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Half-Life 2 Screenshots

Computer And Video Games has posted a trio of new Half-Life 2 Screenshots showing off in-game action from Valve's upcoming shooter sequel. Thanks Tiscali Games.

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123. Re: DDI Dec 22, 2003, 18:16 carnevil47
I think your bieng a bit too harsh on Quake 2 single player.

Yes it is true that iD focused heavily on single player and yes it does suck nuts compared to today, but think about it, What FPS had great single player when quake 2 came out?

Half Life? that game didnt come out till several month after quake 2 and no one had a clue how revoluionary its single player was. Unreal came about before half life but after quake 2 and its single player blowed also.

Basically Zephalalalwhogivesashit's arguement still stands. The standard for single player was quite simple before Halflife came out. Half life revolutionized single player games and iD did not focus on single player games after half life's release. So its possible that iD looked at the current market, realized that gamers have little tolerance for "corrider shooters", and decided to evolve.

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121. Re: DDI Dec 20, 2003, 19:16 Zephalephelah

That's pretty kewl.

I still disagree with you. But that's okay. I never heard it called Q2 Online. Are you sure you weren't playing Ultima Online?

It's not that it took you long to plug my name to Google. That isn't it. It's that you were so obsessed with me that you actually took the time to do that, and then, AND THEN, you actually went to one of the other web sites that I frequent & read some of my posts because what, you didn't get enough here?

You sir are a freak! (I'm 99% sure you suffer from road-rage and possibly beat your wife)

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120. Re: DDI Dec 20, 2003, 10:02 DDI
Whoa there Lord Azrael don't call me a dumbfuck! That hurts coming from someone who prances about like a "Vampyre"! I might end up drinking myself into a stupor with some "wyne" and you'll go all gimp on my ass!

If the game was concentrated on multiplayer HOW COME IT DIDNT RELEASE WITH ANY DEDICATED MULTIPLAYER MAPS DINGBAT! QUAKE 2 DIDNT RELEASE WITH CTF! It came out later in a patch, several patches later. Christ you are a fuckin moron. Can't you read?

Infact Q2 online was horribly broken for several patches. They concentrated on single player then it horribly backfired.

It took like 5 seconds to c&p your name into google. It's such a dumb name I figured you used it everwhere.


This comment was edited on Dec 20, 10:09.
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119. Re: No subject Dec 20, 2003, 07:01  famished 
quote "It didn't take a source code leak for people to realize that the E3 demo was all totally scripted and was not done using AI"

I'm not sure why everyone is down on scripted events. Unscripted AI is marketing strategy bullshit, trying new "buzz words" to lure in people that dont understand how useless it is on it's own. The things you can do with scripting can add to the story of a game far more than the weak AI we have in games these days.

The thing is, delivering a story with well timed events is the key to the immersion of a lot of successful games. This is something AI on it's own can never do. Scripting can assist normal AI and make it look "smarter" if done wisely.

Of course unscripted AI can produce a lot of unique things, but it's too hard to control if you ever need to.

All AI can do these days are very simplistic things. If you want something more, you have to combine it with scripting.

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118. No subject Dec 19, 2003, 22:32 Bunko
LOL. This is funny. You guys are da BOCES.

We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different.
Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, I speak for you? - Now at v1.1
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117. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 17:30 MonsieurEvil
And a MEERRRYYYYYYY CHRISTMAASSSS from DDI and Zephalephelah to you all. Seriously kids, how about you settle down. It's a video game, you have a comfortable suburban life, and being this fanboy about something is only to to give you even more acne from all that stress.


Edited to add an additional umbrella of sarcasm over the intarweb...

This comment was edited on Dec 19, 17:31.
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116. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 17:27 Zephalephelah

A: At least I know how to read.
B: I laugh at you. You looked up my ID on the internet? LOL! What a pathetic little no-life cretin dumbfuck you are.
C: I don't give a shit what the previews said you nubbie. The game was not created for single-player like Doom or Wolfenstein was before it. ID focused on multi-player deathmatch after the incredible popularity of Doom2 fragfests. Do you remember Doom2? There were 30 vast levels, secret rooms, etc. The multiplayer was just there pratically as an afterthought. Quake came out and someone made CTF for it. Quake 2 had CTF built in. Sure they made single-player modes for the Quake games but it wasn't the focus. There were both Single-player & multi-player & ID was banking on multi-player because that's where it was all going with the opening up of the internet to the common public (not that it was closed, but that it wasn't widespread knowledge before that time).

D: With Doom3, they purposefully return to their roots. Multi-player is 4 people like Doom before it & with just a few maps. They weren't even going to do it at first.

So get *YOUR* story straight bitch-ass punk.

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115. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 12:54 DDI
Oh yea, most of the multiplayer maps looked like cut and pasted single player maps, when they actually released any dedicated MP maps. Did you even play the game you dumbass noob?

