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  • Halo
    The Halo Q&A on The Adrenaline Vault talks with Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford about the performance anxiety some users have experienced with PC Halo, describing a variety of reasons for performance problems, and what's being done about those that can be addressed.
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    Game Designer Speaks on Computer and Video Games is a Q&A with "Gallic smoothie and tres bon XIII games designer" Thomas Mainnemare to discuss XIII, the conspiracy-laden cel-shaded first-person shooter. Thanks Frans.
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25. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 16:52 Beelzebud
ROFL that video is great. Everyone should watch it!

One of the marines even says: "Nice fram-rate". LOL

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24. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 16:51 Beelzebud
Oh I never complain about the AA and AF issue. I never use AF and I use Quincunx AA on certain games but not all. I know how my hardware works. I'm really not bitching just to bitch.

My issue is with the game running like crap.

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23. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 15:55 Ray Marden
With regards to AA and AF, why is this an issue with people? Just like changing the resolution, they eat a given card's available bandwidth...

I have already expressed my issues with Halo, but do not flame the game over AA and AF.

Going to be playing Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 without AA and AF,

10-03-03 at 10:24 PM: My mother, Deborah Lynn Marden, passed away.
I love you, mom.
Avatar 2647
Everything is awesome!!!
I love you, mom.
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22. Re: Halo was originally written for the TNT2 Oct 18, 2003, 14:52 Chipper
LMAO! and yes, i do work on a mod.

Thomas Burt,

Trauma Studios
Gather 'round children and i'll tell you a tale,
Of chipper the ripper the chipmunk from hell
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21. Halo was originally written for the TNT2 Oct 18, 2003, 14:37 MeatForce
Hahahaa! Anyone remember this ol' classic?

"OH NO! Not the GeForce 2 GTS!!"

"Woa. Nice framerate."

"Thanks. With the power of the GeForce 2 GTS shading rasterizer, plasma burns look more realistic than ever before... and with nVidia's second-generation geometry engine, I never have to worry about a jumpy firefight. Plus, the GeForce 2 GTS has support for eight textures at fulll speed."

"Not to mention cubic environment-mapping."

"Now that's one mean piece of alien-busting hardware lovin'! nVidia's GeForce 2 GTS, and Bungie's Halo..."

"This is the future of gaming!"

LOL. It sure looks like Halo, but I guess Bungie just wasn't "very educated about what the hardware is capable of" because there is no way Gearbox is going to let a GTS get away with the kind of rendering on display in that video.

I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now, even though you broke my heart and killed me.
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20. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 14:06 nin
Let me know when it gets below $20...

I'm with Tony!!! - why didn't they just stay with DX8? You can't tell me the ex-box is running dx9 features on 2 year old hardware.

Note to gearbox: You are not id, and your track record shows it. People WILL upgrade for the latest id engine (game?). People WILL NOT upgrade for your console ports.

Supporter of the "A fredster By Any Other Name Is Still The Same" fan club.
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19. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 13:59 Tony!!!
This game was the first game since the ORIGINAL Tomb Raider that I had played in 800x600. LOL. Tomb Raider ran better.

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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18. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 13:24 Beelzebud
What I find funny, is the amount of people that keep acting like it's ok to play the game at 800x600... If I wanted to look like my Xbox, I would play it on my Xbox!

Stop making excuses for them. If I pay for a game and it performs like crap, I'm going to warn other people about it.

Maybe it appears to be a "pack mentality" because EVERYONE is having issues with performance....

