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BF1942 to Bust Punks

The Battlefield 1942 Website (thanks Frans) has word that punks beware, Even Balance's anti-cheat software is going back in time to World War II. Here's the word:

In response to the #1 request from the community, DICE & EA are proud to announce the inclusion of anti-cheat measures in the next patch for Battlefield 1942. The Battlefield team is committed to providing an exploit-free gaming environment for members of our community. Our goal is to have measures in place which address both current and future cheats. As such, after researching existing anti-cheat programs, we've determined that Punkbuster™ suits our purposes perfectly. We'll keep everyone updated as to our progress. For now, we have successfully integrated Punkbuster into the upcoming 1.6 patch and we're in the process of testing it.

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43. Re: Uhhh Dec 2, 2003, 10:44 MonsieurEvil
VAC and Punkbuster are architecturally very different and use different theories of how to combat cheats. VAC basically takes your mod client DLL source(after you hand them over to Valve) and runs them through a 'scrambling' algorithm during compile that makes them very difficult to insert hooks into. Combined with STEAM (which is supposed to push core client files on demand to prevent you replacing them with hacked ones), and you have a pretty tough system to cheat on, theoretically. This is nothing like PB at all. Valve didn't steal anything, they just had a different direction.

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42. Re: No subject Dec 2, 2003, 10:40 Tony!!!
Can't wait for this patch.
I had a blast playing last night. Went buck wild and killed 6 guys with my bar and colt. To be skilled like that you have to know your invetory and be near precognative. I got 3 gold stars in a row, 'woot'. Gotta represent Bluesnews.
I'll be glad to see the cheating go. I know i've been a victim to it a few times.

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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41. No subject Dec 2, 2003, 09:51 Sphinx
As a long time player of RtCW and ET I too will attest to the usefulness of Punkbuster. I'm surprised it took the Battlefield group this long.

There's a few important things to remember about it though:

1. It does NOT send any private information to evenbalance (the punkbuster folks). So no black helicopters will be circling.

2. I too often had a problem with automatic downloads of updates, both on the server component and client component but a patch was put out that fixed this and no problems since.

3. It will catch *known* hacks that are "in the wild" similar to how an anti-virus program catches viruses that are in it's known database. As someone else said, if someone just gives it to his buddy and no one else, the chance of the cheat being caught is very remote.

4. While a server might say they have punkbuster installed, it's up to the server admin to actually define the parameters. While Evenbalance puts out a "suggested" pbserver.cfg file (or was it punkbuster.cfg) file for admins, leagues often change that. If an admin does not setup a config file with ranges for such things as screen inensity, gamma, field of view, or any other setting the game allows you the player to tweak in it's CFG or INI file then it doesn't do a whole lot except look at your game files and ensure they aren't modified, possibly the vid card drivers too. That's been my impression at least so if I'm wrong I apologize up front.

5. There is also a Web Admin tool that is very handy to have in case you are not directly at your server but you'll have to be sure you have an extra port or two open on any firewall between the Internet and your server.
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40. At last! Dec 2, 2003, 06:05 oliversl
Great move from EA, kudos!

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39. Re: It still amazes me Dec 2, 2003, 02:59 Muscular Beaver
You will never ever play a team oriented game very coordinated on a public server anyway. just because there are too many people who dont care for the team and just go kill on their own to let people know how great they are. but the only thing they prove with that is their stupidity.

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Waiting for BIS to come back to their senses and do a real ArmA 2 successor.
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38. Re: Uhhh Dec 2, 2003, 02:20 Raptor
Well, maybe I'll look up that review later.

But as far as I remember they pretty clearly said valve pretty much gave them no reply and just didn't want to see em around, and later happened to just come out with a pretty similiar cheat protection.

Sure wouldn't it be great to have actual company support for the game you are doing the cheat protection for ? And why stick around when there is none, it was the only correct thing at that time imho.

