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Out of the Blue

First off thanks for all the feedback, both positive and negative, about advertising. I appreciate those willing to communicate about this in spite of their unhappiness, and cannot express enough gratitude to all of you expressing support for what's going on here.

To change tracks, I mentioned wanting to comment on the Sobig virus that's running around the internet at the moment. As some of the reports about this point out, this is a particularly persistent worm, sending out such a flood of mail that at its peak, they were probably rolling in the door here at a rate of 10 per minute. This is all part of the game, but the thing that's making me crazier by the minute is the flood of rejection messages from mail servers and user's anti-virus software warning that I have sent them a virus. Obviously (to me at least) I did not actually send the offending mail... that's one of the aspects of these worms is how they spoof their originating e-mail address, so users and ISPs who try to help are actually causing as big a problem as the original mails to which they are responding. In fact, for someone like me, whose ISP is filtering these mails out at the server level (but they know better than to bounce back these notifications), I'm getting none of the worm mails, and hundreds (literally) of bounce messages. Yeesh.

Link of the Day: Ray guns 01.
Stories of the Day: Forgotten Elvis song set for release.
Whale leaps aboard sailing boat. Thanks Travis McPherson.
Earache Brazilian loses more than hearing. Thanks Big Electric Cat.
The End is Near: Porn Candidate Offers Date to Big Donors. Thanks Peter Binazeski.
Wild Science: New 'sex pills' may put heat on Viagra. Some stiff competition.
The Japan Times Online.
Weird Science: Algae threatens to smother Baltic.
Feds Want to Track the Homeless.
Thanks Mike Martinez.

38. Re: Pr0n Candidate Aug 21, 2003, 15:34 Creston
A porn actress has sex with men (sometimes women) for money.
A call girl has sex with men (sometimes women) for money.
A hooker has sex with men (sometimes women) for money.

So why is it inaccurate to compare a porn actress to a hooker? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck?

I have no problem with porn actresses, same as I have no problems with call girls or hookers, but this "Holier Than Thou" crap that comes out of the porn industry is really funny sometimes.
Sure they are making more money than you and I are (although if you believe that EVERY porn actress makes a hundred grand a shoot you are really naieve. Try to see what the german porn industry, or Private pay to their models. They're lucky if they get 500 bucks for a gangbang movie), and sure they have taken control of their lives and have a good time blablabla.

That still doesn't change the fact that she's having sex for money, and in today's society, there is one definition for that.

Quite frankly, if a woman is desperate / insatiable enough to go into porn, I wonder why the fuck she makes such a hassle about being called a whore.

Heh, never thought I'd be arguing the relative moralities of hookers vs pornstars on Bluesnews

As for the porn actress putting herself up for election, good for her, and I think her whole dinner date deal is actually reasonably smart. Everyone laughed at Ciciollina (sic?) too when she put herself up for election to the Italian parliament, right up until the time she got elected.

Not that I think that this girl is in any imminent danger of being elected.


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