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17. No subject Oct 18, 2003, 12:51 Acleacius
Actually people talking on the the web and forums (while I cant speak for everyone) is very important. It helps game makers get the word out about there game. They all love it when people are actually talking about how great the game plays. When its the other way around its "Losers, oops I mean Pack Mentality", even the critisim is justified like this case. If they know AA & AF would cause problems why didnt they get the word out before the game came out. Why wait until a fever is racing across the internet, "Cause they didnt know".
While im happy for you people whom can get it to run WTH does that have to do with the 90% of people that cant. I never use AA and occasionally use AF 95% of games I play at 16 x 12. I have P4 2.8 and TI4600 at 10 x 7 full effects I get constant slow downs. Oh sure its smooth with no AI or Particle Effects on the screen. It constanly drops below 20FPS (I use FRAPS and it is ACCURATE)when mulitple AI and PE's from weapons are on screen.
Here was my comment to GearBox forums, Thanks for the link

What a Arrogant @ss he is, I had no idea, I hope his job is on the line.
Denial never ceases to amaze me, the delusional ability it can give someone.

Game Design Summital: To the BIGGEST Software Company on the Planet

Dear Guys-With-Really-Deep-Pockets

I know lets take a 3 to 5 year old engine and code in optimizations to advanced, for the all but current top 10% of hardware configuration. Then to top it off lets release it TO SOON, before even those top 10% can run it above 30fps, so we can make the Holiday Season. No one will notice, if they do then we can tell them what a bunch of LOSERS (Edit: oops, we better say, Pack Mentality, yeah thats it) they are cause they dont have the top 10% Gaming Rigs and because they expect to have a game that has SOME level of detail above SOFTWARE MODE. Then we can actually fix our mistakes.

THEN (you guys will love this part) we can get some of the Video Card makers, to cheat on filtering cappiblities and texture rendering with the next set of Terminator Drivers. There is ABSOLUTLY NO REASON, for us to actually INCLUDED COOPERTIVE MODE, just cause, the game was DESIGNED for it and its one of the most POPULAR Modes. This way we can spend more time on these SLOPPY codings no ones machines can run, then after a YEAR when 40% to 50% of the machines can actually run this game we can release a ADDON pack with COOPERTIVE and the ACTUAL FINISHED CODINGS (get it, wink wink).

We here think this plan is well suited for the, BIGGEST Software Company on the Planet. We are your biggest FANS we have all your books on, HOW TO NEVER DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We strongly believe in your philosophy of keeping people crippled and needy.


Its a sad day for America when people believe women, The Drumpf
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16. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 12:32 Tony!!!
Chippie. You do work on mods?

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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15. No subject Oct 18, 2003, 11:38 Chipper
I'm suprised nobody has mentioned the horrid netcode..

Thomas Burt,

Trauma Studios
This comment was edited on Oct 18, 11:39.
Gather 'round children and i'll tell you a tale,
Of chipper the ripper the chipmunk from hell
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14. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 11:35 Tony!!!
That this game uses DX9 is a joke! Why didn't they stick with DX8??? The game was using DX8 on the Xbox.

Anyways. I still enjoyed the game in spite of its inability to perform like it should have on my machine.

my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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13. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 11:21 Scottish Martial Arts
"it's precise, it just isn't very accurate"... WTF is that supposed to mean?

That means that data typically falls into the same area but this data isn't reflective of whats actually going on. Take a dart board for example, your trying to hit a bullseye. You throw three darts and all three of them land several inches below and to the right of the bullseye. You've just had precision (they fall in the same area) without accuracy (they didn't hit the bullseye).

following a "pack mentality"

You have to admit this is the truth. A lot of people dumping on Halo on these and other forums haven't played the game. Either that or they were too caught up in the negative hoopla to be able to take the game at face value.

Then he goes on to say that his team is just "more educated" than the average gamer so they understand why it runs like crap.... Well if you understand it, then do something to fix it genious!

If you read the article you'll notice that he says that the reason for the poor performance is the utilization of DX9, something that has been used in many high profile games before now. Gamer's have gone into Halo unaware of the DX9 features and thus expect the performance they'd get out of a game only using DX8 features. Given that DX9 requires significantly more math (more math=less performance) a bunch of outraged (and for the most part ignorant) gamers is the end result.

