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Homeworld 2 Demo Tomorrow

Homeworld 2 Demo Coming Soon is the press release announcing the plan to release the demo of Relic's now-gold space-based RTS sequel tomorrow. Here's the word:

Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) announced today that, in conjunction with Relic Entertainment, it will release a sneak-peak to Homeworld(r)2, the sequel to 1999's award-winning, space-based real-time strategy game, tomorrow.

The demo will include looks at both the single- and multi-player campaigns of Homeworld 2, including the tutorial mission, two single-player missions, and two multiplayer missions, which will be playable over both LAN and the GameSpy network.

"We recognize that our community's support of Homeworld 2 is both incredibly valuable and vital to the success of this game," said Chris Mahnken, producer of Homeworld 2. "The community has been requesting a demo of the game for many months now, and we are proud to be able to deliver it to them."

The 141 MB Homeworld 2 demo will be released via the VU Games website tomorrow. The company will also make the demo available to all press and community sites that wish to host it.

25. Re: mmm Sep 2, 2003, 21:58 The Mule
WebDemon, as a customer service professional, I have to disagree. Yours is very old-school thinking, perhaps from a better time when people had a shred of courtesy with which to deal with one another and perhaps two entire working brain cells to applly towards a problem.

When you represent the company it's your JOB to eat shit and take the high road in situations like this.

WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! No one, NO ONE, has a job that entails nothing but taking shit. I damnwell gaurantee you that poster has more pressing matters to attend to, and certianly things to be done that will actually have a positive effect in someones life.

I close as I've been to it, I have NEVER let a customer "have it" for bad or unreasonable behavior.

Me neither. I just hang up on them. When they get a clue, IF they get a clue, they can call me. If not, they can take their pain-in-the-assness to some other poor soul.

1.The customer is ALWAYS right, even if he/she is wrong.

WRONG. Many, MANY times the customer simply does not understand the situation. This is especially true trying to explain techincal problems to non-technical people. Sometimes it is important to tell the customer they are incorrect FOR THEIR OWN GOOD!

2.The customer is the person who ALLOWS you to have a job.

NOT the high-maintenance customer. Those are just liabilities. If I could HELP 5 decent, thinking, customers with a clue in the same time that it takes me to get my ass chewed by some dipshit that cant be helped because they REFUSE to be helped, that one a-hole is a drain and can go away.


Get rid of the deadweight and keep what does YOU good...just like everything else in life.

These guys make video games. The forum is a sideshow. If everyone wants to get their panties in a ruffle because a video game maker put a few obnoxious aholes in their place, so be it.

I am going to play HW2, and it's gonna rock.
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