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Out of the Blue

R.I.P.: 'Shrek' author dead at 95. Thanks Ant. The "King of Cartoons."

Links of the Day: Sorry Cow. Thanks dWhisper.
Escher's Relativity in LEGO. Thanks yonderboy|OSLT.
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Science!: Fuzzy logic.
An inveterate tinkerer creates a technology for self-flagellators.
Thanks Mike Martinez.

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31. Ray, Oct 6, 2003, 10:06 DooM
There isnt much virtual friends can do.
I would never rely on that so i wont be hipocratic and say if you need anything just ask or something like that.

All i can do is wish you the best.

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30. Re: ... Oct 6, 2003, 08:48 Frax
Nothing like a full-page pop-up from British Airways to start the morning.

On a more somber note, sorry to hear about that Ray. That sucks. That REALLY sucks. I lost my dad last december and it still hurts. I'm happy for you however, that you got to be there and get to speak your peace before she went. I sincerely hope that it helps you get through the things ahead with a clearer mind.

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29. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 6, 2003, 05:30 Armengar
Peace and condolences

Its not the cough that carries you off but the coffin they carry you off in.
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28. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 6, 2003, 02:28 indiv
Sorry to hear the news, Ray. Like Bronco said, you truly do make these boards a better place with your posts, and I do wish more people these days would have your positive attitude. I know you only through posts about games on a simple gaming forum, but your quality personality shows through even in our simple conversations about games. Just keep the positive view of life no matter what has happened, or what may happen. The world needs more people like you.

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27. No subject Oct 6, 2003, 00:21 werbwerb
Sorry, Ray.  
Some people risk to employ me...
Some people live to destroy me...
...Either way, they die.
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26. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 23:31 ZigZang
I came onto the board tonight to post "Cubs Win!" but, instead I read the news of Ray's Mom's passing. Puts things into perspective. Nothing can prepare you for these events in life, and frankly, I've been very fortunate so far in life that I've not suffered any losses in my immediate family. Unfortuately this will change and it will happen to everyone eventually, so it is with the utmost compassion that I read the news about Blue's Mom and now, Ray's Mom, and I hope that some of the kind words here can help console or ease the pain, if even just a little bit, of the sense of loss. Ray, know that despite the fact that you may not know my face or even my real name, my wishes for you and your family are sincere. May you find comfort in knowing my thoughts are with you.  
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25. No subject Oct 5, 2003, 22:12 Hump
My condolences Ray. If theres anything I can do to ease your burden let me know.

keeping Ray in his thoughts


Avatar 10137
"Both the “left” and the “right” pretend they have the answer, but they are mere flippers on the same thalidomide baby, and the truth is that neither side has a clue."

- Jim Goad
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24. No subject Oct 5, 2003, 21:45 Nonicknameforme
Opps i didnt even see ray's post and edit is broken so, blah!

Sorry Ray, its not been a good year for anyone so far, not the worst but more people I know have had love ones die than any year previous.

I really hope you make it through this, sorry bud.

"I'm too much of a narcisist to really hate stupid people."
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23. No subject Oct 5, 2003, 21:42 Nonicknameforme
Those big 12ft ladders they use in places like office depot are heavy as fuck to push 1/2 a mile uphill.... god damn!

"I'm too much of a narcisist to really hate stupid people."
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22. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 21:14 Enahs
Hello Ray,
I do not think we have ever really met. I have long since visited Blues, but only in the past couple months started posting. I believe I started posting around when you had to leave to go be with your mom? So, I do not know you. But I can say this. For someone to go through such a horrible thing, yet talk about it openly and publicly for anybody to see, and perhaps learn something about them self’s and other people’s struggles, that is incredibly admirable.

Thank you and best wishes in this tuff time.
This comment was edited on Oct 5, 21:16.
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I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.
- W. C. Fields
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21. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 20:51 nin
Very, very sorry to hear that Ray...I've been praying for your family for awhile now, and will continue to do so. Bronco and I were going back and forth in email recently, and while he urged me to email you, but at the time it felt...odd. We're kinda a detached family here, and I didn't want to intrude or seem nosy. Now I feel bad that I didn't make contact. You have been in my thoughts, and I should have said something earlier. I'm sorry.

