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Jedi Academy Info

Some Jedi Academy Info For You on the Raven Software forums is a post from Raven's Kenn Hoekstra with some poop "straight from Raven/LucasArts/Activision" on Jedi Academy. Here's the deal:

Lightsaber – The player will start with a lightsaber he creates choosing from different hilts and blade colors. The player will be able to use the lightsaber for the entire game, eventually earning the right to wield a saber staff, or one lightsaber in each hand. A full range weapons and Force Powers is also available to the player, as in Jedi Outcast.

Player Character – As the player, you get to create a custom Jedi character to play through the game with, choosing from hundreds of potential combinations. As a student at the Jedi Academy, you will train under Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn.

Timeline – The game takes place one year after the events of Jedi Outcast; fourteen years after A New Hope.

Game Engine – Jedi Academy uses a heavily modified version of id Software’s Quake III: Team Arena engine. New features added since Jedi Outcast are:

  • Character customization system - allows players to create their own Jedi in both SP and MP (estimating 2160 combinations currently)
  • Ghoul II enhancements including the Ghoul infinite Model modification system - Allows for modular model enhancements, custom colorization, and expanded animation support
  • New ICARUS II scripting system for Single player and Multiplayer. Now allows for scripted events in multiplayer matches.
  • New map creation tools allowing for models to be used as in world objects instead of just textures. Creates richer 3-D environments.
  • New non-linear mission progression system.
  • Raven’s ARIOCHE terrain system.
  • Portal skies
  • Rag doll skeletal system
  • Enhanced vehicle system. Allows for new ride-able vehicles in addition to previous drive-able ones
  • Character and vehicle enhancements designed to enable expanded mod support. Modders will be able to design their own Jedi, character outfits, sabers, etc.
Development – Jedi Academy is being developed by Raven Software in conjunction with LucasArts and Activision. LucasArts is publishing and distributing the game in North America. Activision is distributing the game in all non-North American territories.

3. No subject Apr 28, 2003, 18:13 ExcessDan
I hope I can be a jedi version of that gay robot from the movies!

"The" Dan
Intel 486SX, Trident video, 8MB RAM, 14" Generic Monitor, 100 MB HDD, Windows 3.11
Say NO to LOLi LOLersons
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