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17. No subject Oct 18, 2003, 12:51 Acleacius
Actually people talking on the the web and forums (while I cant speak for everyone) is very important. It helps game makers get the word out about there game. They all love it when people are actually talking about how great the game plays. When its the other way around its "Losers, oops I mean Pack Mentality", even the critisim is justified like this case. If they know AA & AF would cause problems why didnt they get the word out before the game came out. Why wait until a fever is racing across the internet, "Cause they didnt know".
While im happy for you people whom can get it to run WTH does that have to do with the 90% of people that cant. I never use AA and occasionally use AF 95% of games I play at 16 x 12. I have P4 2.8 and TI4600 at 10 x 7 full effects I get constant slow downs. Oh sure its smooth with no AI or Particle Effects on the screen. It constanly drops below 20FPS (I use FRAPS and it is ACCURATE)when mulitple AI and PE's from weapons are on screen.
Here was my comment to GearBox forums, Thanks for the link

What a Arrogant @ss he is, I had no idea, I hope his job is on the line.
Denial never ceases to amaze me, the delusional ability it can give someone.

Game Design Summital: To the BIGGEST Software Company on the Planet

Dear Guys-With-Really-Deep-Pockets

I know lets take a 3 to 5 year old engine and code in optimizations to advanced, for the all but current top 10% of hardware configuration. Then to top it off lets release it TO SOON, before even those top 10% can run it above 30fps, so we can make the Holiday Season. No one will notice, if they do then we can tell them what a bunch of LOSERS (Edit: oops, we better say, Pack Mentality, yeah thats it) they are cause they dont have the top 10% Gaming Rigs and because they expect to have a game that has SOME level of detail above SOFTWARE MODE. Then we can actually fix our mistakes.

THEN (you guys will love this part) we can get some of the Video Card makers, to cheat on filtering cappiblities and texture rendering with the next set of Terminator Drivers. There is ABSOLUTLY NO REASON, for us to actually INCLUDED COOPERTIVE MODE, just cause, the game was DESIGNED for it and its one of the most POPULAR Modes. This way we can spend more time on these SLOPPY codings no ones machines can run, then after a YEAR when 40% to 50% of the machines can actually run this game we can release a ADDON pack with COOPERTIVE and the ACTUAL FINISHED CODINGS (get it, wink wink).

We here think this plan is well suited for the, BIGGEST Software Company on the Planet. We are your biggest FANS we have all your books on, HOW TO NEVER DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We strongly believe in your philosophy of keeping people crippled and needy.


Its a sad day for America when people believe women, The Drumpf
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