Civ III Conquests Preview

The Civilization III Conquests Preview on GameSpot offers first-hand impressions of a beta build of Firaxis' and Breakaway Games' upcoming expansion for the turn-based strategy game. They discuss gameplay, and give a feel for the intricate detail shown by the project.
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Jul 10, 2003, 01:25
No subject Jul 10, 2003, 01:25
Jul 10, 2003, 01:25
The Lady, The Biker and the Businessman
(Embellished to appeal to the forums' more discriminating humorists)

An attractive lady and her biker boyfriend enter an establishment of alcoholic libations and he's off to urinate.

Standing at the bar next to the delicate creature, a drunken businessman gazes upon her body and states, "Nice Breasts!"

Annoyed yet diplomatic, our lady asks him to refrain from such remarks, and then quickly returns to her drink.

Amused, not deterred, the businessman leans back, scans her posterior and says, "Nice Rump!"

Angry now, Miss threatens that if said sir insists on further use of vulgar comments; her unfriendly (yet muscular) boyfriend is going to deliver some physical unpleasantries about his person.

Chuckling, the man insists on pressing his luck and says, "You know, I'd like to turn you upside down, pour beer in your vaginal area and drink it!"

Enraged, our lass beckons her man at an elevated decibel.

Rushing to the weighty cry of his love, our towering hero inquires to the nature of her request.

She explains:

"This man stated that I have nice breasts..."

(The able-bodied boyfriend rolls up his right sleeve)

"Then, he continued with a comment about my nice rump!""

(The strapping monstrosity rolls up his left sleeve)

"Lastly, he announced that he'd prefer to invert me, fill my woman-ness with beer and partake of it!"

(At this, her motorcycle enthusiast beau quickly and nervously rolls both sleeves back down.)

Horrified by his actions she exclaims, "Will you not defend my honor?!?!"

"I'm sorry my dear..." he replies, "but I hasten to engage in fisticuffs with a man who can consume that quantity of alcohol!"

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