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Morning Q&As

  • PlanetSide
    GameSpy's PlanetSide Q&A chats with Peter Chang, Dave Kuykendall, and Terrance Yee about PlanetSide, SOE's upcoming MMOFPS. The trio discuss their past and influences, as well as progress on the game.
  • Guild Wars
    There's a Guild Wars Q&A on PC.IGN.Com talking with the folks at about their plans to create a new MMORPG without the usual subscription fees.
  • E3 Plans
    HomeLan Fed's E3 2003 Survey - Part 2 asks more developers about their plans for E3, including further word from Epic's Cliff Bleszinski on the show's worst-kept secret, the game being referred to as UT2004: "What will we show? The next UT iteration." In further E3 news, NCsoft E3 global site is online with screenshots, a movie compilation, and more (thanks Loadedinc).
  • Greyhawk
    RPG Vault's Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil Q&A #2 asks the developers at Troika the following about their upcoming RPG: "What are a couple of locations you find particularly interesting in the Temple of Elemental Evil module, and why?"
  • Amaze
    GameDaily's Amaze Q&A talks with Dan Elenbaas CEO and chairman of Amaze about the various projects in the works at the five different developers that are under their umbrella (thanks Frans).

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10. Re: PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 5, 2003, 08:32 Fingers M
I think the models look good, and the animations are great. Do you have mesh detail off? With it off they look like poo.

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9. Re: PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 2, 2003, 21:05 DrEvil
I understand the need to tone alot down due to the player load, but it feels like it's taking a step back in technology.. a couple steps actually. Remember those screenshots released like a year ago where the models looked like something from Unreal, wait until they release the current screenshots, with the models that they had to heavily optimize for performance. They are bad. You get the first taste on the char select screen, where it's clear the legs are boxy, and when the walk animation bends at the knees several triangles turn poke through each other. I know I know, it's a beta, but at this point it should be all about fixing bugs, and have for the most part final art.

This comment was edited on May 2, 21:05.
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8. Re: PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 2, 2003, 16:38 Furious
Well, I was wondering how they were gonna pull off 100's of thousands of people on a server that is based on strong FPS standards (speed and collision detection). Most FPS Multi-player games (TFC, CS, etc) only allow 32-64 people for a reason, processor/graphics power/availibilty. So I was thinking something in the way collision or physics was handled must be toned down for server performance. Also, usually a 40 ms Ping is needed for 'ok' aimming, I wonder how well it is with PS. Hmm, me thinks I'll wait a bit before buying it and check out public forums and see what kind of reception it is getting. Looks like it could be fun though...


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7. Re: PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 2, 2003, 16:25 DrEvil
I been playing the beta off and on, and am nowhere near impressed. It doesnt feel at all like a shooter. Shitty physics, and really so far I have yet to see any battles bigger than the top end tribes2 server, only t2 is a hell of a lot funner. I'm relieved though, bc this was one of the upcoming games tempting me to get into pay-to-play, and now I see that it's not gonna happen.

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6. Re: PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 2, 2003, 13:12 Fingers M
Well at this point there is no one major goal, other than kill the enemy. Right now the best focus is to try and lock a continent, capture all the bases and towers for your faction. There hasnt been an opportunity to lock the whole planet, since the servers are reset and patched often, Im not sure how that will play out. Depending on what base you hold yes you can get better equipment. But any of the equipment can be brought in from the sanctuary. But it may take a while depending on where you need to go, and you may loose it on the way. individually the more bases you help capture, defend etc, the more exp you gain, so you can wield better weapons and vehicles through certs. Right now the game is a blast and I cant stop playing. Last night my team was fighting off a 2 sided attack on our last tower in the lower part of the continent we were on. Furious would be a good description and we must have had over 100 players fighting in that area.

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5. Turn based D&D May 2, 2003, 12:33 Pineapple Ferguson
I'm so glad they are sticking with turn based for ToEE. I like BG but it never really felt like true D&D because of real time combat. Hopefully, it will be better than Pool of Radiance..

Avatar 15151
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4. Re: Guild Wars!! May 2, 2003, 12:04 LordSteev
I agree, nin, it sounds intriguing, and really too good to be true;...if it wasn't some of the original talent behind Diablo, WarCraft II, and StarCraft, I'd probably not lend it much credence.

But these guys know how to make games with that all important ingredient, FUN. I really hope they get this right!

In reguards to the other Q and A's this morning, I'm also looking forward to the Temple of Elemental Evil...Trokia knows what they're doing, also, and it's got some of the original Fallout people on it, as well as being based on the skill system from Fallout..

Add in all the great shooters coming out this year, plus Lionheart, and my two favorite gametypes are going to send me to the poorhouse!


Supporter of the "Unleash the Fredster!!" Fan Club
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3. Re: Guild Wars!! May 2, 2003, 10:39 nin are my new best friends!!

I really hope this works. It sounds very intriguing, and from the Q & A, it sounds like they've run the numbers and know what they're getting into.

I liked the part where they said no monthly fees, but there would be expansions. I don't mind paying for expansions at all, provided they're good, and I can actually use the content. It's the X number of $ a month that holds me back from most MMORPGs.

The only part that made me nervous was when they were talking about streaming updates as you needed them, during play. Hope this doesn't exclude the modem crowd, which I'm still apart of.

Good luck to them!

Supporter of the "A happy fredster is a muted fredster" fanclub.
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2. Guild Wars!! May 2, 2003, 10:24 LordSteev are my new best friends!!

FREE MMORPG!!!!!!!!! Pay = No Play!!

This is a great Q. and A., answers most of the questions we brought up last time there was an announcement about this game. It sounds like they have all the bases covered, and are doing everything right.

This could be the game that finally has me installing a fridge next to the pc and a commode under my chair, lol...


Supporter of the "Unleash the Fredster!!" Fan Club
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1. PlanetSide... Hmmm... May 2, 2003, 09:56 Furious
I'm just not sure what to think of this P2P game. Of all the current MMO's out there PlanetSide sounds the most casual gamer friendly, which I find appealing (i.e. no money, level or mining treadmills). But I guess I just don't see the point in playing it with no goal (from what I have read). I know it's a super beefed up Tribes 2'ish game but in Tribes 2 there was a goal, what do you win/earn in PS to make you feel accomplishment? Does your 'team' earn better equipment if you hold more area? Can the nme potentially own all of the continents? I don'y know, guess I'm just trying to determine the motivation for playing, not dissing the game in any way.


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