Heres a quote from Gamespots Quake 2 review to help your plebe brain:

There are gameplay achievements, as well. Most notable, of course, is the inclusion of a well-crafted, mission-driven single-player game.

Gamecenters review:

You'll read a lot about the Quake 2 creature AI, but in reality it's not that much better than Quake 1. Monsters do now duck, but if you keep firing they stay ducked and don't shoot back.

Having played the full solo game had one big benefit - all the release multiplayer maps are solo game maps. There seems to be no special deathmatch levels.

Looks to me like you just got owned chief now fuck off.

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114. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 12:52 DDI
triple post thats what I get for rushing
This comment was edited on Dec 19, 12:55.
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113. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 12:52 DDI
double post
This comment was edited on Dec 19, 12:55.
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112. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 12:37 DDI
You are pretty much the biggest moron on the planet.

All the previews were for the single player, go back and read some of the shit in blues archives. id software was hyping the AI and level design like there was no tomorrow. Pretty sure your reaction to the thought of them designing the single player game proves my point.

Fucking moron.

Why don't you go back to your Thomas boards and talk about the meaning of God some more while painting your nails black, you fuckin goth loser.

This comment was edited on Dec 19, 12:40.
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111. Re: Generations Mod Dec 19, 2003, 10:49 The Sentinel
Incorrect. Generations used art content copied directly from Wolf/Doom/Q1, in addition to characters and stories that were also copyrighted/trademarked. It was a combination of direct copyright and trademark violation that caused its death.

Good catch, I should have seen that. Where's a paralegal when you need them...

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110. Re: DDI Dec 19, 2003, 02:13 Zephalephelah
Hmmm... let me see. Quake 2, focus on single-player?


The last time ID focused on Single-player was Doom2. They still made their games (excepting Q3, that was merely arena bots) with Single-player modes, but the focus was always on multi-player.

But thanks for playing DiDi, you silly ass girlie-girl. Now kindly fuck off. Thanks.

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109. HL2 Sites? Dec 19, 2003, 01:44 Shadowphreak
Hey folks,

I have a dedicated HL2 Mapping site ready to go. I'm looking for another dedicated Modeling site and/or Texturing site to partner up with.

Anyone know of any?

Support the Mapping Community, join today, it's free.

HL2 Mapaholics

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108. Re: Generations Mod Dec 18, 2003, 13:03 ildon
Id put the kabosh on Generations beacause the license does not allow others to recreate their content (ie: recreating Q1 maps for Q2).
Incorrect. Generations used art content copied directly from Wolf/Doom/Q1, in addition to characters and stories that were also copyrighted/trademarked. It was a combination of direct copyright and trademark violation that caused its death.

Look at Generations: Arena ( ). They tried EXTREMELY HARD (and were successful I might add) at not using any copyrighted material or trademarked characters/situations. Id themselves believe that the concept of a weapon and gameplay cannot be copyrighted (Apple vs Microsoft "look and feel" argument, most likely), and that's probably why they allow people to make their own original versions of maps, etc.

You're correct on the note about Valve having the liscense to ALL of Quake1, thus being allowed to make DMC, but really they probably could have done it anyway as long as they made no direct references to Quake (and if you notice, the game itself contains no Quake content or trademarks...).

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107. Re: Sepharo Dec 18, 2003, 11:07 Jane You Ignorant Slut!
I Wouldn't Say "Genius", Exactly

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106. Re: Sepharo Dec 18, 2003, 10:33 The Sentinel
"My hand kinda smells like poop."

Oh come on now, fess up and make it plural. Your *hands* smell like poop. You know that you double-fist it like Goatse. Quit trying to be coy.

I think he meant it as a Penny-Arcade reference. Some comic in which the Gabe thinks he might be a genius, sniffs his hand, then makes the above comment.
too lazy to find the link.

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105. Re: Generations Mod Dec 18, 2003, 10:03 Jane You Ignorant Slut!
if anyone cares, the Gen mod is buried deep in File Planet. (thanks google)

Too bad this mod was squashed though. Would have been cool to blast seamlessly through all 4 games in co-op.

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104. Re: DDI Dec 18, 2003, 09:30 DDI

Thats a great name! Did you come up with it while playing D&D, wearing a cape and drinking Mt Dew out of your dungeon masters fridge? "IVE GOT IT! I'LL CALL MYSELF ZEPHALAHLIHAIHUAGHAUGHCTHUHLU, FEAR ME!"

And Junior High SPED jokes! Man what are you 16? Shouldn't you be studying?

The last time id software focused on single player it was Quake 2 that game blew chunks SP wise. Hell when they focused on multiplayer it wasn't that great. Too bad any creative talent they had jumped ship long ago.

And too bad your logic isn't as good as your high school level flaming technique, if it was you'd be a winner!

I KNOW... maybe you can get your DM to give you some XP so you can go up a level in flaming! Just maybe.

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123 Replies. 7 pages. Viewing page 1.
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