At first I couldn't understand why indoor areas didn't feel as smooth as the outdoor, after reading this interview it makes sense. In outdoor levels there isn't any bumpmapping and with the exception of water no real pixel shaders. When you go indoors however bumpmapping and shading is all over the place. Hence the lesser performance.

Also Pitchford mentions that externally (through your drivers) turning on AA or Anisotropic filtering will markedly decrease performance for very little visual gain. Lo and behold when I turned Anisotropic off the game sped up substantially. Now I am running the game smoothly at 1024x768 with max settings on my XP2100+, 768mb ddr and Ti4600 system.

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12. Re: Halo players: Just remember... Oct 18, 2003, 09:21 Moonbender
A 9600 is a budget card as far as DirectX 9 capable cards are concerned. Which is what he said. This is especially true for the Nvidia 5200, which Tom of Tom's Hardware called (as I recollect it) nominally capable of DirectX 9 rendering, but in reality way too slow to do any DirectX 9 calculations in real time alongside the burdens of DirectX 8 rendering.

So that's where the budget card comes from. Note that that is actually what Pitchford says: ... "video cards that technically offer DirectX 9 support but don't handle DX9's advanced features as well. They are the budget end of the DX9 cards"

Obviously this does not explain the poor performance, I'm just trying to make clear that video cards which retail for 200 bucks can be considered budget in a certain way. Not that I'm really defending him or the game. Haven't tried Halo yet, dunno when or if I'll get around to. And for the record, I'm running a Ti 4200. Max Payne 2 ran just fine using it.

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11. Halo players: Just remember... Oct 18, 2003, 06:28 anon@216.23
Make sure you let Mr. Pitchford know what you all think about his insightful and well thought out interview by visiting the Gearbox Software Halo forums! You can reach them by going here:

And remember, don't post in anger, at him calling your $200 video cards "budget", and accusing you of having pack mentality! Just calmy accept that it must be your fault, and post with the grace and aplomb that I know you all are capable of.

Besides, Randy lives in a delusional "WackyLand" where Halo runs nicely at 1024x768. And you should treat insane people nicely, anyway -- they can't help it.

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10. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 05:03 ExcessDan
hahaha lolololol
but seriously ironpoint... lol

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9. No subject Oct 18, 2003, 04:35 Ironpoint
XBox = 700Mhz, 64mb total, Geforce 3 = 30 FPS
PC = 2000Mhz, 128mb DDR video, Geforce FX = 15FPS

Halo was initially written for the TNT2 card. LOL.

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8. No subject Oct 18, 2003, 03:40 Acleacius
What an Arrogant Ass, Randy Pitchford is. I had know idea. This sucks. I hope his job is on the line.

Does anyone know if there a offical Halo forum? I dont see anything on the main Halo webpage.

Thanks for any Help

Its a sad day for America when people believe women, The Drumpf
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7. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 01:23 Lactose The Intolerant
So basically what Randy is saying is you need a 9800pro play Halo, wow, maybe you should of mentioned that on your recommended requirements so I wouldn't of have to wasted my time.

Apparantly my 9700pro cannot handle the burden of "setting new expectations."

Better hurry up with a super patch Gearbox, its hard enough to find a good pinging server with some space left. If this patch is not out in a month as you said, this game is going to die in about 3 months.

Just fix the game and save face, the absurdity of a console port running worse on a PC is ridiculous, no amount of tech gargin you spout as to why is going to satisfy anyone.

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6. Re: No subject Oct 18, 2003, 00:34 Tony!!!
I have a 1.4 cpu and a Gforce 4 Ti 4600, along with 512 ram. I played the game @ 800 X 600 to get fluid gameplay. No AA, no AF. I will note that the Det 52.13 drivers improved the performance of this game ALOT! However, since the drivers were beta, The game would crash on me always, and soon. So I had to roll back.

Damn shame really. And why the heck DID they make this game "DX 9" when it was a direct Xbox port. Oh well. This game could have gone over better.

Oh, and @ 800 x 600, I STILL got slowdown!

This comment was edited on Oct 18, 00:35.
my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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