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DX: Invisible War Q&As

A triple-play: RPG Vault's Deus Ex: Invisible War Q&A, Part 3 talks with Kent Hudson, Ricardo Bare, Warren Spector, Matt Baer, and Jared Carr asking a few last questions to cap off their conversation about ION Storm's impending FPS/RPG sequel. There is also a DX: Invisible War Q&A on Gamehelper talking with ION Storm's Harvey Smith, asking a variety of questions, including whether they are considering switching to Half-Life 2's Source engine on the eve of the game shipping. Finally, the Deus Ex 2 Q&A on Firing Squad also chats with Harvey "Witchboy" Smith going into more detail about the game's design and production.

16. Re: No subject Dec 2, 2003, 16:58 WaltC
"You know what? The majority of people who played Deus Ex never finished it because it took so long. Believe it or not, the majority of gamers are casual gamers, not hardcore. A lot of people complained about the length of Deus Ex."

Care to cite some references for these views? I hate to break it to you, but playing a computer game isn't like going to a movie where after the third hour people are falling asleep and into the fourth hour people are walking out...:) Not quite. Most people play computer games in small chunks, say an hour or two at the time, and so a game "taking too long to finish" is rarely a problem for people. In fact, the more a game keeps them interested and involved between sessions, and keeps them entertained enough to keep coming back, the more people like it, and the better entertainment value it seems.

What people dislike are long games that are also boring and fail to draw them in, or long games that are long because of stupid design decisions developers make about not allowing people to save where they want--and so people get frustrated at having to repeat sections over and over again just because there's no decent savegame feature. That's not "long"--that's tedious and boring, frustrating and artificial. The concept of the "casual gamer" has absolutely nothing to do with game length. IMO, this kind of talk about 10-15 hour games selling for $50 is just nonsense because all it involves is a developer and publisher wanting to sell you a lot less content for the same amount of money.

"Hardcore gamers make up only a very, very small segment of the market. Very small. Very, very, very small. You guys can choose not to believe that, but the sales figures of games like Myst, Riven, The Sims, and other casual games speaks for itself."

I think your definition of "hardcore gamers" being people who like games that keep them entertained for longer than 15 hours is really funny...:) I wonder what you'd call people who play online games like Q3 and UT2K3 for hours each week for *years*..."fanatics"...? Those games don't even have a single-player story behind them.

I can also tell you've never played either Myst or Riven, if you'd categorize them in the same class with "The Sims"...:) But, hey, if IS wants to put out a 15-hour console game on the PC for "casual gamers" and charge $14.95 for it at WalMart (as I last saw The Sims priced there, along with other "casual games" like "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"), great--I'd have no problem with that whatever.

But to bill this game as PC game, single-player only, and call it "DeusEx2", and then offer no more than 15 hours or so worth of total content (on top of everything else non-DeusEx about it about it) for $50?--nope, that's a horse of a different color.

"Not every game has to be 40 hours, nor should they. Not every gamer needs to be hardcore, nor should they."

And not every game needs to cost $50, either...:) Or is that you just think we should all pay "hardcore" prices for "casual" games?

"I'm just correcting your grossly flawed worldview."

Hmmmm...yours doesn't seem all that enlightened, to me...:)Sigh, there's always *somebody* who thinks it's a great privilege to pay more for less. But to be honest, after having installed this demo and being shocked at the general sloppiness and shoddyness of it, not to mention the fact it's a blatant attempt to profit from the original game while it resembles it in name only, I wouldn't be interested in this game if it was on the shelf at WalMart next to Regis Filbin's smiling mug and marked at $14.95. But I would certainly think it was priced right, no question.

This comment was edited on Dec 2, 17:02.
Avatar 16008
It is well known that I do not make mistakes--so if you should happen across a mistake in anything I have written, be assured that I did not write it!
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