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37. Uhhh Dec 1, 2003, 23:47 freon
Raptor, thats not how it happened. The PB team decided to go commercial and become an integrated product. They looked at Valve to be their first client, since CS was the largest (only? cant rem for sure) user of PB at the time. Valve was already working on VAC, so they declined the offer. the PB team moved on to other companies and the rest is history.

PB for BF should be great.

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36. Cheaters are eternal Dec 1, 2003, 23:05 Krazy Kat
I went to a LAN party and saw people looking through walls in a counterstrike tournament. Anything that prevents cheating is a good thing.

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35. It still amazes me Dec 1, 2003, 22:36 Slingblade
I have a hard time understanding anyone who use cheats in an online game, especially one that is TEAM ORIENTED. It must be a hollow victory indeed for those who feel they must use a cheat in order to gain some sort of advantage....for what? So they can see their name at the top of the ranks more often? These must be the same people who tie strings to quarters and drop them in vending machines or something.

Let me remind all those who use cheats that when you do, you really arent COMPETING ANYMORE. You are just whacking off. Do us all a favor and go to your favorite porn site instead (I'm sure you've got one). Leave the REAL competition to those of us who are WILLING TO PUT OUR SKILLS ON THE LINE.


Find me in a DC game if you dare...

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34. No subject Dec 1, 2003, 22:17 Phaint
Because they don't make it obvious, the cheats I activate are mainly the See all people/vehicle on map and the See the Name of everyone on map from a FAR FAR range.

They don't have to use autoaim to cheat. I never turned on that option as that ruins the game. It's funny when I see someone strafe around a building to kill me, and I strafe around opposite to him and he knows and changes directions. You'd be surprised with the amount of people that cheat in that game.

If you can't beat em, join em =P

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33. Re: Desert Combat Dec 1, 2003, 21:35 Hump
I play DC and never had an issue hackers

same here. if they ARE cheating I certainly don't notice it.

Now CoD, thats anothetr story. Theres a few skin hacks out there and after looking at the "KILL CAM" enough times you can tell whether someone is using one because they'll spot guys that are virtually impossible to see across a map and get the kill. Thats why I can't stand those 2 snow maps...the bastards thrive there.

Currently Playing: CoD, Halo MP, DC .5. Hotly Anticipating: Firestarter, UT2004 Pondering: Second Life Listening to: Dropkick Murphys
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"Both the “left” and the “right” pretend they have the answer, but they are mere flippers on the same thalidomide baby, and the truth is that neither side has a clue."

- Jim Goad
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32. Re: Punkbuster annoyances Dec 1, 2003, 21:29 ExcessDan
Has the weak infantry weapons been addressed in any of the patches? I'm really seriously considering bf1942, but if I get fragged one more time by some retard engineer with a satchel charge, after loading him full of lead from 25 meters, I'm going to give up on bf1942.

The infantry weapons are good if you know how they work.. at a distance you aren't going to hit shit unless you crouch and that goes for any weapon. I think you get better accuracy with short bursts of fire as well.. or was that another game... I think it was bf. I found it amusing one day when I was playing some MOHAA that there were some people that could point out the BF1942 players on the server by the way they crouched during a firefight. Haha, it becomes a force of habit.

edit: Oh! I just thought of something else! I don't think the demo has been updated with all the patches because I think it was either version 1.2 or 1.3 that fixed some problems with the hits not being detected with the lag and whatnot. I remember it was almost impossible to snipe someone and it took almost an entire clip to make a kill.

Mayor Dan

Aaah democracy is surely sweet (except when I appoint myself mayor).

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31. Re: No subject Dec 1, 2003, 20:33 Muscular Beaver
Thats what I did with americas army a while back. I played the game for the first time and after a few weeks I was still getting shot from people who werent even visible to me because of fog, or got grenades in the ass from some guy who stood at the other end of the map. I downloaded a hack to see if I was really that bad or if people would cheat that much... and I was shocked at how many people cheated... at least 50% of them... that was the saddest moment ive ever experienced in an computer game. I quit that game soon after.

