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Out of the Blue

We get a lot of spiders around here and they get very busy at night (in fact there's a big wolf spider who takes advantage of the moths attracted to the light from my office at night by setting his trap right outside the window near the light). I therefore don't take it personally when I get tangled in spider webs in the morning when we go out to the car so I can drive MrsBlue to the train, but this morning, after accidentally leaving the window to the car open last night, I managed to get ensnared in a web that had been set between the drivers seat and the steering wheel. I don't want to sound paranoid, but I think the eight-legged freaks are out to get me.

Although admittedly half of that span has gone without updates, the fifth anniversary of loonygames is now being marked! Where does the time go?

Link of the Day: The World's Worst Food.
Stories of the Day: 12-year-old begins medical school. Paging Dr. Howser!
MIT Everyware.
WorldCom, Enron execs elude charges.
Wild Science: Delivering perfect pitch.
Man's restored sight offers new view of vision.
Researchers Seek to Trick Bitter Taste Buds (registration required).
Weird Science: When sci-fi forgets the science.
Lack Direction Evaluate Your Brain's C.E.O. (registration required).
New Telecommunication Tools May Emerge From the Deep (registration required).
Thanks Mike Martinez.

25. Bowie Aug 26, 2003, 15:55 Creston
I'm sorry, I used to like David Bowie quite a lot, but is there ANY PERSON in the history of music who has jumped from musical style to musical style MORE than David Bowie has? I mean, the slightest musical variation came out, and woohoo, Bowie made a single for it...

That some of that music was great, I won't deny, but seriously Bowie, pick something and stick with it.

As for spiders, I loathe the little fuckers. And ofcourse now I live in an area where the Brown Recluse is very common...
I had a friend (well, he's still my friend) who was just as much into spiders as that Spiders fellow that posted a little bit earlier. He would practically cultivate the bastards in his own home, something which drove his mother crazy at the time. I'd visit there from time to time, and fortunately never had much to do with the spiders, until one day, he hands me a large iron cup to pour some coke in, and I look inside, and there is a fucking SPIDER sitting in the middle of a web at the bottom of that cup.
Last time I ever went over to his place...

As for the WorldCom and Enron execs, I seriously hope someone kills those bastards.

And to finish, the "when sci-fi forgets the science" article. The dude who did research into sea cucumbers and whatever else, has this to say about the fact that his research was used to explain how Bruce Banner could turn into the Hulk :

"The metamorphosis of Bruce Banner into the Hulk is ridiculous from the standpoint of physics alone," he says.

Well gee, Einstein, it's not as if anyone really believed that gamma rays could turn you into a green monster 30 years ago either?


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