.

40. Marge on Grinding (Coffee) Feb 4, 2004, 15:42 unaloony
I have a five year old Krups grinder that still works well. The motor seems to be holding up well. It has a little saftey pin on the lid that depresses a button on the rim of the main unit when you close the lid. Coffee grinds can get into small spaces making the lid hard to close sometimes. The coffee receptacle area with the rotating blades where the coffee gets ground is slightly ovular, making it somewhat difficult to get all of the ground coffee out with a single sweep. Still, the motor doesn't smell, there's not that much noise, and the coffee gets ground.

I had a Braun coffee grinder for about eight years which I liked better. The lid closed more easily, even when there were little grinds everywhere and it was easier to get the grounds out of the coffee grinding area. Although it ground about the same amount as my new grinder, when you take the lid off after grinding, less coffee would spill out than with the Krups.

I shake my coffee grinder when grinding, like one might do with a drink shaker, so maybe I put the machine through more abuse than most people, so, I don't really know if a coffee grinder is a lemon if it peters out after only 5-10 years or what. The brauns engine problems may have been related to user treatment not covered by the warranty.

With machine manufacturing being what it is today, you might be able to find a hand operated coffee grinder thats just as easy to use as an electric model. Try to steer away from an antique tho as it takes forever because you can only grind a few beans at a time. An all steel hand-crank grinder with reasonably long turning arm which bolts to the kitchen counter (or folds out from a cupboard on a retractible lever)would probably be the best long term solution. Your children might be able to use it after we have used up all the electricity in the United States and when it's no longer possible to send consumer products back to places of manufactur for warranty repairs.

According to the United States Department of Consumer Affairs, there is a real problem with coffee grinder manufacturers making their products with too short a shelf life. If coffee grinders are cheap and last less than ten years, then consumers will have to buy more of them over the course of their lives, which average around sixty years or so. If each consumer consumers four coffee grinders in their lifetime, the United States will run out of room to store old broken coffee grinders by the year 2020. Plus, the electric motors produce electromagnetic feilds and we really haven't been able to fully understand/study the effect of electromagnetic feilds on human psyiology because most humans have only been exposed to them on a daily basis for the past forty years or so.

You can get a work out from a hand-cranked grinder! With an electric model, you might go blind, develop cancer, cause your dog to develop anal leakage, etc..

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