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Games = Free Speech

Appeals court rules video games qualify as free speech has word of an appeals court decision overturning a previous ruling that stated computer and video games were not free speech as protected by the U.S. Constitution. Here's a bit:

Last April, Senior U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh ruled that computer and video games had "no conveyance of ideas, expression or anything else that could possibly amount to free speech" in a St. Louis County case that sought to limit children's access to mature video games.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, saying a "particularized message" is not required when it comes to the First Amendment.

"If the First Amendment is versatile enough to 'shield [the] painting of Jackson Pollock, music of Arnold Schoenberg, or Jabberwocky verse of Lewis Carroll,' we see no reason why the pictures, graphic design, concept art, sounds, music, stories, and narrative present in video games are not entitled to a similar protection," the court said in its ruling. "The mere fact that they appear in a novel medium is of no legal consequence."

39. Re: Ahh... Jun 4, 2003, 09:43 Xombie
Of course, they could forsee the possibility of giving rights to everyone. They aren't retarded. For example, they knew giving women the right to vote would take power away from men. Everytime Jefferson punished a slave he owned, a small part of him knew it was wrong. They aren't amoral either. And if his slave could vote. He'd vote Jefferson right out of power.
Though this has no real bearing on the subject at hand, I'd like to note that Jefferson was in fact uncommonly humane to his slaves. Archaeologists have studied Jefferson's plantation and found that they had their own small houses and material posessions, such as some fine china. Their lives were roughly on the same level as that of a lower-class citizen.
Jefferson really only kept slaves because he knew he had to in order to run his plantation and remain rich, not because he was a racist. I'm of course not trying to justify his keeping of slaves in any way, I'm just clearing up that he wasn't some horribly sadistic person that saw black people as being nothing above dogs, like many plantation owners were.

I think what many people are forgetting is that the "founding fathers" were upper-class citizens. As one of my college professors put it, when we broke off from England, we simply "replaced one group of rich guys with another group of rich guys". Strangely enough, this has been the way our government has always gone. The upper class are the only people represented in highest branches of government.
Xombie x0mbie x0mb|e Xombie
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