Frankly, I'm a little shocked you're 24...I would have guessed at least 30 (minimum). You seem to have what some would term an "old soul". I feel like, in some way, that I know you, even though I don't, really. I wish I could think of something to say to ease your pain, but words escape me. Like with Blue and his family, sometimes "I'm sorry" just doesn't seem to be enough, based on the gravity of the situation. I don't know what you believe, but I think our love ones we've lost are waiting on us, elsewhere. No pain, no suffering, no fear there.

Words escape me...we've seen too much loss around here.

Ray, if there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. Really. God bless you and your family.

Supporter of the "A fredster By Any Other Name Is Still The Same" fan club.
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20. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 20:18 Bronco
1. Appreciate everything - EVERYTHING - you have.

I think this sums up just what Ray Marden is all about. In a time where he is in pain, grieving the loss of the person who gave him life he still manages to promote appreciation and love for what we all have.

Ray is one of, if not the nicest person I know in real life or cyberspace. Despite his own personal struggles he has been a source of strength for me in the past year. Dealing with the repercussions of the path life has set for me and my family has been difficult. During this time Ray has in emails and through the living example of his time with his mother provided me with tons of encouragement.

I consider him to be a good friend despite the fact that we will probably never meet face to face.

Stephen may be the owner and operator of Blue's News and we are all obviously thankful for that. Ray is in many ways the soul of this page. I have tried to conduct myself in a similar fashion here and it has paid off. I have made many other virtual friends here. Some I would have expected and others surprisingly.

To those of you that I have had interacted with and those that I have had extended contact with, thank you.

To Ray, thank you. You have helped me in ways that you can not imagine. You are mature and wise beyond your 24 years. The points you make are sage advice, every one of them.

I know you will grieve. I know you will miss your Mother desperately. You are in all of our thoughts.

Take care Ray,


Avatar 10139
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19. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 19:48 Dr.Del
sorry Ray.

- Dr.Del
Avatar 10723
- DrDel
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18. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 19:23 The Truth
Sorry for your loss Ray, you have my sympathies and best wishes. Good luck with where you choose to go from here.

Marketing, The New Religion!!
Diablo & Diablo 2 for the DS, it makes sense Blizzard!
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17. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 18:29 Ant
Ray Marden: Sorry to hear that dude.

Ant @ The Ant Farm:
Avatar 1957
Ant @ The Ant Farm: and Ant's Quality Foraged Links: ...
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16. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 18:01 Halsy
I'm so sorry for you loss, Ray. You're mother must have a been a pretty amazing woman to raise a pretty amazing son. With Stephen's loss, I know of several other people that all have lost mothers in the past month, and it's got me hurting inside for all of them and you. There is nothing more important than the mother.

O woman! lovely woman! Nature made thee
To temper man: we had been brutes without you.
Angels are painted fair, to look like you:
There ’s in you all that we believe of heaven,
Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,
Eternal joy, and everlasting love.

- Thomas Otway

Ketchup? Catsup? Ketchup? Catsup? Oh dear, I'm in over my head.
- Mr. Burns
"And then, suddenly and without warning, it turned into a real-life case of hungry, hungry hippos."
- Stephen Colbert
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15. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 17:23 JediLuke

Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like you did all you possibly could and that you were a very good son. I'm sorry for your loss.


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14. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 16:54 WarPig
Ray, I'm so sorry for your loss, as well as for what you and your mother have gone through over the past two years. At least you were able to be there and say everything you wanted to before she was gone... not everyone gets that chance.


Reed Bergam

P.S. Thanks Tony.
~ WarPig ~
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13. Ray. Oct 5, 2003, 15:54 Tony!!!
I posted a silly goof off earlier, having not read this thread. I just removed it so I could say that I'm sorry for your loss. That's the one downside of love. Eventually, it's going to hurt. But it's still the best thing to live for. Take care Ray. **gives Ray big hug**
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my 360 user name is Robo Pop
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12. Re: Deborah Lynn Marden Oct 5, 2003, 15:31 Von Helmet
That sucks dude.

You have all my sympathies, and I pray that you'll bear with this as well as anyone can ever be expected to.

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