Avatar 12928
Waiting for BIS to come back to their senses and do a real ArmA 2 successor.
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30. Woooooooooooo!!!! Dec 1, 2003, 20:27 Darkhand Brackstone
Oh Yeah!

I can't wait for this! No more cheating! I stopped playing this awesome game cause of all the BS. Now I can play it again!

I LOVE YOU EA, I'm sorry for all the horrible things I said about you! Let's make babies!

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29. Re: No subject Dec 1, 2003, 20:19 Mega Fantasy Sci-Fi PostApocalyptic MMORTRPFPS 9000
you loser.

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28. No subject Dec 1, 2003, 19:37 Phaint
Eh at first, I was pissed at the game because I kept getting owned by people that I swore knew where I was. Or snipers that would snipe me from beyond the fog. I decided to get even and downloaded the same hack many of them have.

You'll be AMAZED how many people cheat. I see people sniping from beyond the fog or throwing nades over a wall exactly where the enemy is like every couple of minutes.

If they make it that no one could cheat, I'll be happy. But as long as there are cheaters allowed, I shall be one too because I refuse to die from their gun =P

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27. Re: Punkbuster annoyances Dec 1, 2003, 19:27 dmb
I've played countless hours of RTCW and RTCWET and punkbuster is a godsend. Its totally seamless; the only issues I have seen is on a low-spec machine, with all the bells and whistles off, some servers complain via pb that my configuration is not accepted. (Turning off the dynamic lights, shadows, etc can really give you the advantage spotting the enemy at distance, so I consider this the admins prerogative.) This was not modifying the config file, btw, only setting things via the ingame menu.

Otherwise, check out rtcwet, and you'll find very few, if any, cheats. PB scans the game exe as you play, so a modified exe (with wallhack, for instance) will get booted. I believe, also, that id and nerve agreed that anyone caught with a modified exe would be banned, forever, from the game, ie have the cdkey destroyed from the auth server. Thats what I call taking cheaters seriously.

On a side note, I've been playing bf1942 demo, and like a lot of what I see, but on the ground infantry seems way underpowered. I'm having a hard time getting kills at even moderate distances, where in rtcw I can dominate a public server on a good day. This is a real turnoff; vehicles are great, but accuracy and smart tactics with a rifle need to pay off too.

Has the weak infantry weapons been addressed in any of the patches? I'm really seriously considering bf1942, but if I get fragged one more time by some retard engineer with a satchel charge, after loading him full of lead from 25 meters, I'm going to give up on bf1942.

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26. Re: Punkbuster annoyances Dec 1, 2003, 19:17 Demandred
Punkbuster's integration into RavenShield was completely seamless...No worries here...I looking forward to it.

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25. If this is true... Dec 1, 2003, 18:46 Muscular Beaver
Ill probably buy the game finally. Tho, cheats are never going to be non-existent. Ive recently visited a cheaters board and there were a lot of people who write their own cheats and only use them for themselves and maybe very good friends of them. Those cheats will take forever to be detected, if at all. And I also remember to read about a wallhack for BF1942. Actually a multihack for Q3A engine games, BF1942 and I think Half-Life too. But, what I also noticed is that cheaters have a real hard time now with Americas Army since Punkbuster has been implemented. Except those few that write cheats for their own and dont share it with their community.

Avatar 12928
Waiting for BIS to come back to their senses and do a real ArmA 2 successor.
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24. Re: Punkbuster annoyances Dec 1, 2003, 18:38 weeds
You're going to have to post a link to the article with the PB guy saying valve copied their technology.

Cause I recall that article, and don't remember that statement. I do remember him stating that they contacted valve but valve said no thanks because they had been working on cheat protection already for HL2.

So link it or its BS.

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