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I of the Enemy Demo

The Enemy Technology Website now offers downloads of a demo for I Of The Enemy, though in an unusual move, registration is required to download this sample of their upcoming science fiction real-time strategy offering. Here's a bit of the game's brief description: "A war is raging in a far-off galaxy and a new Commander of Armies is chosen. But dark, unknown forces are at play and the mystery of how the battle started is deepening ... and a sinister plot is evolving." A mirror of the 116 MB download can be found on Gamer's Hell and Worthplaying.

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14. Re: We've Heard You! Dec 4, 2003, 06:44 Karen Shillcock
We have now made the registration for the demo optional.

Also, a new demo is now available for Free Download on the ET website, which has 5 missions and not 3 to give the player a better feel for the gameplay - 125 megs.

But we don't want to give too much away :).

Karen Shillcock
Enemy Technology

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13. Re: Must be a turkey Nov 28, 2003, 13:32 Hunterzyph
Yeah, a friend of mine was #2 on the ladder for the better part of 6 months if I recall. I wish Bungie had never licensed out Myth 3...thta was a joke.

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12. Re: Must be a turkey Nov 28, 2003, 13:23 Monkeyhonker
Myth was a masterpiece. I couldn't believe how cool it looked, then how amazing it was to play.

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11. Re: Must be a turkey Nov 28, 2003, 10:35 tallone
"The emphasis of the game has moved away from gathering, mining and building and concentrated more on interesting tactical problems where the player has more of an opportunity to employ solutions that we designers might not have thought of...There has been an effort to keep the number of units on the board smaller than in other games of this type, so that more emphasis may be placed on manoeuvre. This makes it more important for the player to achieve favourable match-ups between friendly and enemy unit types, rather than just waiting for overwhelming numerical superiority."

Or you could just point gamers to this amazing game from 1997

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10. Re: Must be a turkey Nov 28, 2003, 03:16 Silicon Avatar
There are screen shots on one of the mirrors. It reminds me of Starcraft - which would be cool except Star Craft is how old now?

This game won't make it on the PC - especially not for $30. You can carp on gameplay all you want, but that's the reality. If you could make it work on a palmtop or something like that then you would have something. I like indie games but I fear you are in for disappointment if you think you are going to sell this to the pc crowd.

Maybe you can get lucky and be published on a shovelware cd (seriously).

Good luck.

Avatar 18037
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9. Hmmmm... Nov 27, 2003, 20:08 Hunterzyph
Very valid point Artician. They really should have a Sundance Film festival type alternative for computer games.

I'd be willing to guess that there are tens of really fun games that go by unnoticed for the great majority of gameplayers who focus their purchases on what they read up on big game sites. One reason most people avoid 'budget' titles is because of games like Marine Sharpshooter or Navy Seals 2: Weapons of Mass Destruction. Games that are based on somewhat nice ideas, but have absolutely horrid follow-through.

You honestly do not need to license a $500,000 game engine to have a fun game. I'd love to see one of the Torque games really take off to prove this (though I realize that Garage Games royalties are pretty heavy). Games like Pontifex/Pontifex 2 utilized only basic 3d engine technology, while focusing on the gameplay (which appeals to a small minority of gamers for the most part).

Heck, there are some NES and SNES games which can be far more rewarding and enjoyable than the latest and greatest. Try playing through the original Final Fantasy games if you like a good RPG. You could give them better graphics, but beyond the immersion factor, the principle basis which makes the game enjoyable remains unchanged.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people (ie under 18 years old) do not have the patience to appreciate older games, and how they have superior gameplay. That is not to say that I have not seen some truly revolutionary games recently...only that "fun" can be found at the bottom of the bargain bin...or in a $10 purchase online to a small company.

P.S. I'd like to thank Mark Temple for posting and informing us. I wish you luck on promoting your game.

This comment was edited on Nov 27, 20:09.
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8. Game opinions Nov 27, 2003, 19:51 Artician
Being an indie developer, it's probably not wise to gauge this game against professional titles.

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7. Re: We've Heard You! Nov 27, 2003, 19:48 Ludomancer
Eesh. No offense, your FMV is extremely bad though. And the game, I dunno.

Honestly, if you guys are going to do oldschool, like a 2D game, you should at least aim to look and play better than the last 2D title in the generation you're mimicking. There are freeware titles that look better and offer a wider selection of gameplay out right now.
Or at least get onboard a platform that has an equal level of advancement. You're game would do well on the PocketPC or PalmOS, probably.

And you can get big-budget titles for $30. In all seriousness I am down with the independant developer scene, but I woulndt' pay more than $10 for most indie games.

No offense, just my 2c.
Good luck.

This comment was edited on Nov 27, 19:49.
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6. We've Heard You! Nov 27, 2003, 18:51 Mark Temple
The registration will be made optional as soon as we can do it! It was actually sort of an afterthought, and it's not important if it makes people not want to try the demo.
And yes, we are a small developer who is self publishing. We are trying to deliver solid game play for an affordable price ($29.95), which includes multi-player for 8, hosted by GameSpy.
The screen shots will be there as soon as possible. The web site has only been up for about 2 weeks and we thought the demo would be more important. We really are not trying to hide anything.

Thanks for your patience!

Mark Temple
Enemy Technology

Mark Temple
Enemy Technology
<a href=""></a>
"We have found the enemy, and he is us!"
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5. Re: No subject Nov 27, 2003, 18:18 tallone
go to their website, and the click the flash link..

watch some vids from the game in the logo area..

is this a joke?

my favorite is the space battle fmv

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4. No subject Nov 27, 2003, 16:54 Meshugeneh
I've never heard of this game. Yeah reg gets in the way, but it could be decent. I don't know if I'd compare it to vileplanet though, since this is most likely a small time publisher.

Today any request for info seems to be too intrusive. I always use my junkmail box to ward off the incoming spam, or in this case the followup Emails reminding me constantly to buy the stupid thing. (Not that it's happened, I haven't even signed up on the site. Just my assumption).

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3. site reg Nov 27, 2003, 16:39 Ludomancer
usually they just want your registration so they can pepper you with marketting Emails to buy their stupid game. Almost as bad as fileplanet.

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2. Re: Must be a turkey Nov 27, 2003, 15:42 Rebian
There's 3 new strategy games that come out every week, very pointless.

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1. Must be a turkey Nov 27, 2003, 15:16 Silent Sorrow
There are no screenshots available. Very suspicious ...

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