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Mafia Patches

A new patch for Mafia is now available, updating Illusion Softworks' life of crime game to version 1.1. The update is available for the English (direct link), German (direct link), and French (direct link) versions of the game. Thanks Tiscali Games, where they've posted mirrors of the English version of the 17 MB patch.

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13. Re: Impossible... Apr 4, 2003, 09:47 Stolk
Wow, isn't that cute. You don't believe it. Poor little guy.

I didn't use a mouse though, I used a gamepad for the driving sequences in the game.

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12. great game... Apr 4, 2003, 06:51 ssh
Yup, it was a great game.

I really find it tough to believe that someone could finish that race first time round. It took me about 20 tries or so, before I got the hang of it. You can make up huge amounts of time on the little bend in the road before coming into the forest. The AI always slows down, whereas you can actually go full speed through it, maybe clipping the side of the road. Be sure to slow down after it though.

And speaking of Czech games, BIS have made a secret bit of their website here:

The username is the name of the badguy from the game, the password is his nickname

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11. great game Apr 4, 2003, 05:48 AgentZero
you know these czech developers know how to make super sweet games. Mafia was amazing and if Hidden&Dangerous 2 isn't the best in its genre, I would be surprised.

The race is actually pretty easy IF you can get in first place on the second corner, otherwise forget about catching them up. Just cut across the grass, and once your in first just go into cruise control. No need to step on the gas.

This comment was edited on Apr 4, 05:50.
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10. Re: Impossible... Apr 4, 2003, 05:17 Zeus
It took me ages to finish that race with the keyboard... but when I tried it with a wheel, I did finish it first time. The wheel makes it so much easier to pass on turns.

By my count Mafia was released over 6 months ago. Is this a new record for the time taken to release a first patch? :p

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9. Impossible... Apr 4, 2003, 04:33 bothersome
"I finished the race first time"....

Anyone else who played this game care to throw the Bullsh*t flag on this one?

There were three of us playing this game for 5 days and couldn't beat that race! We were using the keyboard and it was absolutely impossible. You'd get to the final lap by some grace of god and then the slightest error on a turn and you were out.... It sucked... Don't normally look for cheats in any game, but didn't feel bad at all about cheating on the race...

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8. Re: Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 18:42 Drewbacca
Yeah, guess it's just my system. My friends haven't had any problems with Mafia. I just haven't encountered problems to this degree with any other games. Ah well, time to install the patch.

I do love the game, mind you. :-)

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7. A little late for me... Apr 3, 2003, 18:20 Stolk
Methinks drewbacca didn't read the readme first.

I finished that race the first time. I still remain clueless over the complaints of that... the final turn is where it's at.

This took a little while for me... although the game did come out in pretty good shape, I did have performance and sound problems and some very untimely crashes. Wish this would of come out a few weeks after release when I actually cared instead of many months later. But a minor complaint; us pc gamers are used to bugs.

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6. Re: Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 17:50 BLaRG
LOL, weird. I had a oppisite experience with Mafia. It's been flawless for me for awhile now. The only issue for me was that speaker selection bug (which I fixed by disabling CTHelper.exe). Great game!

AMD XP 2100+
512MB PC2700 DDR
ATI AIW 9700 Pro
Audigy 2 Platinum

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5. Re: Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 16:46 Lactose The Intolerant
Your system Drewbacca, the only problems I've heard of mafia having was on some CDs the AC.dta file wouldn't extract properly. I love mafia and a patch certainly wasn't necessary (why isn't more devs can ship their games in a playable state?) but I am glad they took the time to fix some minor bugs.

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4. Re: Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 16:15 eunichron
I don't know what you're talking about... I got Mafia the week it came out and played through the entire game without running into any bugs. I had some sound performance issues, but they were fixed when I turned off EAX (had an SB Live at the time). There are definately games since that have been released in a worse state.

Avatar 13977
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3. Re: Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 14:56 Pluvious











> Speaker selection fix in the Mafia Setup
> Matrox Parhelia surround gaming support
> FSAA autodetection fix for new ATI cards
> ATI Radeon compatibility fix
> On Board Sound Card compatibility fix
> Fixed Force Feedback compatibility fix with FF
> Racing mission difficulty decreased
> Overall performance fixes

> Problems playing the intro movies:

When Running Mafia under Windows XP
(Home and Professional) with Service Pack 1 Installed:

If you try to start and play certain games on a Windows XP
Service Pack 1 (SP1)-based computer, the game may stop
responding (hang) or it may quit unexpectedly when the
introductory video clip starts.

This problem has been documented at:;en-us;327979

and it is recommended that you obtain and install the
"327979: Recommended Update" from the Windows Update
Web site:


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2. Thank God Apr 3, 2003, 14:41 Drewbacca
I just started playing Mafia last weekend, and I think it's the buggiest game I've ever come across. I really enjoy the game, but I'm amazed it shipped in the state it was in. Massive audio problems, hovering corpses, quirky AI, etc. Glad there's a patch, because these bugs were really distracting.

If only they made a patch to make that racing level less frustrating ...

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1. .... Apr 3, 2003, 14:04 joeslim
I wonder what this does???

This comment was edited on Apr 3, 14:04.
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